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A report on the British Barcelona Club old hens race from Fougères on the 9th September 2018

Forty-eight members entered two hundred and three old hens into the final race of the Season for the British Barcelona Club, from Fougères. After a one day holdover due to poor weather, they were liberated at 08.45CEST into light south-easterly winds. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.

Gary & Dave Heywood

D Heywood and Son of Basildon were first open and first section J with a two year old on 1542ypm. Gary and Dave timed Kings Road Princess, a direct daughter of the Fougères national winner, Celebration. Celebration is a grand-daughter of Tours Lad. The sire is a combine winning Janssen cock lent to the partners by their good friend John Gerard.

Jaime Clarke

J Clarke and Daughter from Selling were second and third open and first and second section G with a yearling on 1440ypm. First to time was a yearling hen containing the bloodlines of Ronnie Williamson and bred from two Northern Ireland Provincial Amalgamation winners.

Eric Davis

E Davis of Marlborough clocked a three year old on 1394ypm to take fourth open and first section C. Eric timed a Soonjten pigeon that came in to him as a stray and was then transferred to him from Kelly and Hyde of Colchester.

Roger Lowe

Roger Lowe of Reading was fifth open and first section D with a two year old on 1389ypm. Roger's winner was bred from Rooney, a joint breeding Main Man, the son of Little Diamond, when paired to Mark Gilbert's Roney, a full brother to Jan Hooymans' Harry.

Dennis Rusted

Rusted and Hayward of Baldock timed a yearling on 1355ypm to take sixth open and second section D. Dennis and John's pigeon was a hen, sent sitting ten day eggs, the dam was a gift bird from Bernie Wallman of Cambridge, whilst the sire contains De Kleine bloodlines of André Berghams of Belgium.

D Smith of Bethnal Green was seventh open and third section D with a two year old on 1344ypm.

Mick & Lyn Chaplin

Mr and Mrs Chaplin of Woking were eighth open and third section G with a yearling on 1339ypm. Mick and Lyn timed a hen that was used on the widowhood system earlier in the season until her cock was lost and she was then placed in the young bird section and paired up to another hen. She was sitting eggs and had a small squeaker placed under her before basketing.

A and S Lucas of Royal Wootton Bassett were ninth open and second section C with a three year old on 1321ypm. Tony timed a three year old hen that was bred by the late John White of Wootton Bassett.

Phil Priddle

P Priddle of Southampton clocked a four year old on 1312ypm to take tenth open and first section A. Phil clocked a four year old Vandenabeele hen that was sent sitting eggs and had a youngster slipped under it before basketing.

Around the sections

Derek Human

Second section A is Derek Human of Petersfield with a two year old on 1303ypm. Sadly, Derek passed away the day following the race. He knew he didn't have long left and his final goal was to finish the racing season which he just acheived.

Albert Shepherd of Woodmancote was third section A.

Lin Travers

Mrs L Travers of Poole was first section B with a yearling on 1255ypm. Lin timed a Vandenabeele hen gifted to her by her friend Rod Muspratt, in fact her first five pigeons home were all Vandenabeeles bred by Rod.

Bryan Woods

B Woods of Shaftsbury was second section B on 1227ypm. Bryan's winner is a Gaby Vandenabeele hen, the dam of which came from John Halstead and contains M and D Evans bloodlines. The sire was a Dutch pigeon bought at a young bird sale in Salisbury. It was raced on the widowhood system earlier in the season and the re-paired and sent sitting fourteen day eggs.

D Blake and Partner of Christchurch was third section B.

J Garvey of Walsall was third section C.

Alan Shore

Mr and Mrs Shore of Crewe were first section E with a three year old on 1230ypm. The Shores clocked a hen of unknown breeding as she was from two youngsters in the loft.

J & B Oakley's pigeon

J and B Oakley of Whitchurch were second section E on 1199ypm. John and Ben clocked a Gaby Vandenabeele hen raced on the darkness and sent being driven to nest.

T Greenfield of Telford was third section E.

D Deveson of Newhaven was third section G.

Keith Duffin

K Duffin of St Helier was first section H on 1057ypm. Keith's section winner was bred from Tom Roden's Van Loon bloodlines when crossed with an M and D Evans pigeon from Myrtle Lofts.

Willie Healy

Willie Healy of Jersey was second section H with a two year old on 932ypm. Willie timed Jackie Sharp, the same hen that won the national from Fougères earlier in the season. This hen contains Van Loon x Van Der Wegen bloodlines.

Kevin Johnstone

K Johnstone of Jersey was third section H. Kevin clocked Fairfields Old Faithful, a consistent hen containing the best of Dr Brockamps bloodlines.

John Cowlin

J Cowlin of Hockley was second section J on 1265ypm. John timed a Frans Zwol hen bred by Formula One lofts with the sire being direct from Tip Top Junior when paired to the Queen of Rekkem. The dam is Fransje, a super racer direct from Frans and Truke.

Gosling and Jarvis were third section J.

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British Barcelona Club old hens race from Fougères.