Harold Zwiers (Den Ham, NL) again on top in 2020 with a.o. the 1st National Ace Pigeon Marathon WHZB / TBOTB

Harold Zwiers has been one of the top lofts in the marathon races in the Netherlands for years. Multiple National/NPO victories and now in 2020 the 1st National Ace Pigeon Marathon of the Netherlands WHZB/TBOTB are the hard evidence of this.
Harold Zwiers with Robin, 1e National Ace Pigeon Marathon WHZB/TBOTB

Harold was about 10 years old when he came into contact with the pigeon sport. Now about 40 years later, he is one of the leading long distance lofts in the Netherlands. It was in 1998 that he fully specialized in the extreme long distance. In the first years he only raced in the afternoon releases, but the ZLU races with morning releases were soon added. As we see in many top lofts, that a super breeding couple is the basis of all successes, this is certainly also the case with Harold. De 1336 x Morsie is one such wonder couple that produced several toppers by Harold such as Rosco, Benjamin, Yolanthe, Zilverstar, top racerLimoosje and, perhaps the best known breeder, Rooie Japie. This stock, which has been built up over the years, is very easy to cross with pigeons from a.o. Jelle Jellema, Arjan Beens, Schoolderman and also the pigeons of G. and J. van Nieuwamerongen. Below is a number of beautiful championships of the past year with a number of super results over the years:

Championships 2020:
1e Non-nominated VNCC
2e Non-nominated Afd.9
2e Keizer long distance club fiante
3e Non-nominated long distance club fiante
6e General Grandmaster (Spoor der Kampioenen)
6e Non-nominated Noordelijke Unie
8e Non-nominated fondunie 2000
Ace Pigeon Marathon North over 3 years (Jonge Deugniet)
1e Ace Pigeon VNCC (Robin)
1e Ace Pigeon Afd.9 (Robin)
1e Ace Pigeon NU (Robin)
1e National Ace Pigeon Marathon of the Netherlands WHZB/TBOTB (Robin)

Some nice results from 2020:
Nat. Periqueux 8.064 yl 916 km: 9-52-97-111-144-173-187-222-227-270-288-368-379-416-471-652-677-679-712-733-762-
766-955-994-1077-1111-1925 (27/46)
Nat. St Vincent 12.255 p 1139 km: 22-95-275-759-766-1063 against 12.255 pigeons 6/9 prizes
Int. Barcelona 12.315 p 1307 km: 37- 315-421-2033 (4/7)
Nat. Bergerac 25.321 p 956 km: 1-132-508-519-590-631-895-1019-1182-1281-1741-2088-2567-2840-3528-4603-4943-
4980-5406-5930-6197 (21/42)

Some super results over the years:
1e and 5e NPO Orange 2019 (1e 3 hours ahead of number 2 in Afd 9)
19e Int. Barcelona 2014
1e NPO St. Vincent 2016 (Marco)
1e Nat. Periqueux 2017 (Red Dawn)
1e NU. Dax zone 3 2019 (also 7e Nat.S3)
4e and 7e NPO Limoges 2019
37e Int. Barcelona (12.315 p) 2020
1e Nat. Bergerac (25.628 p) 2020

Het 20 jaar oude hok voor 40 koppels vliegduiven

Harold has about 140 racing pigeons (old and yearlings). The racing pigeons are raced both on the nest as well as on widowhood with cocks and hens. The youngsters and the other racing pigeons reside in the beautiful new loft with the aviary at the front.

The new loft for the youngsters and racing pigeons and next to it the loft for the breeders

NL06-1745600, De Deugniet

A pigeon that has made an important contribution to the performances for years is De Deugniet.

De Deugniet comes from H. Schoolderman of Wierden and before he showed his talents as a breeder he was a great racing pigeon in the lofts in Den Ham and won a.o:

1e Montauban V.N.C.C. 1.020 p.
1e Montauban N.U. Zone 3 1.461 p.
5e Montauban Nat. 5.293 p.
5e Montauban N.U. 7.730 p.

After this he became (grand) father of such as:

1e N.U. Cahors
1e NPO Periqueux 2.644 p.
1e NPO Orange
2e NPO St.Vincent
3e NPO Limoges 1.319 p.
4e NPO Limoges
19e Int. Barcelona 20.669 p.
18e ZLU Narbonne 5.338 p.
27e Nat. Orange 4.689 p.
37e Nat. Marseille 3.320 p.
11e Afd 9 Periqueux 2.356 p.
And also father of:
Top breeder Tazan
De Jonge Barcelona
De Jonge Deugniet: 39e Dax 2.088 p. 2019
38e Dax 2.320 p. 2018
43e Dax 2.573 p. 2017
1e Ace Pigeon Marathon Noord 2018
1e Ace Pigeon Marathon Noord 2018-2020

NL18-1525753, Miss Orange

Miss Orange is a granddaughter of De Deugniet described above but also of Rooie Japie, the most famous son of the super couple De 1336 x Morsie. Miss Orange herself won in 2019 a 1e NPO and 4 National Orange against 2.569 pigeons. She was the only pigeon that came through on the day of release and arrived after more than 15 hours of flying at 10:19 PM. With this she had a lead of 148 m.p.m. over number 2 and from one of the longest distances.

