When are young pigeons weaned ?

This rule applies to the youngsters bred during the winter months as well as to those youngsters bred during the spring and early summer.

Youngsters are separated from their parents at the age of 22-24 days.
The youngsters bred during the winter are removed to a separate loft where the temperature is kept at a steadly 12 degrees Centigrade, through the use of electric heat. During the first eight to ten days, there is a thick layer of wheat straw on the floor of the loft, to make it warmer.
As soon as the youngsters are weaned, they are given a special treatment which is intended to improve their digestion, and which will help to strengthen and develop their bodies more fully. This consists of the addition of one teaspoonful of Terramycin Egg Formula to five litres of their drinking water.
This formula, referred to in other sections of this book, is a combination of an antibiotic and a large number of most important vitamins ; originally, it appeared on the market to
increase egg production in laying hens, but over the years it has come to be of great service to the fancier who wishes to improve his breeding nd his flying program.
On that day when the youngsters are removed from their parents, the sexes are separated. Those birds which are obviously males are placed n a separate loft, until fifty such have been selected ; these are the future widowers.
The remaining youngsters, consisting of the hens and
of those males not easily discerned as such, are moved to another section.