Testimonial of Ken Easley (US)

After the end of their auction on PIPA, last Sunday, 18th of April, Ken Easley wrote a very nice testimonial about his feelings during and after the auction.

My exact feelings?

I can say I was excited, to see our breeding pigeons in Belgium, the heart of the racing pigeons sport. A dream come true for a man who has had pigeons since I was 10 years old. They are a big part of my life. Then I wondered if I had made a big mistake. Was I letting go of the birds that helped me achieve this accomplishment?

My first Klaas import was in 2007. I have been working on them since then diligently. No one does anything that long without feeling some kind of regret to let go of the birds they admire so much. Puggle is so special. His personality is different and I miss him in the loft. He is a character. Only satisfied to occupy 4 nest boxes and only after days of fighting did he relinquish the other 4 boxes to his father or he would own 8 boxes. He is also the first one to jump in the bath water on Sundays and he would come down the hall to see what I was doing if I accidentally left the door open.

As time passed during the auction I became worried that the birds would bring the money and recognition they deserved. I had daydreams of a couple of intent guys in a bidding war over Puggle or Saad. Then as the last day came I thought this was probably not heading that direction. I began to hope something would happen near the end and I would at the very least save face with decent prices.

I thought should I buy back Saad or Puggle? They are world class pigeons. How can I let them go for these prices? Perhaps Mila? I can’t buy birds like this for these prices………………..Then the last 13 minutes I started to see some action. The birds started going up a little at first and then a lot. As Puggles price climbed to 10,000 I became intrigued and told my wife, he is at the minimum a 20,000 pigeon. No sooner than I got the words out of my mouth he hit 13,000 then on up to 25,000. By then I was smiling and feeling very good about my beautiful pigeons. I was proud again. I began to celebrate the success.

Then as the last birds finished I began to become relieved and feel very satisfied and only then did I start to think about PIPA and the trust I put in them and how they didn’t let me down. What professionals they are.

They are good boys. I know they are not boys but rather business men but please understand they are younger than my oldest children. At least they appear to be. My oldest son is 42 years old. My middle son is 39. My two daughters 31 and 34. Our youngest son is 19 and he was a surprise. I have 8 grandchildren the oldest being 20 this year.

So, to me they are dear young men, Thomas and Nikolaas.

I think very highly of their family even though I have not met them in person. In this many years as a professional you begin to recognize talent and honesty. They are top professionals in everything they do and I grow more fond of them and PIPA team as time passes.

I am now thinking about the future. In about 8 years I will be 70 years old. I will retire in 3 years from my business. I am working on the new Porsche pigeons combined with the best of the youngsters of the auction pigeons. After enough pigeons are flown and awards won I foresee another auction in about 2030 that will be epic, with my friends at PIPA.

Thank you for your friendship and support too Frank. We are old friends and I look forward to our next adventure together. Give Robin my best.

These are my exact feelings.