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Schroevers Cees,"Dutch 'Topper' in the Short Middle & Middle Distance wins the 1° General Ace pigeon District with 'Di Caprio'!"

For a new report we went to visit one of the absolute top lofts and shiner in the Zeeland province. The province Zeeland, where we used to take our holidays as youths by the sea, in the area of Nieuwvliet and Cadzand… lies near our home base, on the border between Belgium and the Netherlands. In order to visit our host Cees Schroevers we had to dive undersea, through the Westerschelde tunnel, so that we could reach our destination, on the mouth (de muide) of the Arne, that is the Zeeland fishing village Arnemuiden.
In olden times three quarters of the fishing population lived in Arnemuiden, including the family of Cees Schroevers. Cees earned his wage in the fishery as son of a fisher’s family for 16 years. It was hard work. Leaving on the Sunday evening, meeting the savage ingots, and mooring again on Friday evening. His 'bad back' is a souvenir that Cees has kept from those times.
Nowadays he works as a 'lock guard', which includes working shifts. This is still an improvement to being away all week at sea… in those days he had to fill in his betting slip for the following week on the Sunday evening… anything but ideal. Yet we can still say that the Schroevers family has played their part in the reputation of Arnemuiden, because in addition to the fishery, the village could also enjoy the "pigeon fame" that the Schroevers pigeons had brought to Arnemuiden through the years.
The sensational performances of the 'Schroevers pigeon' in the pigeon sport has rung the ‘Bells of Arnemuiden’ many times!

From father to son
Cees entered the pigeon sport in 1984 when he hung up his football boots, and started helping his father with the pigeons. Father and son Schroevers achieved a chain of top successes with the absolute highlight being their title of 1° National Champion Short Middle Distance, and 1° General Champion Zeeland in 1991. It was also father Marien’s last heroic act in the pigeon sport because he died in 1992. That year Cees also achieved another 2 provincial victories in the family lofts… in 1993 he started racing from the newly built lofts at his current address. He had of course the big advantage of being able to start with the 'old breeding team' that he brought from the family lofts. This team was built up from Klak/Janssen pigeons… mainly bought via Harry vd Mierden, who was then loft carer by Jos van Limpt (became world famous under the pseudonym 'Jos Klak'). The pigeons from Jos Mariën from the Belgian Berlaar also played their part…. Even though the Schroevers family never raced a great number of pigeons, at the time never more than 14 widowers and 35 youngsters!
Cees went in search of fresh blood to pump into his 'old stock', and if possible to strengthen it. For this he visited Koen Minderhoud (living then in Westkapelle, now in Koudekerke), who caused a rumpus with his Gaby Vandenabeele pigeons. Following his visit to Koen, Cees later left for Dentergem and bought, amongst other things, descendants of the 'Blauwe Fideel', 'Senna', 'Kolonel' and 'James Bond'…
It’s remarkable how many 'Dutch toppers' come down to Belgium in search of reinforcements in relation to pigeons for 600 to 700 Km. Cees also visited Putte to buy pigeons from the late Flor en zonen Jos & Jules Engels . Here Cees really 'hit the nail on the head', and discovered that coupling 2 direct Engels pigeons formed a 'wonder kweekkoppel’ (wonder breeding couple), formed by the "Flor 272/00" x "Bont Florke 265/00"… which we will go into more detail about further in the report.

