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A report on the British International Championship Club young bird race from Coutances on 12th September 2020

169 members sent 1,533 young birds to the British International Championship Club race from Coutances. They were liberated at 10.50CEST into light westerly winds. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.
John Cowlin

First open and first east section was a youngster on 1488mpm over 201 miles for John Cowlin of Hullbridge. The winner has been named Queen of Coutances as it was second open from the same racepoint the week previously with the NFC. It is bred from two of John's top Frans Zwols pigeons, the Amal Cock and Guernsey Princess. John's next two pigeons also contain the Frans Zwols bloodlines.

Queen of Coutances
David Coward-Talbot

David Coward-Talbot of Chelmsford was second open and second east section on 1474mpm over 202 miles. David had two youngsters come together and first to time was a blue cock containing Champions of Speed, Grobbendonk, bloodlines. The sire is inbred to KBDB national ace Speed Sagan and the dam is one of David's best stock hens. Second on the clock was a blue pied hen bred by Paul Russell from his Albert Derwar pigeons.

John & Teresa Gladwin

Gladwin, Jarvis and Family of Leigh on Sea timed a youngster on 1473mpm over 198 miles to take third open and third east section. The partners had seven pigeons arrive within a minute and all contained their Frans Zwols' bloodlines. First to time was a cock bred from Formula One Lofts' dream pair, Prince of Rekkem and Dreamy.

Micky Watts

Micky Watts of Southminster was fourth open and fourth east section on 1472mpm over a distance of 207 miles.  Micky's pigeon was sent sitting five day eggs and was a Frans Zwols pigeon crossed with one from Syndicate Lofts.  

Lee Bastone of Burnham on Sea clocked a youngster on 1461mpm over 205 miles to take fifth open and fifth east section. Lee's winner was a direct brother to Micky Watt's timer.

Sixth open and sixth east section was won by Tony Buckfield of Hockley with a young bird on 1457.9mpm over 200 miles. 

D Wilton and Son of Chadwell St Mary was seventh open and seventh east section on 1457.6mpm over 186 miles. 

Slawomir Zielinski of Dagenham clocked a youngster on 1454mpm over 186 miles to take eighth open and eighth east section. 

Damian Szpak

Damian Szpak of Deptford was ninth open and first centre section with a youngster on 1452mpm over 177 miles. Damian had two birds drop together and first on the clock was bred by Pablo Zurawski from his Vercamen bloodlines. The dam was a grand-daughter of Electro. Damian's second bird was bred from his super racing hen, Lady 85, which has now been moved to the stock loft.

Completing the top ten and in ninth east section are P Jackson and Son from Bromley with a youngster on 1446mpm over a distance of 177 miles. 

Around the sections

Steve Buckle

S Buckle of Northwood was second centre section on 1366mpm over 183 miles. Steve timed a blue Janssen hen, raised on the darkness system.

Michael Potts of Warlingham clocked a youngster on 1346mpm over 169 miles to take third centre section. The sire and dam of Michael's winner, a grizzle cock, came from Adrian Duggins of Darley Dale.

Danny Lanahan

Danny Lanahan of Poole was first west section and fifty-eighth open on 1258mpm over 123 miles. Danny timed the same pigeon that was third section in the first BICC race from Coutances, beaten by two loft mates. This hen is bred from a gift pigeon from Louie Wateridge and which has bred children and grandchildren to win.

Wojciech Blachut

Wojciech Blachut of Trowbridge was second west section on 1094mpm over 161 miles. Wojciech timed a blue hen, the dam of which came from his friend Brian Sheppard, whilst the sire was one of his own pigeons.

D & J Staddon

David and John Staddon of Ditcheat timed a young bird on 1051mpm over 152 miles to take third west section. David and John clocked a red cock bred from a new pair in their stock loft, Picasso x Red Evie. Picasso was thirty-second open Tarbes and is a half brother to Portrait Boy, whilst Red Evie is a daughter of NFC ace pigeon 2018, Evie when she was paired to Red Treble.

John Black

John Black of Hitchin was first north-centre section and fifty-fifth open on 1273mpm over 212 miles. John clocked a chequer hen sent feeding a small squeaker. The sire came from Jamie Clarke of Snelling whilst the dam contains New Laurent bloodlines from Johnny Chipperfield.

P S Wraight of Bluntisham timed a youngster on 1238mpm over 237 miles to take second north-centre section. 

Roger Strowger

Mr and Mrs Strowger of Leiston were first north-east section and fortieth open on 1316mpm over 256 miles. 

Dennis Ball

D and E Ball of Eyke were second north-east section on 1280mpm over 246 miles. Dennis timed one of the partners top Vandenabeele pigeons.

Dave Downing

D Downing of Suffolk was third north-east section with a young bird on 1239mpm over 236 miles. Dave timed a Hardy Kruger hen, a full sister to his NFC section winner the previous week. The Kruger bloodlines from Premier Lofts now form the majority of Dave's racing team.

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British International Championship Club young bird race from Coutances.