NL18-1510342, Miss Periqueux

Another granddaughter of De Deugniet who won a 1st NPO is this one, Miss Periqueux. As a youngster, Harold gave her to the Brothers ter Meer (Almelo) where she won the 1st NPO (2,644 p) and 4th National against 7,112 pigeons as a yearling from Periqueux. Her father is a son of De Deugniet who was coupled together with the '241 of Arjan Beens. Mother is De Goede Jaarling (31st Periqueux 1.258 p and 243rd Periqueux 2.745 p) and comes from co-breeding of Zwiers x Jellema

NL15-1303206, Red Dawn

Red Dawn is once again proof of successful crossings between Harold's own kind (Rooie Japie) x Daughter Jan III of Arjan Beens. Rooie Japie is himself (grand)father of no less than 24 top 20 NPO / Nat. pigeons. Red Dawn won himself a.o.:

1e Nat. S3 Periqueux 7.102 p. 2017
176e Limoges 1.229 p. 2017
331e Bergerac 1.621 p. 2016
513e Periqueux 2.356 p. 2016

NL14-1741601, Het Veens Blauwtje

A topper of the purest kind, that's how we can safely describe Het Veens  blauwtje. She is a daughter of Carteus Giant (Hans Eijerkamp and Son). Mother is Koosje and in her lineage we see a.o. 1e Nat. Dax (2001), 1e Nat. St.Vincent (2002) and 1e Nat. Brive (2002).  Het Veens Blauwtje won herself a.o.:

7e WHZB/TBOTB 2017
8e Nat. De Allerbeste 2017
10e Ace Pigeon PIPA Marathon (3 races)2017
3e Ace Pigeon Vncc 2017
5e Ace Pigeon VNCC 2016
11e Limoges 3.285 p. 2017
14e Cahors 4.407 p. 2016
18e Limoges 5.180 p. 2018
30e Bergerac 5.085 p. 2018
52e Periqueux 2.442 p. 2017
52e Limoges 1.499 p. 2016
312e Bergerac 21.104 p. 2017
337e Orange 3.861 p. 2016
(Grand)mother of:
7e NPO Limoges 2019
10e NPO Periqueux 2020
De Gekreukte (2e best yl WEFO)

NL19-1352883, Robin

The icing on the cake in 2020 was without a doubt Robin. In 2019 Harold obtained this hen from Robin Bakhuis (Westerhaar) and as a yearling she turned out to be a true phenomenon. In her first marathon race she won a 19th Limoges against 2,068 pigeons. A few weeks later she again won an absolute top prize from Periqueux with a 9th National S3 against 8,064 pigeons. Normally it would be the end of the season after this, but Harold says the following about this, "Racing 3 times is a great exception, but before the basketing for Bergerac she was so beautiful that I basketed her again for Bergerac despite the 2 previous top prizes.When only a few pigeons were reported on Saturday morning, Robin landed at a quarter to ten with the result....1e National against 25.628 pigeons. Looking at her pedigree, her genetics are not a stranger to top results because in her pedigree we see, among other things, the lines of Olympic Miss Gijsje, Olympic Zara and Olympic Sper 022. Below you can see all of Robin's achievements in a row:

1e Nat. Ace Pigeon Marathon WHZB/TBOTB 2020
1e Nat. Ace Pigeon Marathon NPO 2020
1e Nat. Ace Pigeon Marathon Netherlands PIPA Ranking (2 pr) 2020
1e FCI Ace Pigeon Marathon (World Best Pigeon) 2020
1e s.Nat. Ace Pigeon Marathon total N.U. 2020
1e Prov. Ace Pigeon Marathon 2020
1e Nat. Bergerac 25.628 p.
9e Nat.S3 Periqueux 8.064 p.
19e Afd 9 Limoges 2.068 p


Above you can see just a small selection of all the successes of recent years. Successes that are not only achieved in their own loft but also in other lofts. To conclude, you can see below a number of fanciers who have performed with a direct and / or descendant of the Zwiers pigeon:

Gebr. Ter Meer Almelo ; 1e NPO Periqueux 2019
Jelle Outhuyse Harlingen ; 3e NU Periqueux total against 10.000 pigeons 2019
Johanna de Groot Vroomshoop ; 1e NPO St Vincent, 3e NPO Cahors, 7e Nat Dax 2019
Comb. Niks Westerhaar ; 1e NPO Albi, 5e NPO Dax (50% Zwiers),
8e NPO St. Vincent etc.
Hans Radstaak Gaanderen ; 2e NPO Cahors (1e Zone 1 NU), 2e NPO St. Vincent
Doldersum & Son Westerhaar ; 8e NPO Periqueux
Jelle Jellema Nijverdal ; 3e NPO Bergerac, 5e Nat. Pau, 6e Nat. Pau,
8e Nat. Barcelona, 14e Nat. Perpignan, 18e Nat. Barcelona
21e Nat. Perpignan, 31e Nat. ZLU St. Vincent, 37e Nat. Barcelona.
Jan Willems Nijverdal ; 2e Nat. Bergerac.
Benno Kastelein Hengelo ; 1e Nat. Cahors.
Mans Hekman Den Ham ; 3e NPO Bergerac.
Walter v.d. Meulen Sirjansland ; 21e Nat. Barcelona (2019)