Homma Brothers (Steggerda, NL) plays a strong hand again in 2020 with two department victories

Elco and Ydo Homma, successful in 2020 with, among other prizes, two department victories
Elco and Ydo Homma added two department victories in 2020 to an already impressive honors list.

Elco and Ydo Homma, young and passionate

Elco and his three-year older brother Ydo are no strangers to the pigeon sport for quite some time. Both men in their twenties have each time made a big catch since 2016;

2016 with NL16-1051984 Ice Queen
1e NPO Morlincourt against 7348 p.
1e National sector 4 against11985 p.
2017 wtih NL17-1626894 Sophie
1e NPO Niergnies against 11595 p.
2018 with NL16-1051970 Amber
1e NPO Troyes against 5939 p.
2019 with NL16-1052016 Nadien
2e National Ace Pigeon Short Distance WHZB/TBOTB

A nice sequel in 2020

In the special year of 2020, there was again a lot to celebrate for the brothers. In an earlier report, extensive attention was paid to the department victory that was achieved with Dafne NL19-1225474. That yearling hen not only kept all 8209 pigeons from province Friesland '96 behind her at a competition from Rethel, but was also the fastest pigeon of the entire release (province Friesland '96 and department of North-East Netherlands) consisting of a convoy of no less than 16444 pigeons.

NL19-1225474 Dafne, 1e Rethel Department Friesland '96 against 8209 pigeons, also fastest of 16444 pigeons

In September Elco and Ydo competed in a repeat race in the late races from Venlo with NL17-1626977 Danique. This three-year-old hen in turn dominated the entire competition, consisting of 18965 pigeons, from the entire Friesland '96 department.

NL17-1626977 Danique, 1e Venlo Department Friesland '96 against 18965 p.

Both the father and mother of Danique come from pigeon friends. Danique's father comes from Marco Zandvoort and is a son of his well-known Haasje who was twice the fastest pigeon in province 9. Danique's mother is NL12-1056852 Euro's Lady, a direct descendant of the Eijerkamp family. The 12-852 is the mother of no less than 10 first prize winners, 5 of which were won in big races. It is striking that Euro's Lady is a full sister of Euro's Fantast who in turn is grandmother of the aforementioned Ice Queen (1st National Morlincourt Sector 4 2016). Elco and Ydo have been very successful with the Eijerkamp pigeons for over 10 years.

To the top with top breeder Maldini

NL11-1107067 Top breeder Maldini

As is the case with so many top lofts, the Homma Brothers are lucky to have an exceptional breeding pigeon at their disposal. With the Maldini NL11-1107067 an enormous foundation was laid, which has proven that they can compete with all the toppers in the Friesland Department flawlessly. As Sophie's grandfather, Maldini already had a share in the NPO victory from Niergnies in 2017. In 2020, the victory of granddaughter Dafne added a department victory. Children and grandchildren of Maldini classified themselves as 1st and several times as 2nd at NPO competitions. His (grand) children win, among other prizes.

1e NPO Niergnies 11597 p. (granddaughter)
1e Rethel 8181 p. (granddaughter)
2e NPO Niergnies 11597 p. (granddaughter)
2e NPO Sens 8211 p. (daughter)
2e NPO Mantes La Jolie 4182 p. (granddaughter)
2e NPO Limoges 2640 p. (grandchild)

Exceptional breeding results with coupling from Maldini to his daughters

Dafne NL19-1225474 once again proved the exceptional hereditary qualities of Maldini. Her dam NL18-1438219 Beauty Maldini is a daughter of Maldini when he was paired with one of his own daughters, in this case Karen. But it didn't stop there. Another top hen that has shown that Maldini can be successfully coupled with his own daughter is Feline NL18-1438172 Feline.

NL18-1438172 Feline (granddaughter Maldini) won a.o. 1e Chimay against 3345 p.

Feline is a daughter of NL16-1052157 Special Maldini (Maldini x Daughter Maldini). Feline won a.o.

1e Chimay against 3345 p. (36e against 17265 p.)
3e Chimay against 3351 p. (6e against 16981 p.)
6e Heusden-Zolder against 16456 p.
12e Rethel against 1663 p.
NL16-1052157 Special Maldini, mother of Feline

The successful contribution of the C&G Koopman pigeons is fully evident with both Dafne and Feline. Both top hens have Hardrock Z NL16-1072545 (Golden Capri x Zara) as their father.

Inbred to Maldini also successful in other lofts

Successful inbreeding with Maldini has also proven itself in other lofts. For example, in 2014 the NL14-1442876 (Maldini x Daughter Maldini) moved to the loft of Kruisweg Brothers (Steenwijk, NL). The 14-876 turned out to be a great reinforcement. He became the father of two pigeons that together won 7 first prizes. The 14-876, which was given the name New Maldini, is now back in the lofts of Elco and Ydo.

NL14-1442876 New Maldini, new top breeder from Maldini x Daughter Maldini

Even more successes with Homma pigeons

It is always nice when it turns out that Maldini's successful line also manifests itself in other lofts. What to think of the following achievements;

Jelle Jellema (Nijverdal, NL)

In 2012 a son of Maldini moved to long distance icon Jelle Jellema. There, the contribution of that cock proved to be of added value in the long distance races. He became the father of a.o.

6e National Narbonne against 5042 p. (12e international against 10836 p.)
11e National Perpignan against 4789 p. (21e international against 14851 p.)

Maldini Jelle NL12-1056817 has meanwhile also returned to the lofts of the Homma brothers.

NL12-1056817 Maldini Jelle, super breeder by Jelle Jellema

G. & G. Damen (Dorst, NL)

In 2013 G. & G. Damen from Dorst (NL) managed to seize a son of Maldini. That cock also proved to have the excellent hereditary qualities of his father. He became the father of a.o. 1st Melun against 13361 pigeons, 1st Quiévrain against 3761 p., 1st Pont St. Max against 2369 p. and 2nd NPO Limoges against 2640 p.

Anton Hassing (Steggerda, NL)

Anton was extremely successful with Maldini's grandchildren. He won several 1st prizes in the club and managed to score a 6th NPO Auxerre

Arnold Paalman (Hengevelde, NL)

Arnold won with a grandchild of Maldini a very nice 21st place in the National Ace pigeon Championship of the One-day long distance competition Fondspiegel Youngsters in 2020

With confidence to 2021

It will come as no surprise to you that Elco and Ydo are looking forward to the 2021 season with confidence. They are eager to continue the line that was started in 2016. We wish them every success with this.