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Available top 30 pedigrees published - Rolf Berger (Germany) wins 225,000 US Dollar as winner of the final of VFWCPR 2019!

Just after the sun came up, the winning pigeon of Rolf Berger (Germany) showed itself at 6.59am. Below videos and photos of the winner.

Update Satuday morning 08.50am - Pedigrees of the winning birds will be updated here once available
1. place VFWCPR 2019

2. place VFWCPR 2019

5. place VFWCPR 2019

6. Final VFWCPR 2019

7. Final VFWCPR 2019

8. Final VFWCPR 2019

9. Final VFWCPR 2019

11. Final VFWCPR 2019

12. Final VFWCPR 2019

14. Final VFWCPR 2019

15. Final VFWCPR 2019

16. Final VFWCPR 2019

17. Final VFWCPR 2019
+ (probably) 1. Acebird

18. Final VFWCPR 2019

19. Final VFWCPR 2019

20. Final VFWCPR 2019

22. Final VFWCPR 2019

25. Final VFWCPR 2019

26. Final VFWCPR 2019

27. Final VFWCPR 2019

29. Final VFWCPR 2019

30. Final VFWCPR 2019

Update Saturday morning 08.15am - Photos of the winning pigeon

Update Saturday morning 07.45am - Video of the winning bird of Rolf Berger

Video of the arrival of the winning bird

Update Friday evening:

As predicted in the morning, today’s final at Victoria Falls was a real tough one. Many people were at the lofts today to wait for the pigeons. Starting from around 4pm the tension went up, assuming pigeons could arrive around that time. On the way back, after releasing the birds, Wade Armand, the head convoyeur, experienced hotter weather than expected and during the last part of the route a strong headwind. It is winter in Zimbabwe so around 6.30pm it got dark and chances of pigeons arriving on the day got very small, despite the full moon. It is midnight local time now, no pigeons announced yet.

Saturday morning, the sun will rise around 6.45am and so the waiting for the winners will continue then. We will give you an update tomorrow of who will be the winner and will go home with 225,000 US dollar.

Below is a video to get a feeling on the atmosphere while waiting for the pigeons

Update release & weather info Friday 19th of July:

This morning 7.30am 1,482 pigeons were released in Rurgwe, which is 619 km to Victoria Falls. Many people were hoping for a harder race than the previous hot spots and it looks like many will get what they wished for. The first hours, there is a NW wind of about 4 knots, which means a pure headwind in the direction of flight. The first 550 km of the route of flight this wind is not changing much, sometimes more north, some moments more west. Only the last 40-50 km there is slight tailwind predicted. The maximum temperature predicted is about 27 degrees Celcius. The expectations is that the first birds will probably not arrive before 4pm local time, which means 8,5 hours flight. 

We will update you with photos and updates on the winners later today.
A video of the release will be published later this morning.

Update basketting Wednesday 17th of July:

The VFWCPR rapidly grew into one of the most known and most famous One Loft Races In the world. They obtained this status by combining a great venue, top prize money and professional management.

Wednesday 17th of July the pigeons for the final race were basketted for a final of minimum 600 km, depending on the weather predictions. In total 1,482 pigeons are sent to the final, planned for Friday 19th of July.

Participants from all over the world are attending the final week events. PIPA will bring regular updates the next days.

Below a short interview with Geoff Armand, race organiser of the VFWCPR, in which he comments on the condition of the birds and the final race weather conditions.

Below some atmosphere photos while basketting.