Peter Janssen (Kleve, DE) splendidly wins the national extreme middle distance Vierzon in sector 3

Peter Janssen (Kleve, DE) seizes the 1st national Vierzon sector 3
Peter Janssen shows his great skill with a victory at the national extreme middle distance Vierzon (sector 3), additionally, he also has two more pigeons ranking in the national top ten.

Peter Janssen is the big winner of a very challenging extreme middle distance weekend.

For the fanciers of the extreme middle distance, Saturday the 19th of June was a day that was dedicated to the national sector races of that same discipline. Department 9 (East-Netherlands) together with departments 7 (middle-Netherlands) and 8 (Gelders-Overijsselse Union) form sector 3. These departments together brought 10133 pigeons to the starting line of Vierzon, 8309 of these were doubled for the national competition. Many pigeons would break under the flight conditions of that day, yet after more than 10 hours of flying over a distance of 586 km (1189 mpm) the first pigeon arrived home at Peter Janssen’s lofts in Kleve. With that feat, Peter Janssen wins the 1st national sector 3. For the arrivals of the next pigeons, Peter did not have to wait very long. The number 2 and 3 only needed respectively 3 and 11 minutes more for their journey homewards than the national winner. With this, they win the 3rd and 7th place national sector 3.

The winner

The victor of the national sector race is the two-year-old hen NL19-1444062. Her father is a brother of the 1st Ace PIgeon Deutscher Verband 2015. The mother is a daughter of DV0147-10-634 Lord Lohengrin who himself won, among others, 1st NPO Bourges (3073 pigeons) and 1st NPO Salbris (7137 pigeons).

DVO147-10-634 Lord Lohengrin, grandfather of the national victor Vierzon sector 3

NL18-5162423 wins 3rd national sector 3

On top of the 3rd step of the national podium is the NL18-5162423. The pedigree of this blue cock shows a lot of similarities with that of the winning pigeon. Only the grandmother from the mother’s side is different. 18-432’s grandmother is the NL15-3506871 Elsa v. Brabant, a daughter of the incredible couple Geeloger x Roodoogje from Koen Minderhoud.

With the NL19-1443920, Peter Janssen has yet another pigeon in the national top 10.

The NL19-1443920 completes the trio of pigeons of Peter Janssen in the top 10 of the national results Vierzon sector 3. In the pedigree of this chequered cock we can find a number of top pigeons which prove that the performance of the 19-920 was certainly not just sheer luck. The father of the 7th national Vierzon is DV0147-14-237 Olympic Clyde, 1st Dutch Olympic Pigeon Extreme Middle Distance Poznan 2019, on his honours list there is no less than 4 NPO victories. One of the grandfathers is the NL09-1647161 Der Beste, brother of Dolce Vita (1st Dutch Olympic Pigeon Allround 2011). Der Beste is the father of, among others, Miss Dolce Vita, National Ace Pigeon Extreme Middle Distance Fondspiegel 2014-2015

DV0147-14-237 Olympic Clyde father of the 7th national Vierzon sector 3
NL09-1647161 Der Beste grandfather of the 7th national Vierzon sector 3

NL19-1444036 wins at Chalons and Champagne

It is worth knowing that one of the best hens of season 2021 is a sister of the earlier discussed NL19-1443920. The feats of this hen have already been discussed in an earlier reportage that was recently published on PIPA. The NL19-1444036 won in 2021 a provincial race of department 9 against 26388 pigeons at Burdinne. After that, she achieved 7th NPO Fay aux Loges against 5008 pigeons. On the 13th of June, she was victorious again. This time at CC8 of department 9, a 1st at Chalosn and Champagne against 780 pigeons. At the department level, she won 3rd place against 10871 pigeons.

Ready for the national extreme middle distance classic 

With the single national extreme middle distance race on the horizon, we can consider Peter Janssen as one of the absolute favourites based on his performance this season. In one week from now, we shall know whether he has been able to live up to the great expectations.