Breeding Better Pigeons (part 4)

A fast way to the top using both selection and performance. In this article I will cover key breeders from 4 out of our 5 pigeon families that were all selected from top performance lofts using our 6 Common Denominators Grading System.

This system of selecting breeders is well proven and has saved years of time and a ton of money. Our 6 Common Denominator Selection process was covered in my second Digest article regarding performance and selection. Flyers normally want to get to the top in a short period of time. Using our selection process along with performance based families has worked for many clients in different parts of the world. In our own case 4 of our pigeon families have made a large impact from the start and continue to produce winners year after year. The Vanhoutte family I brought in back in 1994 was a little different and deserves an explanation. Our key Vanhoutte import “ De Baron “ 94 Belg 3100109 is now the back bone of our own seperat 5th  Bieche family." De Baron " being a breeder of breeders he himself has never bred a winner. Selecting the correct hens for him elevated his offspring as being great racers as well as great breeders. In his case he needed the correct hens to bring out what he didn’t have. Several generations later this one cock alone is responsible for 18  No.1Ace Pigeons in total and 6 of them are also No.1 Ace pigeons of all America in their class. I will cover the information regarding the Bieche family that he is responsible for in my last article.

Verbruggen Pigeons
The Verbruggen family was the first impact family I selected from back in 1991. Selecting from approx 70 young birds the over all quality was better than expected so we came back with 21 birds the first year. It would be within reason that all top Verbruggen pairs that year did not produce the select impact breeders we were looking for. To complete our order, wanting only birds that would make an impact, a few more birds were added in 92 and 1993. In my first article I pointed out that if the birds are of high quality they will breed their like the first year. A good example of this would be our “ La Tasha “ Hen winning 3 x 1st Combine all in one year. In our original selection process of the Verbruggen pigeons we were also looking for birds that were no larger than medium in size. We do realize that a big pigeon can also be the next champion but in my opinion, large pigeons take extra training hours, more than we are willing to give them. Flying young and old birds in the 1992 racing season we won a total of 14 firsts. In Young Birds the addition of the Verbruggen family made a big impact by also winning 1st Average speed and 1st Ace Pigeon with well over 100 lofts. If there is true quality in the breeding stock and mated with the correct partner top results will show in the first year.

1995 Janssen’s were selected from the loft of Tini van Herpen Holland.
 Remember performance is still the key and then comes selection. Why Pigeons from Tini van Herpen? Piet De Weered at the time selected  Tini Van Herpen’s foundation cock “ De 64 “ as the best Janssen breeder of all Holland. Many key breeders are traced back to the “ De 64 “ Campbell Stranges “ Tarzan “ 94 NL  7060245 was sired by a cock named “ Mike Tyson “ which is a Gr. Son of “ De 64 “ Also Piet Valk’s No.1 Pair “ Derek “ mated with  the mother of Roosje  92 NL 1573391. Her sire also comes from the Tini Van Herpen’s “ De 64” Line. Herbots Gebr. was so impressed with the “ De 64 “  that he took a hen from “ De 64 “ and put it with his World famous Schellens breeder

 “ De Nationaal  1“. I contacted Tini by letter back in 1994 and had him put the complete  1995 3rd round aside for me so I could select some youngsters from them. After going through the youngsters and handling the parents I was so impressed with the birds that I split the complete round with my friend Jim Casey. The clear trait that this family had more than any other family I have ever handled was the will to fight. Every bird I handled had that extra fight, not wanting to be strapped down when held in the hand. The “ De 64 “ at the time was not filling eggs any longer but when I took him in the hand it took a firm hand to hold him down. The hens for example will protect their nest also much better than any other family that I have had in the past. One of the birds I picked out for myself was straight from the nest but had that perfect throat that I look for in top breeders. Yes the throat is fully developed even at that young age. After receiving the birds in America this one special bird was still too young to breed because there was no tell tail sign that I had a hen or a cock. Close to the end of my 1996 breeding season this same bird came alive and was chasing all the hens. Because it was late in the season he only bred 2 youngsters that were sent out to fill one of my kit orders. That year the owner called back and said both youngsters were entered in 2 different futurity races and both birds took first over all. 1997 This Cock with another hen bred my No.1 Ace Pigeon of all America “My Cindy “. In 1998  I put the Cock that I now named “ Bold Ruler “ 95 NL 2226645 with a Janssen Hen I selected from Jan Kuijzer’s No.1 pair. A young hen from this mating was sent to 5 races straight with top results. Arriving back home in her 6th race a hawk took her off the landing board never to be seen again. Having been clocked in only 5 races she still had enough points to Win 1st Ace pigeon in the highest class of all California. In the same year Bieche lofts was the only loft that placed 2 birds in the top 16 Places in the 98 AU Race. Both birds were bred down from " Bold Ruler "

The list of winners including money won from this one cock alone is breath taking. Rather than listing all of them please go to my web site  click on Janssen Breeders and you will see why he is one of the very best breeders to ever come to America. “Bold Ruler “himself comes from a Gr. Son of “De 64 “when mated to a direct daughter of “De 64 “The hen that I selected back in 1997 from Jan Kuijzer’s loft is a good example that all pigeons from top pairs are not the same. Looking at several youngsters from Jan’s top pair I did not see the key pigeon that I was looking for. Before leaving I asked Jan if he had any other youngsters from the No.1 pair that I could look at. He said “I still have 2 youngsters that will leave the nest in 2 days but they are too young for you to make a good selection”. I asked if he could bring me the 2 youngsters.  After looking at both youngsters I told him that I would take the one I had in my hand. This same youngster, in her first year breeding, bred the No.1 Ace Pigeon of all California. After handling all the key Jan Kuijzers breeders I mentioned to Jan that two of my  favorite breeders were the “ Blue 37 “ cock and the “ De Mooie Hen “. I was later told that the “ Blue  37 “  had won 1st 9527 pigeons and the “ Mooie Hen “ had already bred a cock that Won 1st 10,032 pigeons and 2 weeks later won again 1st 10,167 pigeons. Another one of her sons was also the 8th Ace Pigeon of all Holland.  The following year when I received Jan’s new catalog the 2 birds I favored were placed together and called his No.15 Pair. Because I favored these two birds so much I decided to order 2 youngsters from this pair. Youngsters from this same new pair recorded some of Jan’s best results that year so he moved the pair up to pair No.3 Years later birds from this same pair moved up to be his No.1 pair. The hen that I had from this pair I called “De Mooie Supreme “. She was for years the best hen that went with “Bold Ruler “

The “ Braspenning Hen “ 02 NL 1435702 I first met Bert Braspenning in 2001 while he was shipping his race birds at his club house. Bert is one of the writers for the Digest and keeps us well informed about the pigeon sport in general. The following year 1992 a couple of my pigeon friends and I picked out a few birds from his Janssen based family. For myself I selected a young hen from Bert’s No.1 Pair. She is a direct daughter of his “Super Bristol “96 NL 8002848 with 8 x 1st prize 1st Champion Midfond 1st Champion Old Birds. In later years the Braspenning Hen was also mated to my  “Bold Ruler” and took over the No.1 spot from our Janssen line after the “De Mooie hen” came to a close.  A daughter from this pair bred Gene Tembrink’s No.1  AU 07Ace pigeon of all America. Much of the great success in the money races that Gene has had in the last 3 years go back to this same hen as well.

Janssen’s from Peter van Osch and Marcel Sangers were added
I first met Marcel Sangers back in 1997 at the loft of Van Loon while picking out birds for my clients. At the time I was the American agent for Van Loon. We exchanged business cards and within 3 years Marcel was known as the Wonder Boy of Holland. Over the next 3 year period he won 1st Ace pigeon of all Holland Speed Pigeon, Medial distance pigeon and Long distance pigeon up to 450miles. If that was not enough he also had the best over all race record of all Holland. Today Marcel Sanger’s foundation cock  “Super Breeder “ is considered one of the best breeders of all Holland. Marcel was awarded this cock as a gift from Peter van Osch’s  “ De 43 “ Holland’s  Champion of Champions having the best record of  all Holland in total 93/94/95  Up until that time I personaly have never heard of a bird that had the best race record over a 3 year period. I was well aware of many great Holland Ace pigeons of a given year plus even better olympic pigeons. Have the best race records over a 2 year period but never over a 3 year period. With a race record like this if a person wants to select breeders from a performance based family how can it ever get better?
After doing great with the Marcel Sangers pigeons I asked Marcel if he wouldn’t mind that I also try the Peter van Osch Janssens. Marcel answered “No problem he only lives one mile away”. Over the last few years we have added direct breeds from the Sire of " De 43 " Plus breeders from a full brother of Marcel Sangers " Super Breeder " Two of our first birds bred from the Peter van Osch Imports were sent to China’s one loft race. Three of the 4 races both birds were on the first drop. In the 200m race one of them clocked 1st over all with World Wide Competition.  Over a 2 year period 06 and 07 birds bred from the Imports have recorded better results in the San Diego 400m Mega Race than any other American breeder. In 2006 our bird was 6 seconds behind the winner. Then in 2007 Gene Tembrink’s bird clocked 1st over all. In just a short period of time our selected Peter van Osch Imports have made a huge impact in America. Steve Sterchi of Ca. just last year recorded the AU 2008 2nd best Y/B loft of all America flying birds down from his Peter van Osch Imports.

Karel Schellens One of Belgium’s great Impact pigeons.
 In 1991 at the age of 81 Schellens turned all his birds over to Herbots to be sold in Taiwan. With a better offer all the key breeders were purchased by my German friend Heinz Meier. At the time Herbots was only interested in the top racers which were 2 brothers “National 1” and the Good Yearling. Heinz had no problem with this because with this purchase he would own the parents of these two cocks. Schellens personally told Heinz to keep one key pair together that he called the Poot Pair. This Pair produced some of the best racers for Schellens in his last few years. Heinz was very wise to listen, his top breeder “ De 499 “ and my own “Warlord” that I selected are full brothers from this pair.I have to be honest if a selector graded the birds from the Poot Pair on confirmation alone he would pass on this line. But the truth is they fly to win. They don’t have that perfect body but going back to our Common Denominator Grading System, they have excellent eyes, throat and character that are all so important in top breeders.

The Schellens Poot Line  matted back to our other Schellens Imports handle much better. Off spring from the selected Schellens breeders have bred countless Ace pigeons as well as No.1 Ace Pigeon of all America. Our Hen 07 Bie 7070 “ True Grit “.  Won First Ace pigeon in the Club, Combine, of all California, No.1 Digest Awards and was the best AU hen of all America as a Y/B. From another pair comes Bill Tadlock’s Bieche 6060 Hen  Dam of his Record setting Vegas race winners. Winning 1st or equal 1st. in all the last 3 Vegas Classic race with 3 full brothers. Doug Sanders of Ca. in 2003 Y/B’s Won 1st Average speed in 4 separate Combines plus 4 separate No.1 Ace Pigeon in each Combine. It’s hard to win in one combine level let alone spreading your team in 4 different combines. Heinz Meier, the true owner of all the original Schellens breeders over the last 18 years on many occasions asked me to grade his pigeons. No one in Germany over the last 3 years has recorded as many Ace Pigeons as Heinz Meier. In 2008 he won the title “ The Best loft of all Germany “. This year flying his Schellens he again had the best hen of all Germany plus the 7th best Cock of all Germany. Both birds being sent to every race 13 weeks in a row, won 13 out of 13 prizes.