Lubomir Kubacek (Bohunovice, CZ) wins first, sixth and sixteenth national MMS from Duisburg

Ella (14-CZ-0234-461) was the winning hen from Duisburg, flying a distance of 769kms, making Lubomir Kubacek the winner against 4,816 pigeons.


The third race in the MMDT competition was from Duisburg, 769kms from Lubomir's loft in Bohunovice. The birds were liberated at 06.15CEST and the winning hen was clocked at 15.40CEST that afternoon, a full eight minutes before the second placed pigeon.

Ella is one of Lubomir's most consistent performing hens in his loft. In her racing career she has won a total of fifty-three prizes cards, fifteen, twelve and twice thirteen in each season. Last year she was nominated at first inter-provincial ace pigeon in the short and middle distance categories. At the beginning of this season Ella was second inter-provincial from Koblenz, 704kms against 2,241p. beaten only by her loft mate, the winning cock.

Take a look at the pedigree of Ella here...


The sire of Ella is the pre-olympic bird, Santos which was first inter-provincial ace pigeon in the short and middle distance categories in 2013. Santos is bred from only super racing birds including its grandsire, the Poznan Olympiade pigeon, Topper. Santos is the perfect breeding cock, the sire of this year's super yearling, No 231 - sixth national yearling in 2018 and also of, No 212 - eleventh national yearling 2018 with fourteen prize cards.

The dam of Ella is a full sister of Blue Toni, coming from the base pair, Toni and Olympic, which means that Ella is a cousin of this year's national winner from Krajkova against 28,131 pigeons, Hattrick.

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The second pigeon back to Lubomir's loft from Duisburg was a four year old cock called Illusion (CZ14-0234-429), which is again bred from the Toni bloodlines, being a grandson of Dark Toni.

Illusion's results this season are

  • 6th   inter-provincial   Koblenz             704kms    2,241p.
  • 6th   national             MSS Duisburg    769kms    4,816p.
  • 10th inter-provincial   Eisenach            529kms    3,177p.

Take a look at the pedigree of Illusion here...

Congratulations Lubomir!