Not with the mass

Cees Schroevers doesn’t have a lot of room, but he has made the most of the restricted space in the garden to place a beautiful loft. This loft can normally house 13 breeding couples, 20 widowers (including 13 racing couples who are raced in total widowhood), and 60 youngsters. Not a mass of pigeons, especially when you learn that Cees is active in both the Short Middle and Middle Distance. With such a limited amount of space it needs no further explanation that the available places at the end of the journey are ‘very expensive’. That’s why the pigeons here are put through the mill. A very strict selection method which has done Cees Schroevers well up until now. With this method he had multiple Provincial Ace pigeons in the province Zeeland, became General Ace pigeon Champion in the province etc…
A few examples from the previous seasons to illustrate this are:
1, 2, 8° Provincial or General Ace pigeon Zeeland in 2005
1, 6, 10° Provincial or General Ace pigeon Zeeland in 2006
These Ace pigeons were put to breed last year so that at the moment the Schroevers-breeding well bathes in an opulence of top talent! That of course offers beautiful perspectives for the future, because racing at the top of the pigeon ladder for years can only be achieved with a very strong breeding source. In that field Cees is 'comfortably off'!
After the season there is the very tough selection, after which the cocks remain in the racing loft and the hens are moved to the loft for the youngsters. The old widowers are then locked up in their boxes… in the meantime the young cocks (as candidate yearlings) can choose a box in the racing loft.
Where the racing hens are concerned, experience has taught him that the ‘ladies’ perform best as yearlings or two-year olds. That’s why this feminine racing team is kept young. The best hens are at the most two years old when they are put to breed.
All the pigeons are coupled at the end of December. The best racers raise their own young, whilst the eggs from the breeding hens are placed under the rest. In this way the breeders can soon begin with a second nest, and there is not much age difference between the youngsters. Once the youngsters are 15 or 16 days old, and the racing cocks start taking notice of their hens once again, the hens are taken from the loft, and the cocks raise the young alone.
After 6 weeks, round about the middle of March, the couples come together again to start the racing season in widowhood, after brooding for 5 days. At the beginning of the season, because of the cold morning temperatures, the pigeons only train in the evening.
Starting in May the training is increased to 1 hour twice a day for the cocks… while the hens stick to training once a day (between 6-7pm), with the flag being used… because only 'trained athletes' are capable of top performances. This team of hens is raced in total widowhood, even though a few fall off over the weeks because they can’t keep to the rules (read: inclining to pair with other hens). When practising total widowhood, the pigeons are always ‘shown’ before basketting, in the beginning for no longer than 10 minutes… towards the end of the season it can sometimes increase to an hour. When Cees has to work his wife Anja steps in and so she can also claim her part in the top successes that are achieved.
When Cees has to work at the time of basketting, then Anja puts the pigeons in the baskets and his brother Jos takes them to the club… a clear example of pigeon sport, family sport!
The youngsters stay together until around the end of June. After that they are separated and raced with the sliding door. They are darkened from the middle of March until the beginning of June.

Where the feed is concerned, Cees mixes two mixtures together: the light part is made up of 1 part depurative + 1 part Zoontjens-mixture, the heavy part is made up of 1 part 'Premium Super Widowhood' from Beyers + 1 part 'Champion Plus' from Versele-Laga. When they return home they are given 80% light mixture, on Monday + Tuesday 50%-50%, followed by increasing the heavy mixture towards the day of basketting. The hens are not given as much and at the beginning of the week they are only given the 'light mixture'. Every 3 or 4 weeks they are given a cure against tricho, when they return home they are always given electrolytes and they receive vitamins once a week.
Something is only given for the head or for airway infections if it is absolutely necessary… however Cees gives the youngsters a cure just before the start of the training races. Nothing revolutionary then, just excellent coaching in order to achieve top performances… in the end it is the pigeons that make the difference at the end of the journey!

A loft full of class pigeons

We wrote earlier about the stock building of the colony of Cees Schroevers, whereby the discovery of the 'wonder koppel' Engels pigeons a strong factor is by the top performances achieved last season, and almost certainly in the seasons to come.
This 'wonder koppel' is formed by the "Flor 272" x "Bont Florke" both direct Jos & Jules Engels-pigeons!

-The "FLOR 272", ring 6272272/00 is a half-brother of the 1° Prov Limoges and the 1° Nat Bourges , and he is a grandson of the famous "Den Dikke 584/90" (winner 1° Intprov Chateauroux 13.285 p. + 10° Nat Bourges 9.759 p) and "Den 231" (son of the legendary "Witpender").

-The "BONT FLORKE", ring 6272265/00 is then
a granddaughter of "Den 714" ring 714/90 (who won 1° Prov Bourges 3.266 p, 1° Prov Poitiers 1.932 p, and 11° Intprov Chateauroux 13.996 p,) and also granddaughter of "De Dikke 199/89" (who won 1° Nat La Souterraine 2.053 p, and 3° Nat La Souterraine 1.927 p).

