A happy buyer! A nice testimonial of Łukasz Trybuł (Poland)

At PIPA we received a very nice testimonial from Łukasz Trybuł. He bought some pigeons in our PIPA-auctions and a hen of Mike Ganus is doing very well now on his breeding loft!
Łukasz Trybuł with pigeon Twinkle from Mike Ganus


This is another pigeon I bought at your auction.

It is much harder to praise than to chase. But it is also necessary for balance in nature :-)

I would like to praise you for the reliable assessment of the pigeon, which you are doing, really good work. The selection of pigeons for the auction also deserves praise.

One thing is certain, you are currently the most reliable and the best portal about sports pigeons in the world. Congratulations :-)

In addition, despite my fears, the pigeon AU2018-GFL-574 - TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR from Mike Ganus works great as a mother, and one of her children will participate at WG Krakus.

Well done and I wish you continued success,