SG Freialdenhofen & Sons (Aldenhoven, DE): There is Forrest Gump again!

This pigeon hatched in the year 2000, after which it became the trademark of the Freialdenhofen family.

Sadly, he died on the last day of 2020, but he was in good health until just before his death, especially considering his age. In 2019, he even bred another youngster, after not producing offspring for two years. Of course, a DNA test was also taken from that one youngster. This inimitable cock has bred offspring for the Freialdenhofen family for many years! It is fantastic to have such a breeding cock in the loft. His sons and daughters proved extremely successful, both in the racing loft and the breeding loft, and the grandchildren can also be found at the front in almost every race. Thus, the top genes of Forrest Gump have been and are being passed on from generation to generation. We find this Forrest Gump in the pedigrees of countless winners in national and international long distance races..

Today there are exactly 40 direct children from this super breeder in the lofts in Aldenhoven: 11 cocks and 29 hens. 8 cocks are still fertile, and 23 hens are still breeding. Perhaps few fanciers have such a strong breeding loft with so much potential. And with their software, the fanciers also calculated the number of Forrest Gump's grandchildren in their collection: there are no less than 164!

But first Forrest Gump had to work in the racing loft, where he won the title of 3rd International Ace Pigeon in 2002. In any case, his prize list cannot be compared with that of his sons, daughters, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. His offspring won just about everything there was to win, they were successful in every international race on the calendar.

Despite the particularly high sums offered for him, the Freialdenhofens never sold Forrest Gump. This unique cock developed into a breeder of the highest level and became the family's most precious possession. He was pampered and pampered to the very last day, knowing that he and his descendants have delivered countless successes.

Forrest Gump himself stems from a few noble long distance families: the Saya brothers from the Netherlands, crossed with pigeons from Yves Van de Poel-Buckley (Geetbets, BE).

Heiko, Dirk and father Heinz-Joseph Freialdenhofen

International Victory from Pau

For Heinz-Josef and his sons Heiko and Dirk that great victory came with a direct grandchild of Forrest Gump on June 22, 2012. At 8:45 a total of 8,399 pigeons from Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany and Great Britain were released for the international race from Pau. The specialists for Pau had to wait until 17:11:34 for the international winner of 2012. The prestigious victory went to the two-year-old Forrest Junior 06348-10-196 of Freialdenhofen & Sons, who covered a distance of 981,838 km at a speed of 1,567.01 m / min. Forrest Junior, a grandchild of Forrest Gump, thus covered 981 km at an average speed of 94 km per hour. It is unimaginable that a pigeon manages to maintain such a high speed for so long.

Forrest Junior had already presented several good results before. In 2011 he already obtained a 3rd National Bordeaux against 966 pigeons and a 28th International against 11,444 pigeons. So he clearly had something up his sleeve. His father is Son Forrest Gump (06348-05-420), a son of Forrest Gump (06348-00-789) and Jenny (06348-99-62). Both parents are excellent breeding pigeons and have each produced a lot of strong long distance pigeons. But let's not forget Forrest Junior's mother: that's Daughter Carcassonne (06348-07-616), a daughter of Carcassonne (06348-05-665) and Daughter First Lady (06348-05-614). This is yet another proof of the enormous potential of Freialdenhofen's Forrest Gump line.

Pau again

The following year, in 2013, the Freialdenhofen family was also a hit again from Pau. They achieved a 1st, 3rd and 4th national against 1,038 pigeons. First place went to Forrest Gump Junior 06348-11-403, and his sire is of course none other than Forrest Gump (06348-00-789). The successful series was thus continued, each time with descendants of Forrest Gump. This line continues to manifest itself in the pedigrees of many successful long distance pigeons. Although you cannot infinitely inbreed with the same line; you have to look for pigeons with excellent origins, pigeons that have proven themselves in the long distance, but that also fit in your own collection. Because of course they mainly wanted to continue the line of their fantastic Forrest Gump. Anyone who takes a closer look at the pedigrees of the Freialdenhofen family will immediately recognize their breeding strategy

The Freialdenhofen family continues to achieve unquestionably successes. We take a look at the results of the past two years, and then our eye falls on De Pau 06348-18-673, who was basketed for Pau in 2020 at a still young age. He finished in second place nationally against 1,277 pigeons. His father is 06348-13-640, from Son Barcelona, 06793-08-927, an excellent breeding cock from Bauhaus-Devers, who has already produced several toppers. De Pau's paternal grandmother is 06348-06-365, who in turn is a daughter of the inimitable Forrest Gump. And that brings us to De Pau's dam, Wonder Vandersmissen (06348-16-932), bred from B-09-1008639 and Zwarte Wonder, NL-08-2003414 from C. De Boer, winner of a 1st prize from Perigueux and Cahors