The "Wonder Couple" Engels by Cees Schroevers
"FLOR 22" 6272272/00 x "BONT FLORKE" 6272265/00

They are parents and grandparents of a whole series of top talent
For performances of the children of the "Wonder couple" Engels : Click here
For performances of the grandchildren of the "Wonder couple" Engels : Click here

-"Julian" ring 02-0200781 is one of the best known sons of the 'Wonder Koppel',
he won:
1° Prov. Ace pigeon Short Middle Distance
Ablis 1.350 p. 2 Prov 6.969 p. 6
St.Ghislain 2.692 p. 2
Orleans 780 p. 3 District 2.016 p. 6
Soudun 329 p. 4 District 977 p. 7
Eysden 1.208 p. 7
Bettembourg 1.062 p. 8
St.Ghislain 5.450 p. 12
Chimay 2.347 p. 12 etc…

-"Yasmine", ring 01-0100533, daughter of the 'Wonder Koppel',
Creil 651 p. 1 District 1.435 p. 1
Creil 6.440 p. 8
St.Quentin 400 p. 8 District 1.070 p. 20
Menen 926 p. 16 etc…

-"Witpen 579", ring 04-0406579, out the 'Wonder Koppel',
Ace pigeon Late races District 7
Chimay 954 p. 1
1.824 p. 5
Creil 1.831 p. 3
10.083 p. 3
Creil 5.569 p. 6
Orleans 1.289 p. 5
Hensies 2.414 p. 6 etc…

-"Shakira", ring 02-0200760, super racing hen out the 'Wonder Koppel'
Orleans 388 p. 1 District 986 p. 2 5.867 p. 14
Eysden 1.208 p. 3
St.Ghislain 2.963 p. 5 Prov 5.450 p. 5
Niergnies 2.868 p. 19 5.372 p. 28 etc…
This "Shakira" also proved to be gold in the breeding lofts, she is amongst other things, mother of the super yearling in 2007: "Di Caprio" with his 4 x 1° Prizes (see further)… and of the "077/04" who won Hensies 1.027 p and Chantilly 586 p!

-"Witpen Flor", ring 01-0100519 is a real top breeder and father of super hens "Melanie" and "Jennifer" (2° Nat NPO Tours).

Pedigree : Click here

- "Melanie", ring 04-0406581, is a superior granddaughter of the 'Wonder Koppel',
she won:
Prov Ace pigeon 2005
2° Prov Ace pigeon 2006
Montlucon 380 p. 2 NPO 4.196 p. 7
Creil 724 p. 2 Prov 3.732 p. 6
Ablis 346 p. 6 Prov 4.422 p. 19
Chantilly 586 p. 7 District 1.474 p. 9
Blois 809 p. 9
Le Mans NPO 6.298 p. 38 etc…
Won in total no less than 28 x per 10!
No surprise that Cees Schroevers is over the moon with the introduction of the 'world-class' Flor, Jules & Jos Engels in his colony, where she has clearly influenced the current performance curve of the C. Schroevers pigeon, and so lies mainly at the basis of the actual top successes in the Zeeuws Arnemuiden. Not only with descendants of the 'Wonder Koppel' Engels however, because … another striking example is without doubt the giant of a top racer, the "Kleine Prins", enjoy with me:

Pedigree : Click here

-"Mario", ring 00-0007378, son of the "Blauwe Gaby 845/99" (a direct Gaby Vandenabeele out the 1° Nat.Brive 4.719 p: the 'Blauw Fideel) x "Anique 872/95" (crossing K.Minderhoud x 1° Prov Etampes or the old sort C.Schroevers).
The "Mario" self won:
Ace pigeon 'Small Middle Distance' District
Creil 391 p. 1 District 1.021 p. 1 - 7.117 p. 4
Sourdun 190 p. 1
Creil 1.127 p. 2 5.572 p. 7
La Ferte 744 p. 2 11.049 p. 4
Peronne 2.300 p. 5 etc…
Paired with top hen "Shakira" (daughter of the 'Wonder Koppel' Engels) he is father of the new 'racing wonder from Arnemuiden', namely the super yearling "Di Caprio"… without doubt already a fantastic 'crack pigeon' with his 4 x 1° Prizes, take a look:

-"Di Caprio", ring 06-0700671, and so son of "Mario" x "Shakira",
General Ace pigeon District 2007
Blois 233 p. 1 District 810 p. 1
Pithiviers 387 p. 1 Prov 4.524 p. 3
Creil 602 p. 1 District 1.577 p. 3
Morlincourt 823 p. 1 District 1.664 p. 5
Arras 251 p. 7
Orleans Prov 7.073 p. 61
Arras Prov 9.569 p. 34 etc…
In addition to this "Di Caprio", super breeder "Mario" is also father of a whole series of other top racers, such as:

Hensies 1.027 p. (3° District 2.286 p)
Chantilly 586 p. (2° District 1.464 p)
4° Argenton 224 p. (6° van 673 p)
7° Montlucon 923 p. (12° Prov 4.196 p) etc…

2° Sourdun 874 p. (2° District 2.127 p)
4° Creil 406 p. (7° District 1.754 p)
7° Sourdun 871 p. (14° District 1.819 p)
10° Montucon 342 p. (40° Prov 4.196 p)
63° Tours NPO 8.018 p. etc…

Ace pigeon District Youngsters 2006

2° Pommeroeul 746 p. (2° District 1.459 p)
3° Peronne 422 p. (8° District 1.513 p)
4° Pithiviers 378 p. (13° Prov 4.524 p)
9° Ablis 814 p. (28° from 8.966 p) etc…
Just for illustration to convince you that this "Mario" is not just any old pigeon, but has grown to be one of the examples in the breeding lofts of C. Schroevers, on which a large part of the gained top successes has been based on.

For more information regarding the descendants of this "Mario": Click here

Out the same line Gaby Vandenabeele-pigeons, more specifically a crossing 'Wittenbuik-line' with the old sort Schroevers, descends the other visionary, namely the "Rocky". Share with us a small selection out of the extremely long list of top performances:

Pedigree: Click here

-"Rocky", ring 00-0007340,
whose wins include:
La Ferte 1.792 p. 1 Prov 9.832 p. 8
Ablis 353 p. 2 Prov 5.519 p. 9
Chimay 953 p. 3 District 2.245 p. 18
Menen 465 p. 6
Ablis 710 p. 8 Prov 8.267 p. 34
Sourdun 695 p. 8 Prov 3.236 p. 29
Creil 392 p. 8 Prov 7.117 p. 30 etc…
In the breeding loft this "Rocky" has turned into a 'tree with very rich fruit', and this coupled with multiple hens. So is he father of the following 'super pigeons':

-"Bonita", ring 04-0406606,
she won:
Peronne District 1.640 p. 1 (Club from 652 p)
Blois District 809 p. 1 (Club from 288 p) Nat 46.447 p. 24
Niergnies 5.191 p. 3
Peronne 4.562 p. 8
Orleans 749 p. 7
Hensies 3.567 p. 11
Ablis 4.422 p. 20
Montlucon 4.196 p. 19
Creil 3.732 p. 18
Peronne 10.681 p. 31 etc…

Pedigree : Click here

-"Sylvester", ring 03-0310452
wins include:
Ablis 346 p. 1 Prov 4.422 p. 5
Morlincourt 579 p. 1
Niergnies 1.988 p. 2 Prov 7.903 p. 2
Creil Prov 10.083 p. 4
Hensies 974 p. 3 District 2.242 p. 12
Creil Prov 5.568 p. 4
Orleans Prov 4.037 p. 20
Ablis 1.214 p. 11
Creil 2.423 p. 19
Peronne 10.681 p. 34

-"Nadine", ring 04-0406596, a super hen with the following victories:
Prov Ace pigeon 2005
Sprint Ace pigeon District '06
Peronne 896 p. 1 District 2.015 p. 1 - 10.681 p. 2
Pommeroeul 989 p. 1
Creil 1.831 p. 2 Prov 10.083 p. 2
Niergnies Ray 6.497 p. 4
Creil District 4.236 p. 10
Hensies 3.567 p. 7 Creil 362 p. 6

-"Evita", ring 04-0406605
wins include:
Sourdun 1.819 p. 1 - 9.716 p. 3
Orleans 1.089 p. 2 6.321 p. 3 etc…

-"Rossi", ring 05-0501014
wins include:
Arras 1.709 p. 1 - 9.569 p. 5
Orleans 699 p. 2 4.037 p. 2

- "Blauw 620", ring 06-0700620
wins include:
Ace pigeon Late races District
Peronne 546 p. 1 - 1.029 p. 1
Creil 458 p. 2
Morlincourt 1.177 p. 5 etc…

-"Blauw 604", ring 07-3705604,
wins include:
Creil 368 p. 1 - 774 p. 1 - 3.750 p. 10
Auby I.Dous 1.102 p. 2 - 1.744 p. 3
Chantilly 1.623 p. 8 - 11.194 p. 11 etc…

-"Blauw 595": was
Ace pigeon Sprint Club, and won Creil 930 p. etc…

What a formidable breeding line this "Rocky" has produced in such a sort time span.

