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Rutz & Sons (Blieskastel, DE) have won a national first prize from Pau 2015, and much more!

The 2015 racing season is over. It was a difficult season, with many losses in the major international races. The weather conditions were often quite difficult, and some weekends had very high temperatures. Simply put: many fanciers were dissatisfied about this year’s racing summer.

Take for instance the international race from Pau, which was a very hard flight. 9,062 pigeons were released on Friday, the 19th of June at 07:15am. It had been the highest number of competitors in years. We had 1,988 pigeons from Belgium, 3,433 from The Netherlands, 550 from Great Britain, 966 from Germany, 2,114 from France and 11 from Luxemburg. It took a very long time for the earliest pigeons to arrive home; the French Richard Roge clocked his first pigeon at 20:48’48”, travelling 755.954km with a velocity of 928.92 m/min. This was not particularly fast, and it promised to be a very long race. A few more French pigeons arrived home, and by the end of the day only 16 French and one single Belgian pigeon had found their way home. The Belgian pigeon of De Smeyter-Restiaen eventually claimed the international first prize at 22h20’57”. She had travelled 884.377km with a velocity of 976.19 m/min. Not a single pigeon had managed to reach a velocity of 1000 m/min, which shows again that Pau 2015 was a really tough race.

The 1st National from Germany for Rutz & Sons

The first German pigeon that arrived home was a hen of Rutz & Sons from Blieskastel. She had covered 876.870km and she finished in 15th place international, while also claming the national first prize for Germany in this year's classic.

Jens and Sven Rutz with their winner from Pau 2015

Rutz & Sons

Rutz & Sons have gained quite a reputation in Germany and at international level, and they are particularly well known among extreme long distance fanciers. Rutz & Sons are running a long distance loft that has been performing really well for many years, both at national and international level. They have won several important races as well.

The team of Rutz & Sons consists of Karl-Heinz (66) and his two sons Sven and Jens. Their father is not as much involved in the sport as he'd like, due to health problems. Luckily enough he can still count on his two 33 year old sons. They are twins and they are both very committed to the sport. Another important member of this team is their mother Adelheid, who offers a helping hand from time to time, when the sons have no time to look after the pigeons. She often takes care of the pigeons in the morning. The pigeons are kept in a loft in the garden of Karl-Heinz and Adelheid.

The most important national and international prizes

1st International Pau 2006
1st International Bordeaux 2005 yearlings
2nd International Barcelona 2003
2nd International Barcelona hens 2003
7th International Tarbes 2009
5th International Tarbes hens 2009
6th International Barcelona hens 2004
7th International Bordeaux yearlings 2004
1st National Pau 2015
1st National Barcelona 2003
1st National Barcelona 2008
1st National Bordeaux 2005
1st National Carcassonne yearlings 2006
1st National Pau 2006
1st National Bordeaux yearlings 2005
1st National Barcelona hens 2005
1st National Barcelona hens 2008
2nd National Barcelona 2012

These are truly impressive achievements - what more could you ask for?

Some of the races of 2015 in their home loft

Pau      (876 km) nat.   967 p.: 1st, 84th, 98th, 131st, 137th etc. (8/15)
Barcelona         nat. 1,299 p.: 19th, 26th, 107th, 117th, 124th, 126th etc. (13/32)
Marseille         nat. 1,709 p.: 13th, 25th, 52nd, 58th, 59th, 102nd, 105th, etc. (15/28)
Narbonne (747 km) nat. 1,124 p.: 12th, 32nd, 41st, 46th, 47th, 52nd, 96th, 96th, 99th etc. (14/38)

Marseille 2015, a race well suited for the pigeons of Rutz & Sons

1st National Thomann + Spitzbarth: 75 % Rutz & Söhne
4th National Wolfgang Emser: 50 % Rutz & Söhne
6th National Ernst & Sohn: 50 % Rutz & Söhne
8th National Lauer & Söhne: 25 % Rutz & Söhne
9th National Ernst & Sohn: 50 % Rutz & Söhne

The fastest pigeon of Freialdenhofen & Sons in the race from Marseille was a 50% Rutz & Sons as well; she finished in 30th place national.

10 pigeons sold in auction on PIPA

Some of their very best pigeons will be sold in auction. These pigeons were bred from top quality birds of the old basis of Rutz & Sons, which have been breeding top quality generations for years. This is an excellent long distance and Barcelona breed, as you can tell from the following overview.

One of the highlights in this auction are two young birds of Taurus, the national winner from Pau 2015. Taurus was paired to Falballa, a highly successful long distance hen and winner of a 12th national Pau in 2013.

Also included in this auction are two youngsters of Angelo paired to Red Star. Angelo is a son of Jessie, 1st National and 2nd International Barcelona 2003. He has bred many successful descendants, which gives you an idea of his breeding value. Red Star is a top class pigeon as well, since her parents were two great champions too.

Then we have a young bird of Barcelona Hero, winner of a 2nd national from Barcelona in 2010. Barcelona Hero was paired to Barcelona Princess, winner of a 1st national Barcelona 2008. This was an excellent pair!

Two young birds of IVO paired to Penelope will be sold as well. IVO is a son of the 1st national Barcelona and the 2nd International Barcelona 2003, while Penelope is a half sister of the 2nd National Barcelona 2010. A top class combination!

And then we have a young bird bred from 0709-09-562 paired to Miss Rainbow. The 569 is a son of Barcelona Princess, winner of a first national Barcelona 2008. Miss Rainbow won a 2nd national from Barcelona in 2012.

Also sold in auction is a young bird of Nightflyer Barcelona 0709-02-195 paired to Fleur, two excellent long distance pigeons. Nightflyer is the grandfather of three national first prize winners: a 1st nat. Barcelona in France hens, a 1st nat. Marseille hens and a 1st nat. Marseille.

Last but not least we have a young bird bred from super class breeder Rocco, which has already bred a countless number of prize winners and great champions. Rocco was paired to Alva, which was particularly successful in the major long distance races.

This was a brief introduction to the high quality pigeons of Rutz & Sons that will be sold in auction. Feel free to draw your own conclusions and take your chance to obtain one of these birds.