Anthony Maes (Waregem, BE) is having another very strong season

Anthony & Chantal Maes
Anthony Maes claimed a provincial first prize from La Souterraine last weekend, following a couple of very successful weeks of racing.

It appears that Anthony's pigeons have been just as strong in 2020 as they have been in previous years: they continue to add great results and prestigious victories to their palmares on a weekly basis, against a very competitive field. This team is particularly tough to beat in the longer middle distance these days. They had already won a provincial first place from Fontenay, and they have now added another top result to their palmares: a 1st provincial La Souterraine. Their race winner was Souterraintje (BE18-3073718), a racing hen from the third round from some of the best bloodlines available: Sero Sero and Bliksem of Gaby Vandenabeele. And this victory was not her first major feat, this is a pigeon with an excellent track record: 1st provincial La Souterraine 1,473 p., 19th prov. Tours 2,959 p.,  38th prov. Pontoise 6,106 p., 51st prov. Pontoise 9,630 p., 14th prov. Argenton 2,959 p., 12th prov. Tours 667 p., 74th prov. Pontoise 7,573 p., 86th prov. Tours 5,864 p.

Of course, a renowned pigeon fancier like Anthony has other irons in the fire as well. Take for instance Blue Velvet (BE18-3073699), who is having a fantastic season so far. And she had been outstanding in 2019 as well, winning a 1st provincial Chateauroux as the fastest of more than 6,000 pigeons. She is holding a third place in the PIPA Ranking based on the following results: 3rd prov. Issoudun 1,602 p., 3rd prov. La Souterraine 1,473 p., 17th prov. Chateauroux 3,606 p., and 24th prov. Argenton 2,959 p. And this racing hen appears to be quite strong in shorter distance racing as well, winning for instance an 18th prov. of 6,106 p. and a 39° prov. of 3,586 p. from Pontoise.

And racing bird De Zevenhonderd (BE18-3073700), a nest brother of Blue Velvet, has a few tricks up his sleeve as well. This super class racing bird has an impressive list of achievements: 1st prov. Pontoise 754 p., 4th prov. Fontenay 1,836 p., 3rd prov. Pontoise 7,573 p., 1st Toury 152 p., 5th prov. Fontenay 2,502 p., 16th prov. Chateaudun 1,335 p., 3rd Clermont 313 p., 1st Toury 141 p., etc.

Another racing bird that has caught the attention of fellow fanciers is Cent et Deux (BE19-3012102). She is the best yearling of the team at the moment. She was 4th provincial ace pigeon KBDB last year, and she is now getting high marks in the renowned PIPA rankings as well. She has added several excellent results to her palmares this season, as one of the leading names in the most important longer middle distance races so far: 7th prov. Issoudun 2,489 p., 13th prov. Argenton 4,299 p., 18th prov. Bourges 2,821 p., 23rd La Souterraine 2,475 p., etc. She was one of Anthony's top performers in 2019 as well, winning a 2nd Clermont 244 p., 18th prov. Saumur 2,491 p., 23rd prov. Blois 3,501 p., 30th prov. Chateaudun 4,645 p., 59th prov. Blois 3,067 p., etc. last year.

Anthony & Chantal Maes

Another of Anthony's super class yearlings is Ace-wonder (BE19-3012088). He was 2nd provincial ace pigeon KBDB and 1st ace pigeon in Kortrijk last year, and he has the following top results to his name: 13th prov. Chateauroux 5,555 p., 20th prov. Argenton 4,299 p., 59th prov. Bourges 2,821 p., 12th Blois 488 p., 3rd Clermont 442 p., 42nd prov. Chateauroux 3,608 p., 178th prov. Bourges 4,881 p., 215th prov. Chateauroux 4,976 p. and 136th prov. Issoudun 2,489 p. Unfortunately, Ace-wonder arrived home from the race from Issoudun with a wing injury, making this the last race of his career.

A nest sister of Ace-wonder has been quite successful as well: Fine Fleur (BE19-3012087) is another racing bird that excels mainly in the longer middle distance, with a 5th prov. Bourges 4,801 p., 7th prov. Argenton 4,299 p., 46th prov. Saumur 2,491 p., 43rd prov. Blois 3,501 p., 111th prov. Chateaudun 4,645 p., 102nd prov. Chateauroux 5,555 p, 109th prov. Argenton 5,665 p., etc. You will not be surprised to hear that she is also related to the bloodlines of Sero Sero and Papillon.

Breeding successful new racing birds, it seems like child's play for Anthony Maes. Although we reckon his many successes can be mainly attributed to his impressive collection of highly gifted breeding birds. Anthony owes a lot to his stock breeder Bonten Provinciaal 261/06, crossbred to the bloodlines of two phenomenal breeding birds: Sero Sero and Papillon. On top of that, he has also had a lot of success with two pigeons that he obtained in the total auction of Gaby Vandanbeele, two brothers of Gaby's renowned Hutch. Let's put it this way: his breeding loft in Waregem is of exceptional quality. He has had many successes over the years but Anthony has never boasted about his achievements. He has always been very modest. In fact, Anthony usually has a busy schedule, so he does not have a lot of time to seek the spotlight either. Still, he deserves a lot of praise for the impressive achievements of his pigeon family at the moment.

20/06 Clermont:
1-2-3-14-16-17-18-... 213 olds (15 / 19)
1-2-11-13-14-... 152 yearlings (7 / 8)

20/06 Fontenay:
4-6-7-9-13-26-27-33-35-... 297 olds (15 / 22)
2-3-4-6-10-19-20-... 164 yearlings (14 / 21)

20/06 Blois:
3-4-11-16-21-39-49-71-... 982 p. (11 / 14)

27/06 Fontenay:
26-31-41-62-64-66-84-89-106-... 3,904 p. (26 / 43)

27/06 Bourges:
2-58-142-338-381 3,688 olds d. (5 / 5)
3-18-59-268 / 2,821 yearlings (4 / 4 per 10!)

04/07 Chateauroux:
9-17-40-133-241-364-... 3,607 olds (7 / 7)
13-62-102-172-... 5,555 yearlings (15 / 27)

11/07 Fontenay:
10-15-19-20-68-154-188-199-... 3,634 p. (12 / 14)

11/07 Argenton:
14-24-44-52-189-275-351-... 2,959 olds (11 / 11)
7-13-14-20-24-32-93-128-167-188-... 4,299 yearlings (17 / 24)

18/07 Fontenay:
1-57-85-93-101-125-... 2,515 olds (19 / 25)

18/07 Issoudun:
3-56-64-73-91-104-166-... 1,602 olds (9 / 9)
6-7-12-20-32-54-56-63-78-131-136-... 2,489 yearlings (22 / 37)

18/07 Limoges:
156-417 2,139 p. (2 / 2)

25/07 Fontenay:
4-9-10-18-58-83-100-... 1,836 p. (13 / 17)

25/07 La Souterraine:
1-3-25-66-132-... 1,473 olds (7 / 8)
23-32-33-53-72-96-98-... 2,475 yearlings (11 / 16)

25/07 Blois:
15-36-76 / 5,474 p. (3 / 6)

Those are staggering numbers and percentages indeed! Only our sport's greatest fanciers can produce so many spectacular results on a weekly basis, and it is safe to say that Anthony Maes has been one of our sport's greats for a number of years now. He is for sure one of the top players in this unusual 2020 season. We have a few more important races coming up in the near future, so we have not seen the last of this renowned pigeon family.