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A report of the British International Championship Club race from Barcelona in conjunction with the International

Two hundred and ninety three birds and twenty one duplications were entered into the British International Championship Club race from Barcelona in conjunction with the international race. They were liberated at 8.00am BST into blue skies and a light north wind. The following is a report on the provisional result based on member's verifications.

Peter's Dream - first open BICC Barcelona for H & P Archibald (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

The United Kingdom birds entered into the international race from Barcelona had to contend with many obstacles including the English Channel and very bad weather across the country with heavy rain in the south-east throughout the night and into the next morning.

Heath & Peter Archibald (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

First open and first east section was taken by H & P Archibald of Dover with a seven year old, blue cock on 856mpm over 673 miles. Father and son, Peter and Heath's winner was bred from pigeons they obtained from Robert Jones of Resolven in the mid 1990s. These are of Jan Aarden x old Welsh long distance bloodlines, the same way bred as the partner's Barcelona Bob, which took second and fourth from Barcelona and fifth and thirty-fifth from Pau. This cock, now named Pete's Dream, has previously been second and sixteenth open from Marseilles with the BICC and was thirty-fifth open Barcelona in 2013. He was flown on the widowhood system and allowed to fly freely around the loft until called in.

Lee & Kevin Buddle

Lee and Kevin Buddle were second open and second east section with a five year old hen on 854mpm over 673 miles. Named Madam 44, this hen has been a consistent racer for the father and son partnership having been sixth section, thirty-third open from Tarbes, forty-first BICC Perpignan international and ninety-first open Agen international. The sire is a son of the loft's foundation hen Buddy and the dam is a daughter of Cracknut which won from Barcelona with the BICC in 2005 for Mr and Mrs Fauchon. The Buddle partnership clocked four out of their five entries to also take eighth, ninth and thirty-seventh open.

Joe Raeburn

First into the west section and third open went to Joe Raeburn of Melksham with a six year old, blue cock on 756mpm over 718 miles. A previous winner of the King's Cup from San Sebastian, Joe timed his widowhood cock that had previously been timed three times from Tarbes, the best being twenty-sixth open in 2011. Preparation for Barcelona was two inland races, then Carentan with the Combine and Tours with the BICC. The sire of this cock is a son of Jimmy Shepherd's Noble Lad when paired to an inbred granddaughter of Joe's king's Cup winner Gwen.

Vince & David Padfield (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

The Padfield Family of Abertillery timed a three year old hen on 732mpm over 757 miles to take fourth open and second west section. Incredibly Vince and Dave's first pigeon home had been badly hawked at some point in the journey. This hen contains Wim Muller bloodlines when crossed with Dale Newcombe lines that the partners obtained from Andrew Loveday. The sire is a son of Vince (first national Pau), when mated to The Don which was second national from Palamos. The dam is bred from Jock Traill's Scottish national Flying Club Niort winner when paired to a daughter of Jim Donaldson's Sartilly winner, also with the Scottish National. The Padfields timed three further entries to take fifth, sixth and seventh west section, twenty-fifth, twenty-sixth and twenty-ninth open.

Mike & Cynthia Mitchell

M G Mitchell of Dover were fifth open and third east section with a six year old hen flying 675 miles on 697mpm. Mike timed the same Stoffel mealy hen that was second open BICC Barcelona in 2013 and which was his single entry. Raced celibate earlier in the season, in the run up to Barcelona she was showing an interest in the cocks and allowed into their section for a couple of hours prior to basketing. Preparation for Barcelona was two short channel races coupled with two one hundred mile training races.

Tony Cowan

Tony Cowan of Southampton was first centre section and sixth open with a four year old, grizzle cock on 690mpm over 675 miles. This cock contains Brian Shepherd bloodlines and was sent sitting eight day eggs, having been flown on the widowhood and roundabout systems earlier in the season. Previously this cock has flown Tarbes three times, always clocked in race time and this year went to Cholet with the National Flying Club.

