Dik van den Berg - Tuk (NL) Top performances after switching over to extreme long distance.

Dik van den Berg from Tuk sold all of his "Programme pigeons" in 1998 and started all over agin with pigeons, more suitable for the heavy work. With always a small basket at the basketting table, he made fantastic results.

In 2000 already 1st National Bergerac
In 2006 1st and 10th National St.Vincent. 5 pigeons entered, 4 prizes national.
In 2009
A few results :
Pau 1156 km. 457 pigeons ,6 and 47 from 2 entered.
Montauban 1018 km.2338 pigeons:20-55 and 349 from 4 entered.
Bordeaux 1005 km.1295 pigeons: 10 and 212 from 2 entered.
Barcelona 1306 km!! 1292 duiven.19-67-206 and 247 from 6 entered.
... and this in one of the greatest distances in the Netherlands.