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A report on the British International Championship Club race from Falaise on 30th April 2016

Three hundred and twenty-six members entered three thousand, seven hundred and seventy-four pigeons into the British International Championship Club race from Falaise on 30th April 2016. They were liberated at 10.00 BST into light north-west winds. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.

Mark Gilbert (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

Mark Gilbert (video courtesy of BICC and Russell Bradford)

First open and first centre section was won by Mark Gilbert of Windsor with a three year old on 1114mpm over 178 miles. In fact Mark had three pigeons drop together to provisionally take the first three open and section positions. First on the clock was the winner of the section from Alençon last season, Southfields Sabastian. Second to time was Southfields Sheba and third was Southfields Saxon. All pigeons were sent on the roundabout system. The dam of the winner from Falaise comes from a Koopman hen containing the bloodlines of Kleine Gerard and Elsie. Second is a blue hen bred from a son of Etienne Meirlaen's Golden Vleugel and third was a cock bred from a Gaby Vandenabeele sire containing Blacky, Kolonel and Bonte Florke bloodlines.

Derick Packer & John Brady

Second open and first east section went to Packer and Clarke from Grays with a two year old hen on 1101mpm over a distance of 181 miles. The partners timed a pigeon gifted to them by J & J Brady and bred from a Frank Tasker cock with Super Blue and Nice Belle bloodlines, when mated to a Jos Thoné hen, the Brady's best breeding hen. This hen was on only the second race of her career, the first being Poole the previous week.

Geoff & Catherine Cooper

Geoff and Catherine Cooper of Peasdown St John were third open and first west section with a four year old hen on 1098mpm over 194 miles. The partners had five birds drop together and which may well take the top five in the section. First on the clock was Star Titch, a full sister to Euro Titch, both being bred out of Eurostar, a son of H P Brockamp's Euro Diamond. Second on the clock was a daughter of George when paired to Carla Page, sixteenth international Pau. Third into the loft was another hen, bred from the super pair Farmer George and Wollongong.

Dean Garrett & Danny Levett

Fourth open and second centre section went to Tidbury and Garrett from Feltham with a yearling on 1097mpm over 177 miles. The partners clocked a chequer cock raced on the roundabout system and containing Soontjen x Wildermeersch bloodlines. The sire of this winner came from Mark and Ger McCourt of Ireland, whilst the dam was from Shawn and Tony McDonagh of the Midlands.

Clive Turner

Clive Turner from Capel was fifth open and third centre section, timing a four year old cock on 1095mpm over 158 miles. This cock contains Busschaert bloodlines and was flown on the roundabout system for its second race of the season.

Paul Murrell

Sixth open and second west section went to Paul Murrell from Poole with a two year old hen on 1088mpm over 151 miles. Paul timed Gelf, a chequer hen that had been lightly trained and then raced last week from Littlehampton with the Dorset Federation.

Eddy & Clayton Oxborough

Eddy and Clayton Oxborough from Norfolk were seventh open and first north-east section with a three year old hen on 1084mpm over 271 miles. The sire of this section winner came from H G Cook and Son of Kings Lynn, whilst the dam was from Gilchrist and Brennan from Tyne and Wear. This hen had two, 100 mile races as preparation for Falaise.

Rob Clarke

Eighth open and fourth cetre section was won by R and R Clarke from Fareham with a two year old cock on 1083mpm over 140 miles. Ron had all eleven of his entries home on the day and the sire of the first to clock contains Leo Van Rijn bloodlines from Jonge Jannie when paired to Royal Lady 541. The dam came from Brain and Karen Hawes and originates from Leo Van Rijn Dark Knight when paired to South Dakota, a double combine winner which is Soontjen x Leo Van Rijn.

G Ward

Mr and Mrs R Ward from Marston were ninth open and fifth centre section with a three year old, Van Reet cock on 1081mpm over 205 miles. Raced on the widowhood system, this cock is a consistent channel performer having been third federation from Fougères with 1,408 birds competing. Mr Ward was feeding the youngsters when his timer arrived and it had trapped back before he had finished.

Terry Haley

Completing the top ten and in sixth centre section is Terry Haley from Watford with a two year old, blue on 1080mpm over 194 miles. Terry timed Harry, bred down from Kerry Mellonby's chequer, white flight hen that has won nine firsts for Terry, on both the north and south road routes. Terry sent six and had all six home in good time.

Around the sections

Second east section and twenty-second open was won by Kenny Burt from Hartley with a three year old, widowhood cock on 1050mpm over 174 miles. This cock topped the Kent Combine from Pithiviers last season. A prolific racer, this cock contains Staf Van Reet and Adrien Van de Rhee bloodlines.

Bryn Thomas from Tilbury was third east section and twenty-third open with a two year old, Busschaert cock on 1049mpm over 180 miles. This pigeon was bred by Bobby Brusnwick and has already won two top national positions in 2015.

Peter Atherton from Portishead was third west section and fifteenth open with a three year old on 1067mpm over 212 miles. Peter timed the same Janssen hen that topped the section from Poitiers last season. Raced on the widowhood system she spent the night before basketing with her mate.

John Rumney

First north-centre section and fifty-eighth open was won by John Rumney of Houghton-le Spring with a three year old on 1013mpm over 416 miles. John timed a cock bred for him by his friend Paul Chambers. Having covered over four hundred miles, Chambers was clocked in near darkness at nine in the evening after eleven hours racing. Flown on the natural system, this pigeon was sent to Falaise sitting four day old eggs.

Paul Stiles from Bletchley was second north-centre section and eighty-fifth open with a two year old on 1003mpm over 217 miles. Paul clocked a Vandenabeele hen on its first race of the season and sent sitting ten day eggs.

Curly Barnes of Upper Dean timed a two year old cock on 996mpm over 236 miles to take third north-centre section and ninety-second open. This cock contains a combination of bloodlines from Pieter Oberholster and Hagens Brothers.

Michael Sewell of Ipswich was second north-east section and twenty-fourth open with a two year old on 1047mpm over 226 miles. Michael clocks a natural hen containing Vandenabeele  x Van Rijn x Van Loon bloodlines.

Third north-east section and forty-ninth open went to Reg Wright from Hull with a yearling on 1023mpm over 330 miles. Reg's first on the clock was a Van Loon cross hen bred down from his successful family of pigeons.

Ian Barnbrook

First north-west section and sixteenth open went to Ian Barnbrook from Alveley with a yearling, widowhood cock on 1062mpm over 264 miles. Containing tried and tested Janssen bloodlines, Falaise was the first channel race for this cock this season, having had four inlands races in preparation.

Alan Wicker from Astley Bridge was second north-west section and nintieth open with a two year old on 999mpm over 339 miles.

Third north-west section and ninety-fourth open went to Booth and Roper from Tewkesbury with a three year old on 993mpm over 232 miles. First to time was a chequer hen bred from Brian Sheppard stock when paired to the partner's French hen.

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British International Championship Club race from Falaise.

Photo of the liberation site (photo courtesy Daniel Briand)