Testimonial Peter & Michel Verweij (Mijdrecht, NL)

Michel Verweij and Peter De Haan from the Verweij-De Haan combination sent us a heart-warming testimonial.

Dear PIPA management and staff,

We had Ad Fortuin come over last week to discuss the results of the 2019-2020 acution season.

He had brought a report called 'Current season: 2019-2020', which showed some impressive numbers. The average sale price for this year's auction season was exactly 2000 euro.

We are very pleased and grateful for this! We also told that to Ad that evening.

We sat down with Ad, Nikolaas and Thomas in Knesselare back in October 2017, and we were very excited about moving over to PIPA. The people from Toppigeons had been the top salesmen at the time with an average of 1100 euro for a number of years.

During our meeting in Knesselare we talked about aiming for an average of 2000 euro. And we reached that goal in less than three years' time, which is truly fantastic. Besides, we were allowed to sell more pigeons than contractually agreed.

We are very grateful towards the entire PIPA team. On 5th of October 2017 Ad wrote us an e-mail with the header 'Welcome to the PIPA family'. And that pretty much sums up the whole experience. This is like a family that is there for you all the time.

We wish you a great summer,
Peter and Michel