Andrè Carelsen Pretoria, South Africa.

How are you doing, it seems as if you and your team are very busy.I just want to send through a picture of my loft and in the same time I want to give you feedback on the performance of the daughter of the gift you gave me. I also attached a summary of my results over the last years for your information. At this stage (2006) I am also doing very well with the pigeons. In our PSPU (Pretoria Specialist Union) – this is the organization where all the top fanciers of Pretoria competing. Just to give you an example last year all the organizations (3) compete together and 60 of the 70 members of the PSPU finished in the top 70 positions. The first 15 were all members of the PSPU - I am currently leading all the Championship series. Currently my average position over 34 racers is 8th.
Furthermore, I am competing in two organizations. The Pretoria Specialist Union (PSPU) - 70 members and the Pretoria Combine (PRPC) -180 members. At this stage we completed 13 of the 20 weeks and I am currently leading the Overall Championship Competitions in both organizations. My pigeons perform as follows in the competitions already completed.
1st Short Distance Champion PSPU
1st Yearling Champion PSPU
1st Yearling Champion PRPC
5th Short Distance Champion PRPC
Best Yearling Pigeon PRPC - Won the Car.
Currently 6 of the top 10 Overall Best Pigeons in the PSPU are mine (10 out of the top 30).
In the PRPC the second best pigeon is mine. The pigeons are really performing very well.]
As you know my gift was still a baby nevertheless I managed to breed a daughter (ZAMEDPET 483 2006) out of her during March 2006. The gift hen was mated to one of my top breeders. Following her results until now – remember she can only compete in our Open racers, meaning she competes against older pigeons (2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005 pigeons).
She competes in 5 races and scored in all of them as follows:
1. 15.07.2006 Springfontein 562.226km - 13th Club, 82nd PSPU (Pretoria Specialist Pigeon Union); 1050 pigeons
2. 22.07.2006 Rouxville 540.850km. - 2nd Club, 24th PSPU; 498 pigeons
3. 12.08.2006 Jamestown 617.809km - 1st Club, 2nd PSPU; 513 pigeons
4. 19.08.20006 Jamestown 617.809km - 2nd Club, 6th PSPU; 489 pigeons
5. 26.08.2006 Burgersdorp 620.220km
1st Club, 3rd PSPU; 501 pigeons.
I think this hen is a star and I want to thank you again for her mother.