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A report on the provisional result of the National Flying Club race from Tarbes

The 2016 National Flying Club race from Tarbes was liberated at 07.10CEST into a light southerly wind, changing to variable on route. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.

Mike Locke

M K Locke from the Wirral was first open and first section L with a two year old on 1143ypm over 711 miles. Mike timed The Phoenix, a Van Braune hen bred from birds he purchased many years ago from Albert Bennett of Church Stretton and Bobby Mayo of Chester. These bloodlines dominate Mike's modern family of pigeons. The grandsire of The Phoenix is Bordeaux Wiggins, first section and seventh open Bordeaux and winning an RPRA award for longest flying bird on the day.

Second open and first section J was a three year old on 1137ypm over 666 miles for Malcolm Hope of Telford. Malc timed Piaf, his British Barcelona Club winner from Bordeaux last season. Sent sitting a seven day old squeaker, Piaf was in excellent condition when she returned from Tarbes.

Tom Williams of Orpington clocked a two year old on 1136ypm over 563 miles to take third open and first section P. Tom clocked Son of Seagull, a pied widowhood cock the sire of which is Seagull, which was a gift to him from Dave McSween of Sunderland. Seagull is a double grandaughter of Wearside Lass, first Up North Combine from Bourges. The grandsire on the dam's side is Lionheart, second Up North Combine Bourges.

First section B

Mark and Julie Gower of Fordingbridge were fourth open and first section B with a three year old on 1117ypm over 541 miles. Husband and wife timed a pigeon containing Noel Peiron bloodlines, bred from a pair they purchased direct from Noel when on a trip to the Fugare show in Belgium.

Mel and Sue King of Blandford Forum timed a yearling on 1114ypm over 536 miles to take fifth open and first section C. Mel and Sur clocked Stourcrest Belatix, a Casaert x Vandenabeele hen, the sire of which won first section from Cholet and was bred from two direct Casaerts loaned to them by Brian Goodwin. The dam is a Vandenabeele from their own M and D Evans' The Shadow based family of pigeons.

Nigel Templar

Nigel Templar of Bristol was sixth open and first section G with a two year old on 1103ypm over 578 miles. Nigel timed Hey Joe, a pigeon gifted to him as a youngster in 2014 by Joe Raeburn of Melksham. The sire of this section winner is Joe's section winner from Saintes last season whilst the dam contains Gwen bloodlines.

Seventh open and first section K was a four year old on 1099ypm over 737 miles for P Curtis and Son of York. Phil is the National Flying Club chairman and he timed his single entry, a very impressive achievement. The section winner is a widowhood cock that last season was fifth section Ancenis and second section Saintes. The sire of this pigeon was bred by Mark Gilbert and is a grandson of Southfield Supreme. The dam was bred by Brian Denny, being a daughter of Charm.

Eighth open and in second section K are B and P Winter who timed a two year old on 1098ypm over 728 miles. Barry and Peter actually timed two pigeons close together. First on the clock was a 2014 latebred, being a daughter of a full brother of Little Gem when paired to a direct daughter of Little Gem. Next to arrive was a cock containing Chris Hebberecht bloodlines, bred from Little Gem's sire when paired to a hen bred by Jimmy Mark of Scotland.

Milly (photo courtesy of

Nicholas Adshead of Selby was ninth open and third section K with a three year old on 1091ypm over 731 miles. Nick timed Milly, the same hen that won the section from Tarbes last season. Milly is bred from a half-brother to Mark Van Den Berg's first international Bergerac winner, Sanne, when paired to Nic's best breeding hen Ulrike, bred by Menne and Daughter from their super breeder Paul.

John & David Staddon

Completing the top ten and in second section G we have John and David Staddon from Shepton Mallet with a yearling on 1081ypm over 560 miles. Father and son clocked John's Joy, bred from two pigeons from Geoff and Catherine Cooper. The partners clocked a second pigeon, a three year old on 991ypm to take third section G.

