Les Green has another successful season with old birds in 2018

Les Green started the 2018 old bird racing season with fifty-six pigeons, of which forty were yearlings. They were equally split between the sexes with twenty-eight hens and twenty-eight cocks. Competing with two organisations he has once again had a fantastic season.

Les Green

Les races with two organisations, both of which are affiliated to the Central Lancashire Combine. Through Eccles and Winton HS, Les competes with the Altrincham Federation and with Cadishead FC he flies in the Atherton Federation.

The first race of the 2018 season was cancelled due to bad weather so the first test for Les' pigeons was from Worcester on 14th April, a distance of 85 miles. Les sent twenty-eight pigeons to each federation and clocked his first two, one hour and twenty-five minutes after they were liberated. Shortly afterwards a batch of six arrived and then another thirty-one dropped together. In total Les won...

1-2-3-4 Eccles club
1-2-5-7 Altrincham federation
1-2-4-9 Atherton federation
1-2-4-10 West Pennine amal
1-2-8-9 Lancashire combine 2.222 p.

The following week Les once again sent twenty-eight pigeons to each federation for the race from Tewkesbury, 100 miles. This time Les clocked twelve pigeons in under two minutes acheiving the following...

1-2-3-4 Eccles club
5-10-27-30 Altrincham federation
5-9-13-14 Atherton federation
5-9-15-16 West Pennine amal
5-6-11-12 South section 1,857p.
13-15-37-41 Lancashire combine 5,798 p.

The next week the weather was poor so Les decided not to send, a good decision as it turned out to be a very bad race. The next week, having dropped two yearlings at the last race, Les sent twenty-seven to each federation for the race from Hullavington, 133 miles. The birds came well, but with a large batch arriving at the loft together they took their time to trap. This time the team won...

1-2-3-4 Eccles club
9-18-23-27 Altrincham federation
1-2-3-4 Atherton federation
1-2-3-4 West Pennine amal
13-14-16-17 South section
20-23-26-27 Lancashire combine 5,633 p.

The next week's race was a special race to celebrate sixty-five years of Queen Elizabeth's reign and so there was heightened competition and much anticipation. The race was from Yeovil, 174 miles back to Les' loft. Preparation during the week building up to the race had gone well and Les was quietly confident. After three and a half hours, Les spotted four birds coming together, followed closely after by their teammates. The result was really spectacular...

1-2-3-4 Eccles club
1-2-3-4 Atherton Fed
1-2-3-4 West Pennine amal
1-3-4-13 Altrincham fed
1-3-4-5 South section 2,130 p.
1-3-4-5 Lancashire combine 5,501 p. (Les would have had 8 in the top 10 but there is a 4 bird limit)
2-4-5-6-11-16-26-31-49-54-66-67-70-92-99-100 Royal Pigeon Racing Association open 9,775 p.

Take a look at the final open result here...

The next race was from Portland, 200 miles and the weather was exceedingly hot so a tough race was expected, but once again Les' pigeon came up trumps...

1-2-3-4 Eccles club
1-2-3-4 Atherton federation
1-2-3-4 West Pennine amail
3-4-7-8 Altrincham federation
3-4-5-6 South section 1,845 p.
8-9-15-16 Lancashire combine 4,243 p.

Next up was a comeback race from Hullavington on the second of June. this time recording the following...

1-2 Eccles club
1-2-3-4 Atherton federation
1-2-3-4 West Pennine amal
3-5 Altrincham federation
3-4-5-7 South section
3-4-5-7 Lancashire combines 4,581 p.

The next race was another from Tewkesbury with Les' results being...

1-2-3-4 Eccles club
1-2-3-4 Atherton federation
1-2-3-4 West Pennine amal
3-4-5-6 Altrincham federation
6-7-8-9 South section
7-8-9-10 Lancashire Combine 2.284 p.

The final race of the 2018 old bird season was from Tewkesbury on the thirtieth of June and once again Les dominated the results...

1-2-3-4 Eccles club
1-2-3-6  Altrincham federation
1,2,5,6 Atherton federation
1-2-5-6 West Pennine amal
1-2-3-4 South section
1-2-3-4 Lancashire combine 2,569 p.

Take a look at the Tewkesbury result here...

So, another very successful season for Les. Since the introduction of the Van Den Bulck and Stefaan Lambrecht pigeons in 2014, Les says he has never competed better than he does now and never flown with the same consistency against such tough competition in the combine. Les really does believe he is racing the best pigeons he has had in his long and successful career in pigeon racing.

Les' 2017 award winner Boonen