PIPA appoints agent for Iraq: Ali Adel Obaed

PIPA has recently appointed Ali Adel Obaed as its agent for Iraq. We would like to introduce him to you.

The management of PIPA is very pleased to advise that we have appointed 38-year-old Mr.Ali Adel Obaed as our exclusive PIPA agent for Iraq. A university graduate, born in Basra and educated as a structural engineer Mr. Obaed is married and the father of four children.

As the Chief Executive Officer of a successful construction company Mr. Obaed is introducing a scientific approach to both the breeding of and management of his racing pigeons to an ancient country that has a long history of cultivating high flying indigenous breeds in a traditional fashion. Mr.Obaed developed his passion for racing pigeons in 1987 and cultivates a number of European strains including those of Jos Thone, Gerard Koopman, Gaby Vandenabeele, Martha Van Geel, Cor de Heijde, Wim Muller, Jan Theelen and Louis Van Loon.

Mr. Obaed is becoming increasingly well-known nationally due to the fact that he was the first person in Iraq to invest in elite European racing pigeons and successfully import them into Iraq. Though he does not currently hold any official positions within the Iraqi sport he is a member of the strong Basra Central Club. Mr. Obaed continues to break new ground in many areas of our sport and is working diligently to upgrade the local bloodstock not only through his own personal importations but also through his educational efforts.

There is no doubt that via his existing qualities and expertise Mr. Obaed will make it possible for great cooperation between PIPA and dedicated Iraqi fanciers who want only the very best in their colonies. We believe that the significance of our PIPA brand will develop within Iraq as it has worldwide based upon trust, quality, reliability and total respect. Young, highly educated and totally dedicated to the progress of the sport in Iraq he is the perfect representative for PIPA and a wonderful addition to our PIPA team and worldwide family.