Danny de Voogd (Yereke, NL) excels at Roye thanks to Stefaan Lambrechts.

Starting with no less than the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place, Danny de Voogd excelled in the Roye race (2.501 p.) of last Saturday, the 24th of April. With just these top 4 prizes, the pigeons from Stefaan Lambrecht have delivered an important contribution to this beautiful result.

Danny de Voogd of the Zeelandic Yerseke made a drastic change in the pigeon sport in the winter of 2016/2017. He decided to sell all his racing pigeons, with which he had been very successful for years, to fully dedicate himself to the extremely long-distance races with morning releases. However, after some time passed, Danny discovered he lacked the saintly patience for this discipline and thus he decided to return to his old love in 2020, the scheduled NPO races. In 2020 he started with a brilliant group of youngsters who did better than good. This time as well Danny is not wasting any time. At the Roye race of last Saturday 24th of April, Danny played 76 pigeons in the eastern district, and he won 58 prizes 1:4 (76%). Below you see the full result.

As is already displayed above, the top 4 prizes were all won by direct pigeons from grandmaster Stefaan Lambrechts. Below we go into further detail about these aces

BE20-6014048, 1st Roye (2.501 pigeons)

The 1st prize was won by this little blue hen. She showed her potential as a yearling and became, amongst others, the 1st Ace Pigeon Young (club) and 2nd Ace Pigeon Young (District East Sector 1 Zeeland). A few impressive achievements of hers are:

1st Roye 2.501 p.
2nd Roye 316 p.
86th Peronne 5.785 p.
35th Niergnies 1.270 p.
13th Melun 234 p.
19th Pont.St.M. 285 p.

BE20-6014005 Red Bull, 2nd Roye (2.501 pigeons)

The young talent Red Bull claimed for himself the 2nd prize of Roye. As a youngling, he was already a champ and as a yearling, he keeps going strong. Several impressive performances of his are:

1st Peronne 1.437 p.
2nd Roye 2.501 p.
2nd Arras 1.609 p.
2nd Niergnies 1.270 p.
10th Niergnies 1.118 p.
14th Peronne 5.785 p.
4th Prov. Ace Pigeon Young Sprint '20
7th Prov. Ace Pigeon Natoer '20
10th FCI World Best Pigeon Netherlands Sprint
10th Nominated Olympic Young

BE20-6014102, 3rd Roye (2.501 pigeons)

This blue cock got bronze at Roye. He also showed himself multiple times in the top of the results as you can see below.

3rd Roye 2.501 p.
10th Peronne 5.785 p.
18th Quievrain 464 p.
421th Peronne 5.305 p.
43rd Roye 316 p.
380th Fontenay 2.701 p.

BE20-6014091 Lief Meissie, 4th Roye (2.501 pigeons)

The last of the illustrious four is Lief Meissie who took 4th place. She too showed her talent multiple times.

4th Roye 2.501 p.
67th Peronne 1.809 p.
4th Niergnies 433 p.
29th Fontenay 2.701 p.
259th Peronne 5.305 p.
25th Pont.St.M. 285 p.
42nd Quievrain 464 p.

Making the right choices

For years Danny was the trendsetter of the scheduled races in Zeeland. Now, after a small excursion on the marathon races, he is once again active on his beloved discipline…. the scheduled races. The choice to return to his favourite discipline, and doing this with the ace pigeons of Stefaan Lambrechts, will certainly once more cause quite the sensation.