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A report on the British International Championship Club race from Truro on 29th May 2021

403 members sent 5,345 pigeons to Truro with the British International Championship Club. They were liberated at 08.30CEST and the following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.
Chris Templar

First open and first WS section was a two year old, blue hen on 1255mpm over 140 miles for Chris Templar of Bristol. This hen has been a consistent racer for Chris and was bred from his old bloodlines, the sire being a ten year old cock of Garrett Louis origin and the dam an eleven year old hen from Syndicate Lofts. This hen contains the old Koopman bloodlines. Chris had nine of his eleven entries on the day. 

Stuart Wilcox

Stuart Wilcox of Bristol was second open and second west section with a yearling on 1247mpm over a distance of 140 miles. Stuart had six hens drop together and all six should be in the top ten of the final result. First to time was his pool pigeon which was bred from Olympus, a direct Leo Hermans and a grandson of Den Olympiade when paired to Safire, bred by Keon Minderhoud. All the hens were raced on a new system that Stuart has picked up from his mentor, Albert Derwa. 

Stephen Moseley

Stephen Moseley of Bishopsworth clocked a yearling, widowhood cock on 1234mpm over 140 miles to take third open and third WS section. The sire is a Van Dyke x Garrick and the dam is a Wildermeersch x Van Osch. 

M Hathway of Bristol timed a two year old on 1231mpm over 140 miles to take fourth open and fourth WS section. 

Steve Dickinson and Phil Newton of Locking were fifth open and fifth WS section with a yearling on 1207mpm over a distance of 127 miles. 

Daniel Hocking of Bridgwater was sixth open and sixth WS section with a two year old on 1202mpm over 112 miles. 

G Treharne and Son of Nantyglo clocked a two year old on 1196mpm over 140 miles to take seventh open and seventh WS section. 

J Thompson of Bristol was eighth open and eighth WS section with a yearling on 1195mpm over 150 miles. 

L Nicholls of Bedminster timed a two year old on 1192mpm over 141 miles to take ninth open and ninth WS section. 

Completing the top ten and in tenth WS section are Marg and Lawrence Cowley of Grimstone who timed a yearling on 1161mpm over a distance of 123 miles. 

Around the sections

Mark Gilbert

Mark Gilbert of Windsor was first CS section and twelfth open with a two year old on 1150mpm over 215 miles. Mark had four hens drop together and first on the clock was bred by his good friend Les Green. Second and third on the clock were bred from his own Kittle family of pigeons. 

J Haynes of Fifield clocked a yearling on 1144mpm over 215 miles to take second CS section. 

Stuart Sheffield

Stuart Sheffield of Oakley Green was third CS section with a two year old, blue cock on 1141mpm over a distance of 216 miles. Stuart's winner was bred by Steve Williams of Doncaster and contains Herman Ceuster's Lad of France and Diamond Bolt bloodlines. 

Colin Fagg

Fagg and Nicholas of Hartlip were first ES section and thirty-fifth open with a two year old, chequer hen on 1127mpm over 265 miles. The dam of this hen is a grand-daughter of Kleine Barcelona and was bought from a Nigel Langstaff sale. The sire is a direct Menne and Daughter pigeon. 

Sparks and Dallas of Gravesend timed a yearling on 1126mpm over 257 miles to take second ES section. Tommy's chequer pied, widowhood cock was a former combine winner containing Busschaert and Frans Zwol bloodlines. 

Kenny Burt

Kenny Burt of Hartley was third ES section with a blue, yearling, widowhood cock on 1120mpm over 253 miles. This cock contains Gaby Vandenabeele bloodlines from Kenny's good friend Mick Sheedy, via Andrew Lawley. 

Johnson Family

The Johnson Family of Allenton were first NC section and fourteenth open with a yearling on 1148mpm over 246 miles. The Johnsons timed a dark pied cock bred from their Midlands National winner Maisie when crossed with a cock containing John Wheatcroft and Geoff Kirkland Snake bloodlines. 

Shaun McDonough's pigeon

Shaun McDonough of Walsall timed a blue, yearling hen on 1129mpm over 218 miles to take second NC section. Shaun's hen was bred by his good friend Pieter Oberholster and has already had a first club this season. The sire is Blue Son Rudy BE15-3150655, inbred to Bliksem x blue hen GB17Z08888, grand-daughter Bliksem and Rudy. 

Jones & Batt's pigeon

R and G Jones and Batt were third NC section with a three year old on 1112mpm over 225 miles. The partners timed a latebred gifted to them by their cousin, Barry Jones and bred from Shaun McDonough x J Bradley bloodlines. 

Terry Ivatt

The NE section winners were Jacqui and Terry Ivatt of Ipswich with a two year old, blue cock on 1047mpm over a distance of 305 miles and which was also one hundred and fifty-third open. This cock is the same way bred as their previous section winner and was on its first race with the BICC, having been raced in the club last season. 

Sheila & David Quantrill

Mr and Mrs Quantrill of Lowestoft were second NE section with a two year old, chequer cock on 1021mpm over 338 miles. Bred by their fellow club member Mick Graham, this pigeon was purchased at a breeder buyer sale for £10. 

Roly Rix

R Rix of Newmarket was third NW section with a four year old on 1014mpm over 280 miles. This blue cock was raced on the roundabout system and had previously taken cards in club racing. It is a full brother to his Wadebridge section winner, Dazzle. 

Team Aurel & The Destroyer

Team Aurel of Ironbridge clocked a four year old on 1153mpm over 204 miles to take first NW section and eleventh open. Aurel timed The Destroyer, named after Keith Gaut who wrote an article on him. Next season Aurel will be flying in partnership with Sorin Florea, a challenge he is very much looking forward to. 

Mr & Mrs Lloyd

Mr and Mrs G Lloyd of Hereford were second NW section with a two year old, blue hen on 1142mpm over 169 miles. Containing Deweerdt x Jan Aarden bloodlines, the sire of this hen was bred by Alen Gibb of Gloucester. It was raced on the chaos system and sent sitting five day eggs. 

Nigel Shaw

Mr and Mrs N Shaw of Crewe timed a two year old on 1140mpm over 231 miles to take third NW section. This pigeon was bred by J and B Oakley from Black Gold, a son of Paul Macaloney's Black Caviar. 

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British International Championship Club race from Truro.