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A report on the British International Championship Club race from Alençon on 28th May 2016

Four hundred and sixty-seven members entered four thousand three hundred and twenty-six pigeons into the British International Championship Club race from Alençon. They were liberated at 11.30BST into a light northerly wind. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.

E Reilly & Son (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

First open and first west section was won by E Reilly and Son (Edward and Peter) from Barnstaple with a two year old cock on 1152mpm over 259 miles. The sire of this pigeon came from Mark Gilbert, being a newphew of Dream which was second open NFC Tarbes. The dam came from John Highley of the Yorkshire Syndicate, the sire of this dam was a brother to Luca 07, the sire of Marco, which was first Belgian national and fifth international from Pau for Etienne Meirlaen. He is also the uncle to Pennine Heights, first open NFC Tarbes. The mother to this hen is a Janssen from Leach Brothers of Hebden Bridge. The partners have now named this cock Red Eyes, as he arrived home during a thunder storm.

Shane & Kelly Lewis

Shane Lewis of Abergavenny was second open and second west section with a yearling cock on 1123.68mpm over 272 miles. This cock was bred by Williams and Owen from Bargoed and was sent to Alençon sitting its first ever nest of eggs. A previous winner of first club from Maidstone, the dam is a Vandenabeele, a half-sister to first national Saintes and Lilliers winner for Ian and Tracey Bromley of Pontypool. The sire is a Casaert x Haelterman from Morris and Lucas of Bargoed.

Neil Sales, Jill & Clive Rogers

Third open and third west section went to Clive and Jill Rogers and Neil Sales from Writhlington with a yearling cock on 1123.61mpm over 227 miles. The sire of the partners' winner is a Santens brothers cock bred from a pair of Crowley and Green pigeons, containing Marathon and Mica bloodlines. The dam is bred from a son of Magnus 2 from Bill Keays. This pigeon bred winners for Geoff and Catherine Cooper, so has Deweerdt bloodlines on this side of its pedigree.

John & David Staddon

John and David Staddon from Shepton Mellett timed a three year old, widowhood hen on 1119mpm over 220 miles to take fourth open and fourth west section. Now named, Gina G, this pigeon was bred from the partners' Miracle Pair, that contains Mark Gilbert's middle distance breeding. Gina G already had numerous prizes to her name including, first combine Truro, second combine Newton Abbott and first section G, fourth open from Guernsey with the NFC.

Matt Rakes

Fifth open and fifth west section went to Matt Rakes of Paulton with a yearling hen on the natural system on 1118mpm over 229 miles. A former winner of the King's Cup from Tarbes, Matt timed a hen on its third channel race of the season after three inlands races in preparation. This pigeon is bred from another racing hen that is a daughter of Indy, first and eighth open NFC Tarbes. The sire is a Van Geel racing cock that is a full brother to first NPO from Bergerac.

Mark Gilbert (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

Sixth open and first centre section was a two year old on 1084mpm over 211 miles for Mark Gilbert of Windsor. Mark had three drop together to provisionally take the first three in the section. First on the clock was a cock, a full brother to ten NFC Tarbes and first BICC Marseille. The sire is from Rutz and Son and is a son of their 2008 Barcelona winner. The dam is a Deweerdt containing Ted and Magnus bloodlines.

Bob Brown (photo courtesy of Paul Hill)

Bob Brown of Efford was seventh open and sixth west section with a yearling hen on 1081.8mpm over 231 miles. Sent sitting two day eggs, the sire of this hen has been a top racer and stock cock for Bob, having flown Pau five times. The dam is on loan from Dick and Gail Anthony of Camborne.

Terry Lee & Terry Dyer

Lee and Dyer from Plymouth timed a yearling hen on 1081mpm over 230 miles to take eighth open and seventh west section. The two Terrys pigeon contains Vandenabeele bloodlines from stock obtained from Kenny Wise of Isleworth. In preperation for Alençon this hen had two inland races followined by one over the channel.

