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Gerard Koopman (NL) wins the final of Victoria Falls World Challenge Pigeon Race 2020 (update pictures top 15)

Friday 14th of August, the 859 pigeons that were basketted were released at 07.00. Gerard Koopman (NL) is the 2020 winner!

Pictures and pedigree of the winning pigeon of Gerard Koopman

Top 15 of the Victoria Falls OLR 2020

Video of the father of All in one

Video of the mother of All in one

Pedigrees of some of the other top birds:

The pigeons have to fly 544 km to reach their home loft. While waiting for the pigeons there is a zoom discussion starting at 11:00 h. After the zoom panel discussion, you can follow the arrivals of the pigeons (livestream starting at 12:00 h).

Zoom Panel Discussion – Main Race – Fri 14 August 11:00 CAT (09:00 GMT)

Moderator: Richard Hulley (VFWCPR)
Host: Geoff Armand (Race Director)


Session 1 - 11:00 – 11:30 CAT – Jurie Erwee (South Africa), Pieter Oberholster (UK), Thomas Gyselbrecht (Belgium)

Session 2 - 11:30 – 12:00 CAT – Michel Wouters (Belgium), Keith Huckle (Australia), Thomas Gyselbrecht (Belgium)

Session 3 - 12:00 – 12:30 CAT – Frank McLaughlin (USA), Frank Nebig (Animals to Fly), Dr. Rob Conradie (South Africa)

We will be hosting the above Panel Discussion Live during our Main Race online from 11:00 CAT (09:00 GMT) – To tune into this discussion please follow the instructions below:

Click the link to download Zoom – (the same link will take you to the discussion from 11:00 onwards):

Meeting Code: 867 6673 6298

You can also view the discussion live on:



You can follow the zoom panel and see the arrivals here: