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A report on the British International Championship Club race from Poitiers on 13th June 2015

Three hundred and eighty two members entered two thousand, six hundred and ninety-six birds into the British International Championship Club race from Poitiers. They were liberated at 06.30BST into a light north-east wind. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.

The Bullens & breeder Ray Roberts (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

D Bullen and Son of Croyden were first centre section and first open with a yearling cock on 1308mpm over 342 miles. Bred by K Roberts and Son from New Addington, this cock contains G & G Buckley and Frank Bristow bloodlines. Poitiers was only its third race, earlier in the season it was wourth section, thirtieth open from Tours. Raced on the widowhood system it was paired up in March and allowed to sit eggs prior to being separated.

Alex & Tony MacKenzie

First into the east section and in second open is Alex MacKenzie of Chelmsford with a two year old on 1306mpm over 367 miles. A Reynaery x Janssen widowhood cock, this pigeon had previously been twentieth federation earlier in the season and scored consistently as a yearling.

Charlie Simmons

Charlie Simmons of Basildon was second east section and third open with a two year old on 1305mpm over 358 miles. Charlie timed the same widowhood cock that was thirty-seventh open from Tours earlier this season.

D and B Price of Dunton clocked a two year old on 1302mpm after 357 miles to take third east section and fourth open. The partners timed a latebred widowhood cock on only the third race of its life. The dam is a daughter of Mark Gilbert's Southfield Melissa, whilst the sire is a son of Wings Down, one of the best long distance pigeons ever to cross the channel.

Kevin Foster

Kevin Foster of Longfield Hill clocked a three year old on 1299mpm after 344 miles to take fourth east section and fifth open. The sire of Kevin's widowhood hen came from the Bullens, being a double grandson of Reggie's Boy, first National Flying Club and fifth international Dax. The dam came from Martin Greatham of Essex, being a direct daughter of his tenth open Tarbes winner in 2010. Kevin clocked a second pigeon shortly afterwards.

Colin Breen

Fifth east section and sixth open was a yearling on 1294mpm over 350 miles for C, G and P Breen of Grays. The partners clocked a widowhood cock containing Mark Ganus bloodlines via Steve Noonan of Border Lofts. The partners timed five out of five sent.

Crammond & Langstaff

The Fontwell loft of Crammond and Langstaff took second centre section and seventh open with a two year old cock on 1293mpm over 310 miles. The previous week, this cock was provisionally fifth section from Messac and contains the Bosua x Van Osch lines that the partners have flown so well over the last few years. The sire is a full brother to Spartacus, first open National Flying Club Messac, whilst the dam is a full sister to their open winner with the British International Championship Club.

Ian Flanagan & son, Owen

Ian Flanagan of Horsham took third centre section and eighth open with a four year old on 1290.4mpm over 317 miles. Ian's dark chequer, Vandenabeele cock contains Shadow bloodlines and was bred by Clive Turner, who always gifts Ian a few young birds. Raced on the widowhood system this cock was shut out of his nestbox for a few days before spending the night before basketing with its hen.

Eammon Streatfield

Mr and Mrs Streatfield of Snodland timed a three year old on 1290.2mpm over 341 miles to take eixth east section and ninth open. The partners clocked a dark chequer, widowhood hen containing Jan and Tom De Raaf x Van Reet bloodlines. Earlier this season this hen was fourth section from Falaise and twelfth open from Tours.

Micky Watts

Completing the top ten and in Seventh east section is Micky Watts from Southminster with a two year old on 1290.1mpm after 364 miles. Micky's pigeon contains Vandenabeele bloodlines via M and D Evans and was bred by his good friend Terry Bentham.

Around the sections

Roger Strowger

Mr and Mrs Strowger of Suffolk were first north-east section and twenty-seventh open with a two year old on 1248mpm after 405 miles. Roger's winner was bred by Barry Wigg of the Wigg Brothers partnership and contains Janssen Van Den Bosch bloodlines. Roger had eight of his ten entries on the day.

Second north-east section was timed by P Meades and Son of Suffolk and was a yearling on 1236mpm over 426 miles. This was a yearling hen of Busschaert bloodlines and sent sitting three day eggs.

Keith Latham of Reydon timed a two year old on 1196mpm over 415 miles to take third north-east section. Keith's timer contains J L Roberts, Delbar bloodlines and was sent sitting five day eggs.

Peter Atherton

The west section and fifty-first open was won by Peter Atherton of Somerset with a two year old on 1216mpm over 377 miles. Peter timed a Janssen hen sent sitting sixteen day old eggs, its first round of the season. Previously this hen has won the club from Carentan.

Paul Murrell of Dorset was second west section with a two year old on 1203mpm over 317 miles. Paul's widowhood hen contains Busschaert x Peter Van de Merwe bloodlines, it had two races in preparation for Poitiers.

Geoff and Catherine Cooper of Peasdown St John were third west section with a two year old on 1202mpm over 360 miles. The partners timed a widowhood cock the sire of which is a brother to Farmer Sparey whilst the dam is out of a sister to Farm Boy, the sire of their international winner from Bordeaux, Farmer George.

Maples & Wratten

Maples and Wratten of Guilden Morden were first north-central section and seventy-fifth open with a two year old on 1195mpm over 393 miles. This cock is a Brian Denney x Jos Thoné bred by John Searle. A consistent performer for the partners as a yearling, previously this season he was their first bird from Tours.

I Carenza of Evesham clocked a five year old on 1075mpm over 405 miles to take second north-central section. This was a Jan Aarden cock sent driving its hen to nest.

D Lyden and Son of Gobion were third north-central section with a two year old on 1061mpm over 396 miles. The partner's pigeon contains Alf Jones Sofferl bloodlines and was bred by Rod Oakes. Previously this season it has been to Falaise.

Jeremy Davies

T & J Davies of Birtsmorton were first north-west section and one hundred and eighteenth open with a three year old on 1151mpm over 404 miles. Jeremy's first pigeon was a blue cock, raced on a semi-widowhood system. The dam of the section winner is from a father x daughter mating and was the nest sister of his section winner from Tours.

Booth and Roper of Tewksbury clocked a five year old on 1143 miles over 402 miles to take second north-west section. Trevor and John timed their consistent, grizzle cock bred from Brian Sheppard stock, from the lines of Boy Wonderand The Legend. They also timed a hen on the same day and both birds are now destined for Tarbes.

Mr and Mrs G Lloyd of Moreton in the Marsh were third north-west section with a yearling on 1096mpm over 416 miles. First in the clock was a Louella, Leo Pronks bred hen that was sent sitting eight day eggs.

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British International Championship Club race from Poitiers.