For more detailed information about the descendants of this "Rocky": Click here

The conclusion
The name Schroevers has belonged to the top for years in the Dutch Zeeland, and the popularity grew last season thanks to the sensational performances of Cees. A colony with a bright future, with as starting point… a very powerful breeding loft formed in the first place by the 'Wonder Koppel Engels', complemented with top lines such as the "Rocky" , the "Mario" and so many more.
From these pigeons a package of phenomenal 1° Prize racers were bred last season, in addition to a whole series 1° Ace pigeons in the 'District' and at 'Provincial' level.
It is obvious that, if Cees Schroevers keeps going with this zest, that we will soon have to classify him between the 'absolute top' from the Netherlands in the 'Short Middle’ and 'Middle Distance'. All the more admiration when you see how he manages all this with the limitations he has, and the way in which he achieves everything… because working shifts and the precise care day in, day out… seems impossible.
Cees Schroevers has proven once more that with 'good pigeons', say 'super pigeons' in the lofts, a lot… if not 'everything’ is possible! Congratulations in advance Cees!

The fantastic performances from the last 3 seasons 2005-2007 in a row

28-05 Tours
743 p 1, 2,3,5,11,15,34,47,.etc . 24 basketted 12 prize
1793 p 1,2,5,7,27,32,61,.etc. 24 basketted 12 prize
8018 p 1,2,5,8,52,63,.etc. 24 basketted 16 prize
09-04 Niergnies
653 p 1,2,3,4,5,6,22,27,32,36,50,51,52,59,62.etc. 31 basketted 22 prize
1387 p 1,2,3,4,5,6,21,27,32,40,64,65,66,75,79.etc. 30 basketted 22 prize
5191 p 1,2,3,4,5,6,.etc.
18-06 Ablis 346 p 1,5,6,7,11,21,22,26,.etc. 16 basketted 11 prize
770 p 3,12,14,15,24,59,62.etc. 16 basketted 11 prize
4422 p 5,16,19,20,36,.etc. 16 basketted 12 prize
15-05 Morlincourt
579 p 1,7,9,10,11,12,15,17,19,21,34,40.etc. 32 basketted 20 prize
1469 p 3,22,28,29,31,33,50,58,64,70,93.etc. 32 basketted 20 prize
21-05 Sourdun 871 p 1,7,17,18,26,33,52,79,.etc. 31 basketted 17 prize
1819 p 1,14,25,26,43,57,85,.etc. 30 basketted 18 prize
9716 p 3,49,88,90,.etc. 30 basketted 19 prize
30-04 Peronne 896 p 1,7,9,14,16,42,49,55,56,60,75,91,92,.etc. 32 basketted 16 prize
2015 p 1,20,23,35,37,.etc. 32 basketted 16 prize
28-05 Creil 633 p 2,3,6,23,.etc. 8 basketted 7 prize 835 p 2,3,8,.etc. 8 basketted 7 prize
04-06 Orleans 476 p 2,10,14,19,20,24,27,28,31,32,43.,etc. 31 basketted 17 prize
1089 p 2,12,23,32,33,40,45,46,49,50,78,.etc. 30 basketted 20 prize
6321 p 3,94,144,213,215,274,320,321,351,356,.etc. 30 basketted 19 prize
13-08 Orleans 287 p 2,5,11,32,43,.etc. 7 basketted 5 prize
873 p 2,7,21,63,.etc. 7 basketted 5 prize
6749 p 2,32,155,525,.etc. 7 basketted 5 prize
10-09 Creil 247 p 2,6,20. 5 basketted 3 prize
724 p 2,8,42 5 basketted 3 prize

