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Willy Daniels (Kessel, BE): 1st AND 2nd National Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance KBDB

For Willy Daniels from Kessel, 2020 was yet another fantastic season. He scored national ace pigeons, championships and the national victory La Souterraine.

Willy Daniels’ (71) achievements on a national level in 2020, include:

1. & 2. National Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance KBDB, 2. National Champion Longer Middle Distance old birds + yearlings and winner of 1. National La Souterraine 15,939 yearlings, and also the fastest of 25,408 pigeons. Long middle distance is clearly the specialty of this maestro from Kessel, located in a district of Nijlen in the province of Antwerp. The former diamond cutter has been playing at the top for years, and he does so with the small basket.  Longer middle distance is the expertise of his pigeon athletes, and that is proven by previous National Ace pigeon titles: in 2016 and 2017 “Sara” and her sister “Nadine” already secured the title of 1st National Ace pigeon Longer Middle Distance.

“Nadine”: 1. Nationale Asduif Grote Halve Fond 2017 Jaarse.
"Finne": in 2020 Nationale asduif en 1. Nationaal La Souterraine.

In 2020, his Ace pigeon "Finne" (BE19-6030104), won also 1. National La Souterraine against 15,939 pigeons. Finne flew a fantastic National palmares in 2020. In addition to that magnificent National victory from La Souterraine: 2. National zone Issoudun against 6,271 pigeons - 28. Nat. Argenton against 26,085 pigeons - 60. Nat. Gueret against 12,888 pigeons - 175 Nat. Zone Chateauroux against 10,995 pigeons. What a record!



And it’s not only the National Ace pigeons, but also the National victories that boost even more the palmares of this top fancier. His series of successes started in 2008 with 1. National Argenton with "Den 37" (BE05-6231037), the only pigeon that Willy had basketed. This super pigeon and his National victory brought about a drastic turnaround in the racing career of Willy, who from then on clearly focused on the Longer Middle Distance, and with enormous success. "De 37" represented our pigeon country as "Belgian's best qualified OLYMPIC ACE-PIGEON Cat. B Dortmund 2009 ”. In 2015, he won with “Nikki” the 1st National Chateauroux against 18,604 old birds and the 1st National Chateauroux against 5,886 yearlings with “BE14-6082129”. The following year he won again 1. National Chateauroux, with "Kaat".


National Ace pigeons

The Championships of 2020: 1. World Ace pigeon KBDB and FCI; 1. and 2. Ace pigeon GMD  NAT. KBDB Yearlings and 2nd champion 1 + 2 old GMD KBDB. In addition to “Finne”, whom we’ve mentioned above­, “Louka” (BE19-6030207) also gained eternal pigeon fame in 2020 as 2nd National Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance KBDB.


“Louka” werd 2. Nationale Asduif Grote Halve Fond KBDB 2020 na “Finne”.

The hen Louka is really a top pigeon: Bourges Nat. 4/22,502; Chateauroux Nat 205/33,833; Argenton Nat. 74/26,085; Issoudun Nat. 61/18,176; La Souterraine Nat. 111/15,939; Gueret Nat. 21/12,888.

Willy Daniels en Kris Cleirbaut: vrienden-toppers in de duivensport.

To his friend and sportmate Kris Cleirbaut from Putte - also a top-player in the pigeon sport - Willy Daniels is a real grandmaster: “Willy is the grandmaster in the longer middle distance or the KBDB races from 450 to 600 kilometers. He owes his "pigeon fame" to the GOLDEN BREEDING COUPLE "FLORUS X SAKIRA". This pairing is a guarantee for National and International successes and Ace pigeon titles.”


Stamduivin "Sakira"

“The exceptional breeding couple" Florus "x" Sakira "brings Willy Daniels eternal fame in the annals of KBDB and the Belgian pigeon sport, in general," says Kris Cleirbaut. Daniels knows how to handle his stock couple masterfully. “Maya”, “Milou” and “De Willy” are a few sparkling names of top pigeons from this lineage.



Click here for “Maya's” pedigree.



Click here for “Milou's” pedigree.

“De Willy”

"De Willy"

And last but certainly not least, “De Willy” (BE18-6034607), already a proven breeder, originates from the glorious stock couple of Willy Daniels.