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A report on the British International Championship Club race from Poitiers on 10th June 2017

Three hundred and eighty-eighth members sent two thousand, eight hundred and seventy-one birds with the British International Championship Club for their second race of the season from Poitiers. They were liberated at 07.30CEST into light variable winds. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.

The Poitiers 2 winner (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

First open and first north-west section was a three year old on 1522mpm over 404 miles from T and J Davies of Birtsmorton. Jeremy's first pigeons was a hen raced on the sliding door system with a bit of chaos thrown in for good measure. The sire and dam of this hen were bred by Mark Gilbert and bought at an online auction. Both are full of top international bloodlines such as Euro Diamond, Champion Ted, Magnus, Ricky and Red Barcelona. The sire is producing some of Jeremy's best racers when paired to different hens.

Jeremy Davies (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

Phil Newton

Phil Newton of Weston-super-Mare was second open and first west section with a two year old on 1513mpm over 371 miles. Phil timed a cock that was not raced as a youngster but trained to the coast several times. Last season it was mainly sent to club races. This cock is bred down from two of Phil's classic winners and his NFC certificate of merit winner.

Reg Wright

Reg Wright of Hull clocked a two year old on 1502mpm over 502 miles to take third open and first north-east section. Reg timed a roundabout cock first and then had another two within nine minutes which could possibly take the top three in the section on the final result. First on the clock was No Fluke, which contains Piet Van der Merwe bloodlines crossed with those of R and K O'Connor of Surrey.

Strawbridge & Williams

Fourth open and second west section went to Strawbridge and Williams of Newport with a two year old on 1497mpm over 389 miles. Ray and John's first home was a chequer cock flown on the roundabout system and containing Brian Sheppard and Padfield Family bloodlines.

Mr & Mrs Lloyd

Mr and Mrs G Lloyd of Moreton in the Marsh timed a four year old on 1495mpm over 416 miles to take fifth open and second north-west section. Gwyn and Joy's timer was a chequer cock containing Busschaert x Jan Aarden bloodlines.

Clive & Jill Rogers & Neil Sales

Clive and Jill Rogers and Neil Sales of Writhlington were sixth open and third west section with a two year old on 1484mpm over 359 miles. The partners clocked a dark chequer hen bred from a Ponderosa Van Wan Roy cock that they purchased from John Scott of Frome. This cock was paired to a hen from Dave Hawthorne of Tadley and which in turn was bred down from a Ken Hine cock and a sister to Alwyn Hill's Wing Down.

Gary Inkley's pigeon

Garry Inkley of Hillingdon clocked a yearling on 1478mpm over 356 miles to take seventh open and first centre section. Gary timed a cock racing to what he calls his renegade section. This consists of upnpaired yearlings that only see the opposite sex on their return from a race. The breeding of this cock is pure Ko Vandommelen as the sire is a grandson of Paarborst and the dam is a grandaughter of De Cas.

Robert Carter & grandson, Bobby

Eighth open and second centre section was a three year old on 1474.8mpm over 343 miles for Robert Carter and Son of Epsom. Robert's winner was a widowhood cock bred by Clive Lister of York and containing Marike Vink bloodlines.

Bruce Johnstone

B Johnstone of Kidderminster timed a two year old on 1474.1mpm over 429 miles to take ninth open and third north-west section. Bruce timed a hen containing Jos Thoné's Witpen Sumo bloodlines on the sire's side, whilst the dam was a Jan Aarden bred by House of Aarden.

David Paine

Completing the top ten and in first north-centre section is David Paine from St Neots with a yearling on 1461mpm over 402 miles. Dave timed a Houben hen that has flown the complete race programme so far this season inland and channel.

Around the sections

Gary Wood

Third centre section was won by Gary Wood of Ruislip with a three year old on 1458mpm over 357 miles. Gary timed a Staf Van Reet cock flown on the roundabout system. This cock has had every race this season, including five channel crossings.

Derick Packer & John Brady

The east section was won by Packer and Clarke from Grays with a two year old on 1433mpm over 351 miles. The partners' first on the clock was a Vandenabeele hen flown on the roundabout system and containing M and D Evans Shadow lines.

Second east section was a three year old on 1430mpm over 376 miles for Mr and Mrs K Turner and Sons from Fingringhoe.

Charlie Simmons of Basildon was third east section.

Pieter Oberholster of Keysoe was second north-centre section with a two year old cock on 1453mpm over 405 miles. Pieter timed 42, a consisitent pigeon from across the channel as a yearling. The sire of 42 comes from Pieter's old family crossed with the bloodlines of Johan de Jager from Pretoria in South Africa. The dam came from two top SCMDPR performers, 2004 Tornado Gram x Welsh Harmony.

Marek Krasowski of Bedford was third north-centre section.

Brian Garnham

Mr and Mrs Brian Garnham of Butterwick clocked a three year old on 1452mpm over 454 miles to take second north-east section. Brian and Angie timed a Jan Theelen hen sent sitting ten day eggs. The sire of this hen was bred by John Rumney from his champion racing cock, Rob Roy, when paired to a direct daughter of 1st international Perpignan.

James Mills of Norwich was third north-east section.

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the second British International Championship Club race from Poitiers.