Around the sections

P & L McMahon

P and L McMahon from Brighton were first section A and fourteenth open with a three year old on 1041ypm over 526 miles. Pete and Leon timed a Jan Aarden x Wegan x Muller pigeon raced on the widowhood system.

D and D McFadden from Cranleigh were second section A with a two year old on 969ypm over 548 miles.

Andy Parsons of Salisbury was second and third section B. First in the clock was a two year old on 958ypm over 550 miles. Next to time was a three year old on 924ypm.

Mr and Mrs Hodges of Templecombe timed a yearling on 795ypm over 551 miles to take second section C. The sire of this pigeon came from Sheldon Leonard of Ireland and contains Vandenaheede bloodlines. The dam is from the partners' established Camphuis family of pigeons.

Bob Brown of Plymouth clocked a four year old on 636ypm over 532 miles to take first section D. Bon timed a hen sent on chipping eggs and containing Jim Emerton Stichlebaut bloodlines when crossed with a Pete Barker based pigeon.

Graham Buck

G Buck of Lymouth was second section D with a two year old on 621ypm over 532 miles.

Bob & Ant Besant

Bob Besant and son were first section E and twelfth open with a three year old on 1063ypm over 563 miles. Bob clocked Ant's Choice, a full brother to Stitch, fourth open Agen earlier in the season. The sire of Ant's Choice is Diamond Prince, a grandson of Euro Diamond.

The Khan Brothers of New Malden were second section E with a yearling on 1046ypm over 564 miles. The brothers timed a hen bred from Ace Lofts stock and sent sitting eggs.

Sherman and Wells from Oxford were first section F and seventeenth open with a four year old on 1015ypm over 590 miles. The section winning hen was third section from Tarbes last season and contains Southwell bloodlines.

Frank Quinn

F J Quinn of Devizes was second section F with a three year old on 827ypm over 569 miles. Frank timed a chequer cock containing Wilf Reed of Monmouth bloodlines.

T & S Stygall

T and J Stygall from Norwich were first section H and forty-second open with a three year old on 890ypm over 653 miles. The section winner is a blue Bryden x Van Hee cock bred from their established Van Hee family that have raced both north and south.

Barber and Wilkinson of Great Yarmouth clocked a four year old on 821ypm over 650 miles to take second section H. John Barber timed a cock bred from his Jim Biss bloodlines when crossed with those of George Barr from Ballymena.

Alwyn Hill of Ilkeston timed a three year old on 1025ypm over 677 miles to take first section I and sixteenth open. The section winner is a direct son of Wing Down when paired to The Antonides Hen and was sent sitting seven day eggs. Alwyn's second timer now claims a cerificate of merit having flown Tarbes four times.

K Bush of Cossall was second section I with a three year old on 1011ypm over 377 miles. Keith clocked a hen that was his third back from Tarbes last season, the sire of which has also scored from the same racepoint.

K Pettitt of Stoke on Trent was second section J with a two year old on 967ypm over 683 miles. Ken races two families of pigeons, Walter Docx from Joe Spedding and Vandenabeeles, both sprint families.

Brian Littlewood

B Littlewood of Stockport timed a five year old on 893ypm over 708 miles to take second section L.

M Anderson and Sons of Washington were first section N with a five year old on 670ypm over an astonishing 810 miles. The partners timed a Battenburg x Emiel Denys x Brian Denny x Bruggeman Brothers hen sent sitting sixteen days when basketed.

Paul Walder of Sheerness timed a yearling on 922ypm over 567 miles to take second section P. Paul timed a hen bred from a grandson of Brockamps' champion Armstrong, with the dam containing Vanhee bloodlines.

Mr J Smale from Abergavenny timed a three year old on 890ypm over 614 miles to take first section W and forty-third open. John clocked a hen raced on the natural system and bred from a son of Padfield Invincible when paired to a Dutch double national winner.

T Williams

Williams Brothers, Son and Burgham from Tredegar were second and third section W. Second section was a three year old on 742ypm over 610 miles. Third section was another three year old on 685ypm. The partners sent only the two birds and clocked them both.

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the National Flying Club race from Tarbes.