Herman Hendrix (Broekhuizenvorst, NL) has a golden hen with Anouk under the tiles

Within a few years, Herman Hendrix has established himself at the top of the National marathon. An important part of his rise was the super hen Anouk with top performances on National Agen and Barcelona.

Herman with his son Daan and daughter Anouk

Herman Hendrix is 48 years old and the owner of his own construction company. He is certainly not a stranger within the dutch pigeon racing scene. He has been a pigeon fancier since he was 10 years old. First, he played in combination with his father, who has been dead for 7 years. His father also used to play with great success on the marathon. A famous pigeon of his was Kleine Donkere. When Herman started playing in combination with his father, they transitioned to the middle/one day long distance. In these disciplines they were also quite successful, among others they won; 1st NPO Argenton, 1st NPO Chateauroux, 1st NPO Orleans and 3rd NPO Limoges.

Transition to the extreme long distance

In 2017 Herman decided to switch to the extreme long distance. For this purpose, the first long distance pigeons were acquired that year. On several PIPA auctions, direct descendants of the aces of Jelle Jellema were bought. Also, a great purchase was a son of the Sumerian Fighter of Leon Roks. Sumerian Fighter won the 1st international Barcelona in 2017 against 17.094 pigeons. These purchases definitely did not disappoint Herman because these birds are the foundation of his current successes. Herman has 14 breeding couples at his disposal and plays with roughly 30 couples on the nest. Where possible he races with both partners of a couple. For his own use, 50 to 60 youngsters are bred every year for racing.

The current ace Anouk

As described above, Herman has a super hen named Anouk. This hen of 2018 has won on both National Agen as a yearling and on National Barcelona as a 2-year-old, an absolute top price.

2019: 1st NLU Agen 389 d. 12nd Nat.S Agen 7.245 d. 13th Nat. Agen 10.527 d. 2020: 15th Nat. Barcelona 4.477 d. 21th Int. Barcelona 14.586 d.

Anouk’s performance is definitely not out of nowhere, because from both sides of the family she has a pedigree to drool over. Her father is the son of Sumerian Fighter and thus he is a son of the 1st International Barcelona 2017 of Leon Roks. Besides being the father of Anouk he is also the father of Jesse (47e Nat. Agen 2020).

The mother is a direct daughter of Silke (Jelle Jellema). Silke won in 2020 1e National Barcelona and closed off a brilliant racing career with the following highlights. 

2016 3rd National Narbonne 5042 d. 2016 631st National Bordeaux 4679 d. (yearlings) 2017 157th National Marseille 2528 d. 2018 137th National Perpignan 3778 d. 2018 157th National Barcelona 3912 d. 2019 190th National Barcelona 4129 d. 2019 196th National Perpignan 4283 d. 2020 1st National Barcelona 4477 d. (2e Int)

A promising start

When Herman decided to switch to the marathon races, of which it is clear that the ZLU races have his preference, he invested in aces. With this approach, he has achieved several beautiful accomplishments in only two years, of which the 13th Nat. Agen (10.527 d), 15e Nat. Barcelona (4.477 d) en 47e Nat Agen in 2020 are the current highlights. With the current breeding material, it would seem almost self-evident that these are only the beginnings of a beautiful career!