Historical Day for Mexican Pigeon Sport

Over the past decade, the sport of racing pigeons has grown tremendously in Mexico. Most of the participation growth is concentrated in the beautiful state of Jalisco, in a city named Guadalajara, which we Mexicans affectionately call “The Little Belgium of the Americas”.

I believe the growth in the sport is greatly due to the promotion, recruitment and encouragement of new members, through the means of social media and the inclusion of family and friends. There is even a live talk show that airs weekly, entitled “Jalisco: Tierra de Campeones”, in which renowned Mexican champions, breeders, and veterinarians are provided an opportunity to share their knowledge with the world of colombophile. From this, we can see that using 21st century technology to grow pigeon racing is key to its sustainability. Additionally, the sharing of knowledge with other members helps with retaining and growing the fancy. As a young fancier myself, to see that the sport is thriving with young and enthusiastic members gives me a lot of joy and hope for the future.

There are 23 racing pigeon clubs in Guadalajara, with an average of about 60-70 members per club. The clubs are all located within a 25km radius inside of Guadalajara; massive flocks can be seen training on the daily. The average age of participants in clubs is 25-35 years of age. There are 4 major organizations in Guadalajara: the Associacion de Clubes Colombofilos de Guadalajara (ACCDG), the Union Colombifila de Jalisco (UCDJ) and the Associacion Regional de Clubes Colombofilos de Jalisco (ARCCJ), and lastly the Associacion Colombofila Metropolitana de Guadalajara (ACMG), which serves as a liaison between all clubs. They’re also responsible for organizing logistics for the massive pigeon races, like the one from October 11th, 2020—a day that will go down in the history books of colombophile, as the biggest pigeon race of the Americas. 

The winners: Team Futurity Santa Paula

Now, to the October 11th race, a total of 49,166 racing pigeons were liberated from Abasolo, GTO (180km approx.), at 8AM, for the first young bird race of the 2020 season in Guadalajara. 23 clubs and 1,193 participants sent their birds with hopes of taking the crown. The race was won by none other than “Futurity Santa Paula Loft”, who also won the last training race of the season, a week prior, against more than 49,000 birds! However, this week, they not only won 1st, but also 2nd and 3rd, out of 49, 166. “Futurity Santa Paula” is a futurity that handles birds from the best breeders in Mexico and the USA. It’s led by Daniel Arciniega, one of the best handlers in Mexico, and his teammates Juan Velasquez, Juan Ruiz and Hugo Munguia. The breeders of the top 3 birds are 1st-Harry Castellanos, 2nd-Jaime “VacasFlacas” Franco and 3rd-Max Rosas, all of whom are from California, USA. In closing, congratulations to the “Futurity Santa Paula Loft” for their big win, and to the members of the 4 organizations in Guadalajara, Mexico, who made this historical moment possible.

Harry, fastest of all 49,196 pigeons.