Ninth open and eighth west west section was a two year old hen on 1080mpm over 227 miles for Mr and Mrs McClements from Plymouth. The partners clocked a gift bird that they obtained from Richard Goodier. The fanciers exchanged young birds after purchasing stock from Crowley and Green's clearance sale, the Compton Bassett Missiles. This hen is the result of a cross with Richard's John Halstead stock.

Daniel Hocking

Completing the top ten and in ninth west section is Daniel Hocking from Bridgwater with a yearling on 1073mpm over 239 miles. Daniel timed a hen bred from stock direct from Derek Flowers of Pontypool, being a son of his national winner from Folkestone and a grandson of Derek's Giessen hen. The dam is a grandaughter of a full brother to this hen.

Around the sections

D & D McFadden from Cranleigh were second centre section and fourteenth open with a yearling on 1054mpm over 190 miles. Darrens dark pied hen was raced on pure widowhood, with her cock waiting for her on arrival. The dam of this pigeon is Razors Girl, Darren's first open Tarbes winner.

Mr S Sheffield of Oakley Green was third centre section. Stuart timed a roundabout hen containing Patrick Janssen bloodlines.

Colin Hoskins

Colin Hoskins of Bexley Heath was first east section and thirteenth open with a yearling on 1060mpm over 210 miles. Colin clocked a blue hen, one of a batch that was bred from Jack and Pat Walker of the north-west. It was sent to the race having abandoned its eggs and shown to a new cock as its mate was lost from Fougères the previous week.

Dean Childs of Basildon timed a yearling on 1045mpm over 219 miles to take second east section. Dean timed a celibate hen containing Mark Gilbert bloodlines, the sire of which is a full brother to Southfield Warrior. The dam is a daughter of Southfield Miss Consistent.

Third east section was won by the Mahoney Brothers from Basildon. Tony and Pat timed the same hen that they clocked from Alençon two weeks previously.

B & P Loom

B & P Loom of Wyboston were first north-centre section and twentieth open with a two year old on 1039mpm over 261 miles. The partners clock a blue hen raced on the roundabout system and now named Mrs Eddie the Eagle, as Paul devotes himself to the pigeons in pursuit of success, in the manner of the British ski-jumper.

Gavin Duggan's pigeon

G Duggan of Chipping Camden clocked a two year old on 956 mpm over 264 miles to take second north-centre section. Gavin timed a 2014 latebred cock containing Jan Aarden cross bloodlines and bred out of his first pigeon back from Agen international in 2015.

Russell Bradford

Mr and Mrs Bradford of Wellingbough were third north-centre section. Russell clocked a cock flying to a hen on her second round of eggs. This cock is 80% Deweerdt bloodlines with some Jim Biss on the dam's side.

T & N Hart's section winner

T & N Hart of Cambridge were first north-east section and fifty-sixth open with a four year old on 971mpm over 260 miles. The partners' first bird home was a Staf Van Reet cock flown on the widohood system and bred from a cock from Brown, Nee and Son. The dam came from Axeholme Lofts and contains Rosie and Toey bloodlines.

Mr & Mrs Barker

Mr and Mrs Barker of Great Yarmouth clocked a three year old on 966mpm over 302 miles to take second north-east section. Their chequer cock was bred from Stan Biss lines crossed with Janssen from Melvyn Horn. It was flown on the widowhood system.

Anthony Moore of Norwich was third north-east section.

Booth & Roper

Booth and Roper of Tewkesbury were first north-west section and sixty-sixth open with a three year old on 960mpm over 267 miles. The partners' first pigeon home was a consistent racing hen bred from direct Brian Sheppard birds.

Mr and Mrs Lloyd of Moreton-in-the-Marsh were second north-west section with a yearling on 919 mpm over 282 miles. The Lloyds timed the same hen that was their first arrival in the previous race from Alençon.

T & J Davies of Birtsmorton were third north-west section. Jeremy's timer contains his Jimmy bloodlines and won second section from Tours last season, beaten by a loftmate.

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British International Championship Club race from Alençon.