Andreas Stemmer (Wangerland, DE): successful with Leo Heremans pigeons

His Top Gun 33 is a well known pigeon: he won three firsts and a second prize in 2009 and he represented Germany at the first Open European Show in the German Pigeon Exhibition Germany in 2010 in the middle distance category.

Wangerland is a well known holiday destination in Germany. It is located in the northwest of Germany, along the North Sea and a few kilometres away from Wilhelmshaven. It is especially known for its family friendliness. Apparently the region has a few quite successful pigeon fanciers and Andreas Stemmer is one of them. He is 33 years old and he is passionate about pigeon racing. He is supported by his wife Lydia and his uncle and grandfather, who are maintaining the loft now.

Andreas Stemmer's passion for pigeons began between 2002 and 2006 but he did not have a property at that time so he could not get the most out of his hobby. Things changed in 2007, when the Stemmer family purchased a property in Wangerland. Now Andreas had the room to accommodate pigeons and to build a loft. He wanted to make his dream come true: first of all he formed a family that consisted of top quality pigeons. He decided to use pigeons of Leo Heremans and that was not at all a bad choice. These were the pigeons Andreas was looking for. Another thing worth mentioning is that Leo Heremans gave him useful information and advice that would prove valuable for the rest of his career.

Andreas Stemmer purchased his first Leo Heremans pigeons in the autumn of 2006. In 2007 he purchased some more of his pigeons, before Leo organised his total auction. A few years ago, when Wolfgang Röper from Pinneberg was using Heremans pigeons as well, Andreas purchased a round of young birds from Leo's breeding loft. These are all part of the basis of his pigeon breed. In fact 90% of his pigeons originate from Heremans. That is quite a high number and it tells us something about the type of pigeon that Andreas favours.

Today Andreas Stemmer and Leo Heremans are good friends. They visit each other's lofts regularly and sometimes they breed pigeons together as well. The achievements of Andreas show that his collection of Heremans pigeons have been very useful to him. Leo has been doing very well with his pigeons too: he won the national Belgian title of First National Champion Short Distance Young Birds and First National Ace Pigeon Short Distance Young Birds in 2012. The successful auction of 60 young birds that Leo Heremans organised on 12 December 2012 together with the De Duif magazine illustrates how popular his pigeon breed is: Leo received 258,840 € for his young birds with an average of 4,314 € per pigeon. That is quite impressive!

Back to Andreas Stemmer. He always wanted to become a fancier and he has been doing very well. He has been particularly successful in his new loft. He races in the union of Friesenland. This union has 101 members, 43 of which take part in the competition. 13,868 pigeons were basketed for 12 races in this union in 2012. That is quite a high number these days.

His accommodation

Let's take a look at the results of Andreas Stemmer:

Championships at club level 2012

1st Verbandsjährigenmeisterschaft     with 18 prizes
1st Klinikcup                         with 24 prizes
2nd National Championship             with 40 prizes
2nd Nat. Championship Middle Distance with 16 prizes
3rd Nat. Championship Long Distance   with 16 prizes

Championships in province 259 in 2012

3rd Provincial Championship                 with 24 prizes, 2,252.70 Ace Points
7th Provincial Championship Middle Distance with 16 prizes, 1,419.99 Ace Points
3rd Klinik-Cup at provincial level          with 24 prizes, 2,357.67 Ace Points

Top Gun 33: three first and a second prize in 2009

THe Top Gun 33 (01009-07-33) is not a Leo Heremans pigeon. His sire comes from Rudolf Schlotmann and his dam is a pigeon from Dirk de Beer. He was a great racing bird with 21 prizes in 24 races and he is a top quality breeder as well. He has bred very good descendants with all kinds of hens, especially Heremans hens.


The outstanding results of Top Gun 01009-07-33

30.05.2009 Bad Vilbel     390 km  RV     917 p.   1st
           Bad Vilbel     390 km  FG   1,928 p.   1st
04.07.2009 Haiger-Burbach 335 km  RV     703 p.   1st
           Haiger-Burbach 335 km  FG   1,503 p.   2nd
20.06.2009 Bad Vilbel     390 km  RV     783 p.   1st
           Bad Vilbel     390 km  FG   1,692 p.   2nd
24.05.2008 Köln           330 km  RV     622 p.   2nd
15.06.2008 Mannheim       460 km  RV     715 p.   2nd
           Mannheim       460 km  FG   1,653 p.   6th
18.05.2008 Alpen          270 km  RV     970 p.   2nd
           Alpen          270 km  FG   2,147 p.   16th
23.05.2009 Butzbach       365 km  RV     950 p.   2nd
02.09.2007 Köln           330 km  RV     917 p.   8th
01.06.2008 Neuwied        330 km  RV     563 p.   16th
28.06.2008 Offenburg      580 km  RV     508 p.   16th

The original Leo Heremans pigeons

Which Leo Heremans pigeons does Andreas Stemmer have? Every fancier is eager to know if Andreas actually has the very best Leo Heremans pigeons in his loft. We think he does. The top of the top of Leo Heremans is represented in his loft in Wangerland. Let's have a look at the origins and the pedigrees of these birds. First of all we have Olympic Leo (B 08-6050185), a son of top class breeder Olympiade 003 (B 01-6455003) paired to B 07-6369526, a daughter of Jan. The Olympiade 003 was second National Ace Pigeon Short Distance KBDB 2002 and Olympiad hen in Liévin. Another excellent pigeon is the Euro Women B 05-6045413, which is a full sister of Euro. Her sire is B 00-6549276; the dam is B 00-6141430. The two original Leo Heremans bird were of course, paired to each other and the 01009-12-1008 is a child of this combination. All of these pigeons are super class pigeons and amazingly good breeding birds.

Another excellent breeding hen is the B 09-6369381, a daughter of Olympiade 003 and NL 07-1817551 of G. & S. Verkerk. She is in turn, a daughter of the famous Sprint (NL 01-1886591). Another pigeon worth mentioning is the B 06-6405304 aka the 304. His father is an Ace Pigeon of Heremans: the 426. The 426 has won five first and three second prizes from Quiévrain. Andreas has paired the 304 to the  B 09-6356770, which is another daughter of Olympiade 003. Can it get any better? It looks almost as if Leo Heremans had bred these pigeons himself in his own loft. Yet, these pigeons come from the breeding loft of Andreas Stemmer. We could give you several other examples of excellent Leo Heremans pigeons that live in the loft of Andreas. I think the best is yet to come for Andreas Stemmer as a fancier. He already has an excellent base that will help him to achieve more success in the future. A fancier needs some luck to be successful so we wish Andreas good luck for the seasons to come.