No big money, no glamour… simply love between children and their feathered friends! The ICHTOR-project still runs smoothly…

Children and pigeons, pigeons and children…it’s still an amazing thing! Goose bumps every Friday after school! Parents, grand-parents and little brothers and sisters…They all come to have fun with their feathered friends!

They learn to hold them …feed them en clean the lofts. The children enjoy the contact with the pigeons! They all have their own behaviour ! Some pigeons like being hold and others prefer sitting on the heads of the little children!
The kids learn to take care of …, to be responsible …, to divide the chores …, to have patience…, to be careful with the pigeons… But most of all: they are having fun with them!
On the loft there are still 21 pigeons and they know every pigeon’s name and what box they are in! They enjoy watching the animals that defend their territory!
Some children even forget their own little or big  problems for a while!
They look surprised when the pigeons bathe in the ponds on the flat roof of one of the school buildings, the wild pigeons joining them. They look astonished when they see the pigeons passing by the classroom windows, training around the building. They even recognise some of the flying birds…
The pigeons also enjoy all the extra attention day after day…
What else do we want!
Enjoy the pictures!

Suzy and the Ichtor-kids