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A report on the British Barcelona Club race from Palamos on 22nd June 2018

Fifty-six members entered one hundred and thirty birds into the British Barcelona Club race from Palamos. They were liberated at 09.15CEST into a light southerly wind. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.

Willie Healy

First open and first section H was a five year old on 694ypm for Willie Healy of Jersey. Willie is 64 years old and originally comes from Kilsyth in Scotland. Pigeons are in his blood as his late mother's side of the family kept them. His national winner from Palamos is a medium blue bar cock, sent sitting four day eggs and named The Bachelor. The sire contains Jones and Thomas from the Wirral's bloodlines, whilst the dam is Geoff Kirkland x Joe Letwio of Alloa.

Steve & Sally Rhodes

Mr and Mrs S Rhodes of Aylesham were second open and first section G with an eight year old on 560ypm.Steve and Sally clocked Rocky, which last year was sixth open from Zaragoza. Rocky is bred from a Kypers x Coppernolle cock gifted to them by T Shievells of Ashford. The dam is a Roger Senicourt x Jim Biss, a son of Turban.

Roger, Gill & Corey Owers

Corey and Roger Owers clocked a two year old on 520ypm to take third open and first section B. The partners timed a second pigeon, a four year old on 325ypm to also take second section B and fourteenth open. The section winner is blue chequer cock, a son of their 2015 Palamos winner. It was injured earlier in the season but recovered in time for the race. Second section was a blue chequer hen, bred from a hen from Michael White and Son of Bournemouth.

The Mullen and Son pigeon

Mullen and Son of Horley were fourth open and second section G with a six year old on 519ypm. Guy and son, Matthew timed a blue hen, bred from stock obtained from Woodlands Farm Stud by the late Brian Buckland. This hen was the partners sole entry to the race and it was sent sitting its first pair of eggs this season.

Dave & June Newman

Mr and Mrs D Newman were fifth open and first section D with a four year old on 486ypm. The partners also timed a second pigeon, a three year old on 420ypm to take eleventh open. The section winner was a blue chequer hen bought at a breeder buyer sale and which was a day bird from Bordeaux as a yearling. It was flown on the natural system. Second section was another pigeon bought at a breeder buyer sale and bred by Sherman and Wells of Oxford. Dave and June have been racing together at this home for over forty years.

Simon Knowles

F Knowles and Son of Canterbury clocked a six year old on 486ypm to take sixth open and third section G. Simon timed his single entry, a hen flown on the celibate system. Simon had a great weekend as he also had five pigeons from Pau with the BICC, being 43rd, 68th, 96th, 98th and 109th open. 

Mark Gilbert (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

Mark Gilbert of Windsor was seventh open and second section D with a two year old on 482ypm. Mark timed a cock, the sire of which came from Orion x Silvie of Jella Jellma, Silvie was third international Barcelona. The dam was a hen Mark bought that was fifteenth international Barcelona.

Timmy Joy

Eighth open and first section A was a five year old on 459ypm for Mr and Mrs Joy of Chichester. Another partnership with just a single entry, Mr and Mrs Timmy Joy timed a hen that has previously flown Pau twice and once from Zaragoza. She is bred from Timmy's old family of birds from the late William Steele of Uttoxeter. He has been racing this family of pigeons for over sixty-five years.

Don Harvey's pencil blue cock

D Harvey of Dover timed two pigeons to take ninth and tenth open, fourth and fifth section G on 441ypm and 439ypm. Don clocked a pair of nest brothers, just eleven minutes apart. Don's cocks were raced on the widowhood system.

Around the sections

Les Kidd's Here Come Johnny

Les Kidd of New Milton clocked a three year old on 380ypm to take second section A and twelfth open. Les clocked a dark chequer cock called Here Comes Johnny. Here Comes Johnny is a direct son of Les' fifth open Barcelona hen, which in turn is a great-grandaughter of Ken Hine's Charville Gemma.

Albert Shepherd of Woodmancote clocked a four year old on 345ypm to take thirteenth open and third section A.

Wyatt & Gay's hen

Wyatt and Gray of Nailsea clocked a four year old on 243ypm to take first section C and sixteenth open. This blue hen has been in the top twenty from Saintes with the Bristol Federation for three years running. It was bred from Dave's old family crossed with pigeons from Matt Rakes. Its bloodlines contain Raymond Moldeveld Jan Aardens via Stuart Wilcox.

Lyden Brothers of Sandwich were sixth section G and fifteenth open with a three year old on 306ypm.

P Baker of Seaford was eighteenth open and seventh section G with a six year old on 197ypm.

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British Barcelona Club race from Palamos.