The show goes on at Comb. Batenburg - van de Merwe - Klaaswaal (NL)

The legendary Witbuik long distances strain has once again offered some very strong 2009 performances !!! Klaaswaal… a small village located in the south of Holland. Here lives a very huge name of the long distance sport: the Batenburg family.

From 800 to 1165 Kms
2e    Nationaal    Bordeaux    13.574 duiven    2009
6e    Nationaal    Montauban    8.514 duiven    2009
11e    Nationaal    Marseille    3.999 duiven    2009
11e    Nationaal    Narbonne    3.773 duiven    2009
17e    Nationaal    Perpignan    6.505 duiven    2009
19e    Nationaal    Perpignan    6.505 duiven    2009
28e    Nationaal    Narbonne    3.773 duiven    2009
31e    Nationaal    Narbonne    3.773 duiven    2009
34e    Nationaal    Bordeaux    13.574 duiven    2009
34e    Nationaal     Perpignan    6.505 duiven    2009
1e Kampioen Internationale Fond  N.P.O. Afdeling 5 Zuid-Holland 2009
1e Keizerkampioen Internationale Fond Attractie Zuid-Beijerland

Congratulations to our friend Hugo Batenburg for this wonderful 2009 season.
Hugo, his wife Anita, (Piet vd Merwe’s daughter) their 2 sons, without forgetting a huge and well trained german shepered who keeps a close watch on the loft.

The loft is based on the the Witbuik a real Aarden cock who has produced numerous of winners. Some crosses were made to keep vitality such as Emiel Denys (line of Montjuich), Cees Van de Poel out of the outstanding Godfather and several 1st prize winners such as Bear “ 1st national Bergerac 23512p, Mr International: 1st international Ace pigeon Sector 4+ Nord Germany, As Doffer : 1st National Ace pigeon ZLU and many others.

The best pigeons in the loft are the famous Miquel:6th national Barcelona (now breeding), Davone: 21th national Tarbes, 50th national Narbonne, 69th nat Tarbes etc…, Slava (bred By Moulin Rouge Breeding Stud): 9th nat Bordeaux 37th nat Perpignan etc… 8 Prizes/ 8 races from 850 to 1100kms.
The aim is to keep the exceptional Witbuik line , that is why Hugo buys mainly some national or international winners who are at least 50% from the Witbuik line.

2009 was a really good seasons and new birds have come out.
Sonya: 17th nat Perpignan
Sissi: 6th nat Montauban
Jin Pao: 2th nat Bordeaux
Rhone lady: 11th nat Marseille
Miss Narbonne, 11th nat Narbonne

Sterre: 31th nat Narbonne
Bonte Bordeaux : 16th nat Bordeaux
Sanne : 28th nat Narbonne.

The Batenburg pigeons fly very well in many lofts : just have a look on the following results :
1991 1e Nationaal Dax 12.797 duiven
        Felix Roosendaal, Piershil

1996  1e Nationaal Dax 3.662 duiven
        J.H. den Haan, Strijen

2004   1e Nationaal St.Vincent 6.385 d.
        W. Schouten, Strijen

        1e Internationale Asduif Pau 1998 - 2002
        J. Polder, Middelharnis

        1e Nationale Asduif Grote Fond 2001

        G.J. van Kooten, Krimpen a/d IJssel

        1e Nationale Asduif Grote Fond 2003
        A. van Berkel, Rotterdam

2005   1e Nationaal St. Vincent Sector 2
        Snelste duif van 32.149 d.
        J. Polder, Middelharnis

2005  1e Nationaal St.Vincent Sector 1    16.057 d.
        Louis Boden, Heerle

2007  1e Nationaal Bergerac Sector 3    15.490 d.
        Arjan Beens, Genemuiden

2008  1e Nationaal Bergerac Sector 1 + 2     23.512 d.
        Pleun Sluimer, Zuid-Beijerland

2008  1e Nationaal + Internationaal Perpignan 17.643 d.

        Comb. I.J.J. Roobol, Zwijndrecht

2009 1e  Nationaal Bordeaux (oude)  5.183 d.    
        Gebr. Helsdingen, Nijkerkerveen

2009  1e Nationaal Bordeaux (jaarlingen) 10.418 d.
          1e Internationaal Bordeaux (jaarlingen) 17.642 d.
Sjaak v.d. Velde & Zn, Breskens
2009 1e Nationaal Bordeaux 1.455 d.
        Freialdenhofen u. Söhne, Aldenhoven (Duitsland)

2009  1e Nationaal Montélimar 8.193 d.
        Erik Peeters, Westerlo (België)

2009   1e Nationaal Narbonne 3.771 d.
        2e Internationaal Narbonne 14.457 d.
        Hans Knetsch, Katwijk a.d. Rijn
We wish Hugo and his family such a good 2010 year!