Piet van de Merwe - Dordrecht (NL) - SUPERresult from Blois in province 5 against 12.147 pigeons 2,4,10,12,15,23,60,87 etc...

Piet (61) has taken early retirement and is a member of the Dordtse Concours en Verzendingsbond (DCVB). This club has about 70 members, but in 1979 when Piet was first champion in this club, the DCVB had 250 racing members.

Generally you think that the reduction in the number of members isn’t too bad, but these figures make you think.
Piet takes care of his pigeons all by himself.

He basketted 58 pigeons for this 1-day race from Blois.
At around 14h25 he saw two pigeons coming from the right direction. One pigeon landed by him at the trap and the other landed by his neighbour Peter van de Merwe. The NL08-1548593 was clocked at 14h24.57. His “593” made a velocity of 1273,861 m/m.


Nephew Peter clocked his pigeon at 14h24.58, but because his clock was a second late, his pigeon was also home at 14h24.57. The distance of this race was 528,588 kilometres for Piet and 528,600 kilometres for Peter.
As a result the “593” was twelve metres short for the provincial victory and Piet had to be content with second place.

Piet achieved the following fantastic series in this race against 12.147 pigeons: 2, 4, 10,12, 15, 23, 60, 87 etc.
Of the 58 basketted pigeons he had 34 in the prizes in the DCVB. The number of pigeons in the competition from the DCVB was not known. Piet couldn’t yet tell me how many prizes he had provincially.

The “593” delivered this performance as a widower.
His father is a son of “Sophie”, 1st ace pigeon allround WHZB in 2004 and 1st Olympiad pigeon in Porto 2005 in the category Allround.
Piet didn’t have the pedigree card of the mother at hand, but the pigeon originates from the Belgian veterinary surgeon Piet Blanken.

The system 1-day long distance pigeons
Piet races his pigeons in total widowhood and before basketting the hens are shown for 30 to 45 minutes. In preparation for the 1-day long distance races the pigeons race the entire sprint and middle distance programme. In the weekend between two 1-day long distance races the pigeons are entered for a middle distance race.
Piet isn’t difficult where the feed is concerned: from Saturday to Thursday (day of basketting) the pigeons are given the same mixture with the understanding that they are not fed as much at the beginning of the week.
The mixture that Piet uses is a mixture of racing mixtures from Versele Laga and Mariman. The pigeons are called inside with a handful of peanuts.
The pigeons train once a day, the hens from 06h45 to 08h00 (with the flag), the cocks from 08h15 to 09h30. Piet’s pigeons train together with those from Peter.

Medical picture
Three weeks before the start of the pigeons season the pigeons are cured for tricho. During the season the pigeons are given something for tricho  every three weeks. For this Piet uses medicine from Henk de Weerd en Piet Blanken alternately.
The pigeons are not disinfected after the races.

Other magnificent results in season 2009
2-5-09  Peronne           243 km.   against 1.041 pigeons in DC&VB:
                                                                     72-73-96-99 etc.
58 of the 98 basketted pigeons in the prizes
                             Prize percentage: 59%.
18-4-09  Strombeek       103 km.  against 1.014 pigeons in DC&VB:
                                                                   74-78-84-85-99 etc.
53 of the 96 basketted pigeons in the prizes
                             Prize percentage: 55%.

9-5-09   Creil            325 km.  against 968 pigeons in DC&VB:
24-25-26-27-28029-32-34-35-36-39-44-45-46-47-48-50-51-54-55-56-69-70-80-88 etc.  
 74 of the 97 basketted pigeons in the prizes                         Prize percentage: 76%
23-5-09  Orleans              475 km.   against  582 pigeons in DC&VB:
                                                                   50-62-63-69-78-92-96-99 etc.  
28 of the 41 basketted pigeons in the prizes
                           Prize percentage: 68%.

30-5-09  Chalons and Champagne 318 km. against 797 pigeons in DC&VB:
68-69-78-86-87-89-90-92-98- etc.
60 of the 89 basketted pigeons in the prizes.
                            Prize percentage: 67%.

                     Against 3467 pigeons in Zone Drechtsteden:
                                                     100 etc.
                                                     62 of the 89 basketted pigeons in the prizes.
                    Prize percentage: 70%.

                     Against 13.006 pigeons in Prov. 5 Zone East:  
                                                     59 of the 89 basketted pigeons in the prizes.
                    Prize percentage: 66%.

6-6-09 Peronne  243 km.  against 551 pigeons in DC&VB :
                                                    38 of the 59 basketted pigeons in the prizes.
                           Prize percentage: 64%.    

         Against 2834 pigeons in zone Drechtsteden:
                                                    103 etc.
                                                    44 of the 59 basketted pigeons in the prizes.
                          Prize percentage: 74%.    

13-6-09  Ablis     417 km.  against 655 pigeons in DC&VB:
                                                    96 etc.
                                                    52 of the 77 basketted pigeons in the prizes.
                           Prize percentage: 67%.

20-6-09  Strombeek  103km. against 413 pigeons in DC&VB.                      
                                                    1-2-3-4-5-7-10-22-23-31-32-41-43-46- etc.
                                                    18 of the 21 basketted pigeons in the prizes.
                          Prize percentage: 85%.

20-6-09  Blois       528 km. against 365 pigeons in DC&VB.
                                                    31-34-40-46-50- etc.  
                                                    34 of the 58 basketted pigeons in the prizes.
                          Prize percentage: 58%.

         Against 1731 pigeons in zone Drechtsteden:
                                                   1-2-5-11-19-21-25-60-62-78-81-100 etc.
                                                    37 of the 58 basketted pigeons in the prizes.
                         Prize percentage: 63%.

Young pigeons
20-6-09  Strombeek 103 km.  against ? pigeons in DC&VB:
                                                   94 etc.  
                                                   61 of the 92 basketted pigeons in the prizes.
                        Prize percentage: 66%.

        Against 4458 pigeons in zone Drechtsteden:    
                                                  78-81 etc.
Teletext reports in 2009
07-06         5th NPO Orleans.
20-06             2nd, 4th, 10th Nat. Blois 

Piet, on behalf of all the workers and readers of PiPa, our warmest congratulations with this super result from Blois and the chain results in the other races this season.