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Rutz & Sons (Blieskastel, DE): an exceptionally strong long distance loft

Another season of pigeon racing has gone by, and it turned out quite a difficult year with a relatively high number of losses. Many races were influenced by adverse weather conditions including heat waves, heavy rain, and sometimes heavy thunderstorms. We think few people were satisfied with the weather last summer.

That did not keep fanciers from basketing their pigeons. Some races were postponed for one or two days, but all races took place eventually. Rutz & Sons have obviously competed in many races as well, and their season has been quite successful. Unfortunately they lost several top quality pigeons, and a few others arrived home injured. This is what Ruts & sons had to say about 2014: “We have had quite a few losses and injured pigeons this season. The first two pigeons caught by a bird of prey were two hens born in 2008 and 2009. In addition, our very best hen was no longer able to race this season either, because she got injured about 120km away from home. Our best three pigeons got injured in the race from Narbonne, but we were happy to see them arrive home at all.” Rutz & Sons have basketed quite a few pigeons this season and they have won several prizes as well, so we give you an overview.

Rutz & Sons

Some of you might not have heard of Rut & Sons but every long distance fancier will be familiar with this pigeon loft. Rutz & Sons have been highly successful in the long distance for many years now, performing at the highest level both nationally and internationally. They have won quite a few important races. This pigeon loft is located in Blieskastel, a city in the district of Saarpfalz in Saarland, about 15km to the south west of Homburg and 25km to the east of Saarbrücken, the district’s capital. It might be interesting to note that Blieskastel has about 22,000 inhabitants, including the three fanciers from team Rutz & Sons.

The team of Rutz & Sons consists of father Karl-Heinz (65) and his two sons Sven and Jens. Their father is no longer fully committed to pigeon racing due to health reasons, but his two twin sons are now actively involved in the sport. They are both 31 years old but fairly young and inexperienced as pigeon fanciers, especially compared to the average fancier. Special mention goes to their mother Adelheid, who plays a key role in the pigeon loft of the Rutz family. She takes care of the pigeons in the morning and she performs the tasks that her two sons have not been able to do before going to work. The pigeons are then in the hands of Karl-Heinz and Adelheid, but the two sons live near their parents‘ house. 

The fanciers from Blieskastel have competed in the extreme long distance for several years, achieving great results. We have included some of their best results in the most important national and international races of the past few years.

The palmares of Rutz & Sons

1st International Pau 2006
1st International Bordeaux 2005 yearlings
2nd International Barcelona 2003
2nd International Barcelona hens 2003
7th International Tarbes 2009
5th International Tarbes hens 2009
6th International Barcelona hens 2004
7th International Bordeaux yearlings 2004
1st National Barcelona 2003
1st National Barcelona 2008
1st National Bordeaux 2005
1st National Carcassonne yearlings 2006
1st National Pau 2006
1st National Bordeaux yearlings 2005
1st National Barcelona hens 2005
1st National Barcelona hens 2008
2nd National Barcelona 2012

Recent achievements in other lofts

The breeding value of a pigeon breed is often determined by the level of performance of its descendants in other lofts. How well do these pigeons breed in other lofts, and how well do their descendants perform? We give you a few examples from last season that clearly illustrate the quality of the Rutz & Sons pigeon breed:
Several pigeon fanciers have been highly successful with pigeons of Rutz & Sons in 2014. For instance, Norbert Zerbe has won a 1st national from Limoges, the pigeon loft of Lauer & Sons have claimed a first national and 1st interprovincial from Bordeaux, and the English Mark Gilbert took the first national prize from Pau. These are quite impressive results achieved by the pigeons of Rutz & Sons.

It is also worth mentioning that Peter Nitsch took the title of national Primus Inter Pares Barcelona 2009-2013. Many more prizes have been won with the top quality pigeons of the loft of Rutz & Sons, which indeed appear to have invaluable breeding qualities.

Results from their own loft in the best races of 2014:
Limoges (581 km) interprov.  3,196 p.: 75th, 91st, 104th, 112th, 129th, 151st etc. (64/108)
Bordeaux (769 km) interprov.  2,113 p.: 12th, 20th, 54th, 58th, 80th, 81st, 95th etc. (46/65)
Pau (876 km) nat.  991 p.: 14th, 26th, 67th, 80th, 88th etc. (7/12)
Narbonne (747 km) nat.  1,246 p.: 38th, 117th, 179th, 190th etc. (7/12)
St. Vincent (898 km) nat.  1,058 p.: 12th, 23rd, 29th, 56th, 75th, 94th (7/20)

Their team of hens was particularly successful in 2014:
2nd nat. Bordeaux hens
4th internat. St. Vincent hens
4th and 6th nat. Marseille hens
8th nat. Barcelona hens

It is also remarkable that Rutz & Sons have consistently achieved a high prize percentage. This was also the case in the particularly demanding race from Barcelona 2013, where Rutz & sons were able to win an impressive 19 international prizes with 26 basketed pigeons. This is quite an exceptional feat given the conditions of the race, which was considered one of the hardest long distance races of the past ten years. Interestingly, one of their pigeons had been reported dead in France even before a pigeon had arrived in Germany. This pigeon could have won a 20th international prize.

The PIPA auction

Only a few pigeons will be offered for sale: this pigeon loft sells no more than eight pigeons, but each one of them is of exceptional value, and with an impressive pedigree. They are true long distance racing birds ready to excel in Barcelona. We give a brief overview to prove our point.

Two young birds were bred from Son Mika, the sire of the 1st international winner from Bordeaux in 2005. The dam of these two young birds is Lady Perpignan, an exceptional racing hen and winner of plenty of top results both in national and international races.
We also bring you two young birds from Barcelona Hero, winner of a 2nd national Barcelona in 2010. Barcelona Hero was paired to Katalaniea, a full sister of the 1st national Barcelona 2010. This is an impressive combination!
Two young birds originate from the combination of Bold Barcelona x Miss Spain. Bold Barcelona won a 4th national Barcelona 2014 and several other top prizes, while Miss Spain is winner of a 3rd national Barcelona in 2008. This is a successful pairing based on two great racing birds.
To conclude, we have a young bird from Angelo paired to Leny. Angelo is a son of Jessie, winner of a 1st national and 2nd international Barcelona 2003. The breeding qualities of Angelo have been demonstrated by several of his successful descendants. Leny is an equally talented pigeon, being the dam of Ace Hen, winner of a 4th national Barcelona 2008.
Last but not least we will be auctioning a young bird from super class breeding pigeon Rocco, who has bred quite a few prize winners. For instance, Rocco bred the 1st national Perpignan Hens 2009 when paired to Young Wonder. 

In other words: Rutz & Sons offer a collection of young birds for sale from their finest breeding birds.