Wim and Bertrik Murk (IJsselstein, NL) have had another beautiful season largely through the efforts of ace Lucky 13

For years, Wim and Bertrik Murk have been performing admirably in the marathon races with multiple National/NPO victories. This year as well, they grabbed a 1st National victory at no other than Narbonne (province 3+4) against 1.661 pigeons. Responsible for this is ace Lucky 13.
Father Wim with son Bertrik and grandchildren Fenna (13 years old) and Thijs (11 years old)

Year in and year out, the 83-year-old Wim and 44 year-year-old Murk have been at the top of the marathon races. 1st National Ace Pigeon Pau ZLU 2015-2017 (Helen), 1st NPO/Nationaal Orange (Johan), 1st National Perigueux (Ger-Ko), 1st National Narbonne (Province 3+4), Lucky 13, and a whole other list of top prizes and championships are the hardwon yearly proof of this. This year too, the father-son combination had a number of ace pigeons beneath the tiles, of which Lucky 13 was the shining star.

NL18-1708713, Lucky 13

Lucky 13 is not only an ace on the marathon races, but also a pinnacle of anatomy with a fine pair of eyes. If you had to give him a score, it would be 10s across the board. In 2019, as a yearling, he showed what he was made off with a 640th National Agen against 3940 pigeons. In the recent 2020 season he has won the following series of top prizes and championships:

1st Nat. Narbonne (S3+4) 1.000 km against 1.661 pigeons (a heavy race with 913 mpm) 72st Nat. Agen 953 km against 6.844 pigeons (1125 mpm) 1st Ace pigeon Long Distance Fondunie 2000 1st Ace pigeon Long Distance NPO province 7 1st Ace pigeon Long Distance Fondclub Utrecht

It is then very special that his first and only child in 2020 immediately achieved a 72nd National Perigueux.

As you can see on his pedigree, the father of Lucky 13, De teen, has been bred out of 2 absolutely super pigeons, named Ger-Ko (1st NPO Perigueux) and Fenna (2nd NPO Bordeaux). Fenna, who moved to the international top loft Freialdenhofen and Sohne in 2013, can rightfully be called a super breeder because in the present she is the (grand)mother of, among others

1st Nat. Agen yearlings 1st Nat. Narbonne (S3+4) 2nd Int. Marseille 2nd Nat. Agen 3rd Nat. Narbonne 1st Asduif Fondunie 2000 etc. etc…

The mother of Lucky 13 is a top racer, and by now, a top breeder. In total, she raced 7x on the marathon races and she won as many prizes, 6x of which were among the first 58 Nat/Int. It is beyond doubt then that Helen is one of the best performing hens in the marathon races in recent years. You can see an overview of her greatest achievements below:

23th Nat. Pau 2016 1.049 km 3.788 p. (registered at 1.22 am after 17 hours of flight) 36th Nat. Marseille 2016 994 km 3.320 p. 51st Int. Pau (dv) 2017 1.049 km 3.017 p. 61st Nat. Narbonne 2015 1.000 km 5.338 p. 90th Nat. Pau 2015 1.049 km 3.433 p. 58th NPO Bergerac 2014 866 km 1.673 p. 469th NPO Perigueux 826 km 1.970 p. With the results above, she also became, amongst others: 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Pau 2015-2017 (3 years) 10th Dutch Olympic Pigeon Marathon Brussel 2017 7th Best Pau-Pigeon International (2015-2016) PIPA-rankings 11th Best European Hen International Races 2016 (2 prizes) PIPA-rankings 15th Best Long distance Pigeon of the Netherlands 2016 PIPA-rankings 43rd Best Long-Distance Pigeon of the Netherlands 2015 PIPA-rankings

A half-sister of the aforementioned Lucky 13 who won an impressive 9 prizes over 9 races is the top hen, 150 Marseille Lady. She has the same father as Lucky 13, De Teen. The mother of 150 Marseille Lady comes from Coos van Houten, and she is an inbred hen after the 1st International Barcelona champion, Nellie. 150 Marseille Lady achieved a unique feat when she was in two subsequent years 4th Nat. Ace Pigeon Marseille (over 3 years), and 8th Nat. Ace Pigeon Pau (over 3 years). Her 9 Nat./Int. Prizes you can see below:

71th Int. Marseille 2018 96th Int. Pau (hens) 2018 66th NPO Orange 2016 115th Int. Marseille 2019 221th Int. Pau (hens) 2020 227th Nat. Pau 2019 325th Nat. Marseille 2017 566tj Nat. Agen ZLU 2017 674th Int. Narbonne 2020

One name that must not be forgotten when discussing the talents on the lofts in IJsselstein is the young Mr. Bergerac of 2018. As a yearling, he won 1st prize at the long-distance club against 943 pigeons with a lead of an hour. Now in 2020, his track record is 3 prizes in 3 races. Mr. Bergerac is a beautiful blow cock whose mother is a direct daughter of Legend Jantje, a half-sister of the earlier named Fenna. Father of Mr. Bergerac is a double grandchild of fond legend, Forrest Gump of Freialdenhofen, and Sohne. His 3 achievements of 3 races you will see below:

1st Bergerac 865 km 943 p. 2019 10th Nat. Bergerac 7.410 p. 2019 7th Nat. Bergerac yearlings 2019 260th Nat. Narbonne 1.000 km 6.725 p 2020 1690th Nat. Agen 953 km 6.844 p. 2020

Barcelona 2020 (5 prizes over 6 played hens)

Even in the arduous race of Barcelone, with extreme losses, Wim and Bertrik had 5 out of 6 pigeons clocked on the Sunday before 1 pm. Nationally and Provincially that gave the following result:

Nat. Barcelona 4.477 d.: 153-486-641-812-834 (5/6) Prov. Barcelona 364 d.: 8-42-55-69-71 (5/6)

In addition, they ranked 1st in the prestigious national Barcelona class 1st, signed over 5 years.

Last February, Wim received a new heart valve, from which he has luckily mostly recovered. Already, he is visiting the pigeons daily and has been contributing his share. Intentionally, a picture with the children, Fenna and Thijs, was chosen above. Since Covid made its introduction, they have both, perhaps because of the covid restrictions, shown more interest in the pigeons.