The Freialdenhofen family was also very strong in the national race from Marseille in 2019, in which especially 06348-18-811 showed well: he won a 3rd national against 2,070 pigeons. In 2020 he also proved to be in top form, with national top prizes in Perpignan, Pau and Bourges. What does his pedigree look like? His father is Forrest Gump Junior, 06348-11-403, a direct son of none other than Forrest Gump, and he was paired with Sister Pozzato, NL 06-1437042, of Wijnands & Son. As we said, Forrest Gump Junior won a 1st National from Pau in 2013. The mother of the 06348-18-811 is 06348-16-827, who again combines the lines of Vandersmissen and Bauhaus-Devers.

These pigeons did not only do well in their own lofts in Aldenhoven in recent years; fanciers from all over the world scored with the descendants of SG Freialdenhofen, showing their gratitude and admiration 

We list a few examples.

Performances of other fanciers with pigeons of Freialdenhofen

Röntgen & Son (Germany):

After their national victory from Narbonne in 2019 with a 50% Freialdenhofen pigeon, in 2020 they won a first prize in Zone II from Marseille against 693 pigeons, good for a 2nd International Marseille against 8,236 pigeons. And the 2nd National Ace Pigeon Perpignan 2018-2020 is also a 50% Freialdenhofen pigeon.

Willy Simons (Maaseik, Belgium):

Willy won several championship titles in the province of Limburg in 2018 with his Freialdenhofen descendants. And in 2020 he achieved a 1st provincial Marseille against 426 pigeons.

SG Schmitt (Germany):

This still young pigeon loft started three years ago with the breeding of marathon pigeons. In 2020 they raced for the first time with their Freialdenhofen offspring in the extreme long distance, and it was an immediate success. "We bought youngsters from their very best lines. And these are our best results of 2020."

DV 05649-19-34

3. International Ace Pigeon IG Weitstrecke 2020

4. Int. Bourges 515 km 1,918 p. 2020

5. Zone II Bordeaux 843 km 648 p. 2020

6. Int. Langres 283 km 1,035 p. 2020

12. Int. Belleville 453 km 1,473 p. 2020

DV 05649-19-29

3. Int. Bourges 515 km 1,918 p. 2020

4. Zone II Bordeaux 843 km 648 p. 2020

16. Int. Langres 283 km 1,035 p. 2020

DV 05649-19-93

2. Zone II Bordeaux 843 km 648 p. 2020

31. Int. Langres 283 km 1,035 p. 2020

Furlano & Rotiroti Racing Pigeons (Canada)

In recent years this loft has invested in several pigeons from the Forrest Gump line. Today they have several winners in their collection that were bred from the same lines.

The best results of the last years

1. International Ace Pigeon Barcelona 2016 – 2019

2. International Ace Pigeon Barcelona 2015 – 2019


1. Nat. Mittelmeer Cup 2019

1. Nat. Primus Interpares 2015 – 2019

2. Nat. Marathon Meister 2019

2. Nat. Atlantik Cup 2020

3. Nat. Marathon Meister 2020

The 2019 season at a national level:

Pau national: 1.356 p: 110. etc. (5 prizes/11 pigeons);

Bordeaux national: 1.594 p.: 27., 31., 33., 34., 77., 79., 83., 87., 90., 92., 97. etc. (54/98);

Barcelona national: 1.130 p.: 5., 26. etc. (10/19);

Marseille national: 2.070 p.: 3., 4., 15., 21., 56. etc. (11/21);

Narbonne national: 1.185 p.: 8., 21., 36., 37., 41., 42., 44., 45., 48., 57., 61. etc. (? ?)

Perpignan national: 806 p.: 8., 16., 33., 39. etc. (8/15).

The 2020 season at a national level:

Pau national: 1.278 p.: 2., 41., 49., 83. etc. (9/10);

Bordeaux national: 344 p.: 1., 3., 7., 8., 10., 11., 14., 19., 23., 24., 26., 28., 30. etc. (29/52);

Barcelona national: 1.029 p.: 11., 79. and 97. (3/8),

Marseille national: 2.038 p.: 60., 75., 77., etc. (10/15);

Narbonne national: 648 p.: 23., 31., 34., 42., 45., 54., 56., 57., 59. etc. (19/35);

Perpignan national: 868 p.: 7., 34., 35. etc. (6/9).