2006 :
05-08 Creil 564 p 1,2,5,19,26,35,42.etc. 25 basketted 12 prize
1577 p 3,4,7,27,40,54,66.etc. 25 basketted 12 prize
06-05 Pommeroeul 989 p 1,6,18,22,25,26,43,53,56,60,62,63.etc. 32 basketted 21 prize
27-08 Peronne 546 p 1,6,13,14,15,17,21,22,23,24,30,35,36.etc. 25 basketted 22 prize
1029 p 1,7,14,15,16,19,25,26,27,30,39,44,45,68etc. 25 basketted 22 prize
15-07 Blois 288 p 1,8,24,29.etc. 9 basketted 5 prize
809 p 1,9,46,59.etc. 9 basketted 5 prize
3780 p 12,30,121,160.etc. 9 basketted 6 prize
46447 p 24,102,484.etc. 9 basketted 6 prize
13-05 Chimay 954 p 1,10,22,24,27,34,40,77,79.etc. 31 basketted 13 prize
1824 p 5,23,49,53,61,72,93.etc. 30 basketted 11 prize
03-06 Creil 918 p 2,3,4,12,15,16,17,23,40,45,47,48,68,69.etc. 30 basketted 25 prize
1831 p 2,3,4,17,20,22,23,38,92,99.etc. 30 basketted 22 prize
10083 p 2,3,4,19,23,26,27,47.etc. 30 basketted 22 prize
24-06 Orleans 356 p 2,3,9,20,23,34,36,40,44.etc. 17 basketted 14 prize
699 p 2,5,15,38,43,67,76.etc. 17 basketted 12 prize
5023 p 2,5,20,55,65,126,143.etc. 17 basketted 15 prize
01-07 Montlucon 380 p 2,6,10,20,26,35.etc. 14 basketted 7 prize
923 p 5,10,21,38,51,69.etc. 14 basketted 8 prize
4196 p 7,19,40,73.etc. 14 basketted 9 prize
09-09 Creil 425 p 2,3,4,5,8,14,15,16,19,27,36,44.etc. 22 basketted 19 prize
840 p 7,8,9,10,17,32,34,35,39,57,81,91.etc. 22 basketted 20 prize
23-07 Orleans 168 p 2,5,7,8,10,13.etc. 25 basketted 10 prize
608 p 3,8,13,14,26,31.etc. 25 basketted 12 prize
3595 p 14,61,88.etc. 25 basketted 13 prize
02-09 Morlincourt 638 p 3,5,6,7,18,28,37,39,49,53,54,55,58,59.etc. 32 basketted 21 prize
1177 p 3,5,6,7,20,30,41,44,54,58,59,60,65,66.etc. 32 basketted 21 prize
12-08 Peronne 707 p 2,16,21,22,23,35,37,62,75.etc. 24 basketted 15 prize
1459 p 2,23,29,30,31,58,60,93.etc. 24 basketted 15 prize
28-05 Chantilly 586 p 4,7,11,16,35,37,40,41,53,77,78.etc. 30 basketted 18 prize
1474 p 5,9,14,21,48,59,64,65,86.etc. 30 basketted 19 prize
17-06 Creil 362 p 4,6,10,12,13,16,20,31,38.etc. 14 basketted 11 prize
09-09 Orleans 214 p 5,12,13,17,32.etc. 7 basketted 5 prize

Auby l Douai 1104 p 1,2,3,4,6,21,22,23,24,27.etc 33 basketted 19 prize
1744 p 2,3,4,5,7,29,30.32,33,37.etc. 33 basketted 19 prize
07-04 Oudenaarde 639 p 1,2,3,4,5,13,18,19,22,24,etc. 36 basketted 19 prize
14-04 Arras 856 p 1,4,5,7,12,18,etc. 35 basketted 26 prize
1029 p 1,5,6,8,15,28,34,38.etc. 35 basketted 27 prize
23-06 Blois 233 p 1,3,31. 6 basketted 3 prize
810 p 1,3,74. 6 basketted 3 prize
08-09 Creil 329 p 1,11,14,15,22.etc. 17 basketted 9 prize
774 p 1,27,32,34,50,72.etc 17 basketted 9 prize
28-04 Morlincourt 823 p 1,8,17,26,27,31.etc. 34 basketted 25 prize
16-06 Phittiviers 378 p 1,4,16.etc. 17 basketted 6 prize
812 p 1,5.etc. 17 basketted 6 prize
4524 p 3,13.etc. 17 basketted 8 prize
04-08 Chantilly 541 p 5,7,8,9.etc. 24 basketted 12 prize
1923 p 8,12,14.etc. 24 basketted 12 prize
11194 p 11,18,20,21.etc. 24 basketted 18 prize
01-09 Morlincourt 548 p 2,13,14,18,26.etc. 31 basketted 19 prize
1403 p 5,27,29,35,45.etc. 21 basketted 21 prize
25-08 Peronne 717 p 3,4,12,14.etc. 33 basketted 15 prize
1479 p 5,6,16,18.etc. 33 basketted 15 prize
21-04 Peronne 824 p 4,5,8,12,14,26.etc. 35 basketted 17 prize