Gosling & Jarvis

Gosling and Jarvis of Mountnessing timed a three year old, widowhood cock on 687mpm over 713 miles to take fourth east section and seventh open. The sire of this cock is Kiro containing the best of the Jim Biss bloodlines including Vend, Salve and Turban. The dam is a Ponderosa Muller Aarden x Carteus Cartier bloodlines. The partners exercise their cocks twice daily for sixty minutes, during which they are locked out of the loft.

Albi Deacon's racing loft

A & T Deacon of Waterlooville clocked a seven year old hen on 575mpm over 673 miles to take second centre section and tenth open. Chairman of the British International Championship Club, Albi sent this hen sitting twelve day eggs. Previously it has been thirty-ninth open BICC Tarbes in 2011 and flew Barcelona in 2012. The sire of this hen is Garincha a top performer for Albi. It was clocked just as darkness was setting in and Albi had to take it into the house to be able to read the ring number and wingstamp.

Jim Hooper

Mr and Mrs Jim Hooper of Cardiff timed a six year old cock on 559mpm over 743 miles to take third west section and eleventh open. Jim timed his only entry, sent sitting eleven day eggs and bred down from a hen bred by Tony Leggatt when mated to a cock with Ken Hine, Lol Green and Derek Reid bloodlines, all of which had been gifted to him. Also in the mix is Jim's own Kirkpatrick family of long distance racers. 

Mr Wilson

First north centre section and twelfth open went to Mr and Mrs Wilson of Cleethorpes with a seven year old, dark chequer cock on 557mpm over 844 miles. This cock was brought out of retirement especially for Barcelona and is of Desmet Matthys x Frencken Brothers bloodlines. It was sent feeding a large youngster and without its hen for several days prior to basketing.

Paul Stone's loft

Paul Stone of West Drayton timed a five year old hen on 551mpm over 708 miles to take third centre section and thirteenth open. One of Paul's famous Southwell family, this hen was tenth section, twenty-sixth open from Barcelona in 2013 and was another that returned from this year's race badly hawked, with a cut to the breast and all secondary flights missing in one wing.

Mr & Mrs Rhodes

Mr and Mrs Rhodes of Aylesham were seventh east section and fourteenth open with a six year old cock on 546mpm over 680 miles. Sent feeding a large youngster and also driving its hen to nest, this cock contains all the best of Mr and Mrs Bates' Funny Face and Silver Jay bloodlines. A few weeks previously this cock flew Pau and its sister was eighth open from Barcelona in 2013.

John & Kath Lane

J Lane of Whitstable clocked a three year old hen on 533mpm over 690 miles to take eighth east section and fifteenth open. A previous winner from Barcelona, this time John clocked a pigeon bred by his friend Micky Dunn and daughters Jade and Charlie. John clocked a second pigeon to take eleventh east section and nineteenth open and this was bred down from Terry Johnson's Pippin (second open Barcelona) and Frank Perry's Llanover Lady which was first and sixth open from Palamos.

Barry Wigg

Wigg Brothers of North Walsham timed a four year old cock on 532mpm over 792 miles to take first north east section and sixteenth open. Barry's timer contains Gilbertson, Cannon and the old Westcott bloodlines that won the King's Cup from Lerwick for the partnership in 1975. It was sent sitting a four day old squeaker and was in terrific condition on its return.

Geoff & Clayton Preece

G M Preece and Son of Dover were ninth east section and seventeenth open with a four year old on 531mpm over 675 miles.

Alan Turner

Alan J Turner of Dover clocked a seven year old cock on 530mpm over 678 miles to take tenth east section and eighteenth open. This Delbar bred pigeon was sent feeding a large squeaker and sitting three day old eggs. Prior to Barcelona, this cock had just the one training race from one hundred miles.

John & David Staddon

Fourth west section and twentieth open was a six year old cock on 517mpm over 709 miles for John and David Staddon of Evercreech. Father and son once again timed Shapway Star which was their all pooler. This season Shapway Star had four channel races in preparation for Barcelona including Tours and Poitiers. In 2012 he returned from Barcelona three weeks late with a badly injured leg but recovered well so was sent again in 2012 when he was second west section and seventh open. 

That concludes the report of the British International Championship club race from Barcelona in conjunction with the international race.