Based on this overview, one can safely say that SG Freialdenhofen still competes at the highest level, time and again with the line of Forrest Gump and his many descendants.

A look at the lofts

Some of the winners from the Freialdenhofen lines (2015-2020):

1. National Champion Atlantic CUP 2020 (Germany)

1. prize Marseille Zone II 850 KM 702 p. 2020 (Germany)

1. prize provincial Marseille 426 p. 2020 (Belgium)

1., 2., 3. National Golden Barcelona pigeon 2019 (Germany)

1. National Marathon ace pigeon hen 2019 (Germany)

1. prize Hotspot 5 Victoria Falls 450 KM 2.049 p. 2019

1. National Narbonne 897 KM 1.185 p. 2019 (Germany)

1. prize Bergerac 865 KM 943 pigeons 2019 (Netherlands)

1. prize Barcelona Zone III 1.205 KM 2019 (Germany)

1. prize Victoria Falls Training race 103 KM 2.654 p. 19

1e place Ace Cock Race Club Westliches Ruhrgebiet 2019 (Germany)

1e place Ace Cock MARATON PALMARES Timis 2019 (Romania)

1. Nat Petropavlivka 1.023 KM 4.219 pigeons 2018 (Romania)

1. National Champion International races 2018 (Germany)

1. National Champion Mediterranean Sea 2018 (Germany)

1. & 2. National Ace Pigeon Marathon hens 2018 (Germany)

1. Prize Vilnius 873 KM 7.412 p. 2018 (Romania)

1. Prize Berlin Zone II 1033 KM 2.411 p. 2018 (Romania)

1. Prize St. Vincent Zone I 905 KM 2018 (Germany)

1. Prize Klotz Lake Up North Combine 791 KM 2018 (Canada)

1e place Marathon champion province Limburg (Belgium)

1e place Extreme Long Distance Champion province Limburg (Belgium)

1. Prize 345 KM 248 pigeons 18 (Saudi Arabia)

1e place Ace MARATON TIMIS over 3 races 2017 (Romania)

1. Prize Palanca 560 km 4.700 p. 2017 (Romania)

1. Prize Gorzow 511 km 1.268 p. 2017 (Poland)

1. Prize Zone I Agen 767 KM 921 p. 2017 (Germany)

1. Prize Up North Combine 402 KM 579 p. 2017 (Canada)

1. Prize Zone C Libourne 822 KM 462 p. 2017 (Belgium)

1ste club Windsor RPC Coutsnces 268 pigeons 2017 (UK)

1e prize section + 3 Nat. St. Vincent 854 km 2017 (UK)

1. National Birzai 1.041 km 4.069 pigeons 2016 (Romania)

1e Central Lancashire Combine 3.326 pigeons from Bath 232 KM (UK)

1. Semi-National Chalon – S – Saone 2.490 pigeons 364 KM 2016 (Belgium)

1st Open and1ste Section NW 2.937 pigeons Coutances 262 KM 2016 (UK)

1. National Palmares 3 year Ace Marathon 2016 (Romania)

1. National Ace Pigeon European Championship Mira FCI 2016 (UK)

1. Prize Sosnicowice 163 km 493 p. 2016 (Poland)

1. Prize 167 km 206 p. 2016 (United Arab Emirates)

1. Nat Narbonne Yearlings 747 KM 2.412 p. 2015 (France)

1. Nat Karkov 1.038 KM 3.904 p. 2015 (Romania)

1. Nat Petropavlivka 958 KM 1.953 p. 2015 (Romania)

1. Prize Legnica 356 KM 1.917 p. 2015 (Poland)

1. Prize Sosnicowice 163 km 1.614 p. 2015 (Poland)

1. Prize Brzeg 263 km 726 p. 2015 (Poland)

1. International Euregio Narbonne 897 KM 740 pigeons 2015 (Germany)

1. Prize interprovincial Bourges 360 KM 873 pigeons 2015 (Belgium)

1. Prize Zone III Pau 1.068 KM 2015 (Germany)

1. Prize Zone III St. Vincent 1.069 KM 2015 (Germany)

1. Prize Agen ZLU NIC 2563 Simpelveld 403 pigeons 2015 (Netherlands)