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Debusschere Roger, "The 'Royal Collection' is One of the best 'capital breeding sources' in the world!"



Success in the pigeon sport can depend on a lot of things… but the 'basic factor', or the key that let's one into the top successes in the pigeon sport is without doubt… a loft based on 'good pigeons', on pigeons of 'top origin'. Very simply, because in the pigeon sport there is only one unwritten rule that says: 'Crack pigeons' out 'Crack pigeons' and '1° Prize winners' out '1° Prize winners' … It seems to be anchored in the genes, and is passed on to future generations! There's no flaw in that argument, just take a look at the pedigrees of the real top pigeons with this in mind… Experienced top champions in the pigeon sport already know this like no other. That's why they are still searching incessantly for the 'very best pigeons', the pigeons with that exceptional 'gene potential', to retain their performance level year after year, and… if possible take it to a higher level.

One of the men who has a good nose for such matters is without doubt Roger Debusschere from Lokeren. You wouldn't believe the number of top pigeons and pigeons from top origin that we have seen during the 12 years that we have got to know Roger better since he came to live in Lokeren. The way in which he marched to the top and achieved amazing results within the shortest period of time has aroused admiration under the pigeon folk in the area. Roger Debusschere soon got the nickname "Stuntman of Lokeren".
We couldn't resist the invitation to visit Roger, to see his newest acquisitions from the auction of Ludo Claessens on PiPa. At the moment Roger owns no less than 15 direct Ludo Claessens pigeons… no doubt about it, a Claessens-collection 'the only one in Europe'! It was then a shock when we drove up the driveway to the grounds, because there had definitely been some changes made to the decor. The pigeon thefts had left their impression here and forced drastic interventions. The barriers on the driveway were closed, and a 'young Belgian Shepherd' was waiting for us, showing us his teeth. No, it was not a grin from ear to ear that was welcoming us… but more like the intention of getting himself a tender (?) piece of meat. It seemed a good idea to let Roger put both his 'bloodthirsty four-legged' guard dogs safely behind bars before we went further to the breeding loft to see his newest acquisitions to the 'Royal Collection'.

Class and quality, basis to top successes
When it comes down to CLASS and QUALITY, then there are not many lofts in Belgium that can beat the colony of 'stuntman' Roger Debusschere from Lokeren. It is a public secret that Roger Debusschere is still searching for 'the BEST of the BEST', for the absolute 'best that there is' in pigeon land, to strengthen the 'golden breeding source' of his "Royal Collection"… even though he often has to 'dig very deep' into his pocket. Still, sport friend Roger has done well by it, the evidence being the 3x 1st National victories Zone A that he was able to add to his honours list in the period 2000-2006, and this with pigeons out his 'golden breeding source', being the:

1st National Bourges Zone A 2.408 Yearlings
1st National La Souterraine Zone A 6.378 Youngsters
1st National St.Vincent Zone A 3.711 Yearlings

But not only these National victories in the Zone speak volumes, also the cartload of notations in the TOP-40 in provincial to National level, wherefrom we can show you a small anthology out the period 1999-2007 in the separate table at the end of this article. 'Top performances' that illustrate perfectly the enormous CLASS and PERFORMANCE ABILITY of the modern Roger Debusschere pigeon. In addition, Roger won multiple Ace pigeon prizes, GOLD, SILVER and BRONS rings in the 'Golden rings competition' from the Waasland… and of course we can't forget that Roger Debusschere was also allowed to stand on the podium in Oostende as 11th National Champion Long Distance Youngsters KBDB 2005!

Personally we see Roger Debusschere as a man who enjoys the performances of his 'Royal Collection', his unique collection of pigeons… more than the pigeon game itself. The game itself takes second place, and the first and most attention goes to the expansion of his 'capital breeding source' and we can see Roger more as a "collector of the absolute top class" than a top racer. Now, buying pigeons is one thing… but achieving top performances with them is another, especially if you only want to spend a limited amount of time on the caring and training, so as is the case in Lokeren. We can't think of a better example of the fact that "class and quality" can be bought anywhere. It has to be said… despite everything, Roger Debusschere keeps performing at a high level, just because his 'golden capital breeding source' produces new CRACK PIGEONS year after year. The proof is not only the 3 x 1° National-winners in Zone A, but also a packet of superior crack pigeons, wherefrom we would like to introduce you to 4 from the previous season:

The RED 'SUPER LUDO' 806/04', bred out 2 direct Ludo Claessens pigeons out "Son Red Venus" x "Daughter Blue Moon" (see further). This clapper was given his well-deserved place in the breeding loft, after he had obtained the following 'fantastic' honours list:
4th Chateauroux 363 p in 2006
6th National La Souterraine 632 old pigeons Zone A 2005
7th National Argenton 777 old pigeons Zone A 2006
8th Provincial Argenton 589 old pigeons in 2007
11th National Argenton 1.164 old pigeons Zone A in 2007
11th Provincial La Souterraine 541 old pigeons in 2007
17th Chateauroux 522 old pigeons in 2007
19th National La Souterraine 3.444 Old pigeons 2005
26th National Argenton 916 Yearlings Zone A 2005
59th National Bourges II against 2.316 yearlings Zone A 2005
66th National Argenton 3.735 old pigeons 2006
87th Prov Chateauroux 2.793 old pigeons 2006
98th National Bourges I against 6.507 yearlings Zone A 2005 !!
140th National Argenton 5.001 old pigeons in 2007
150th National La Souterraine 4.314 old pigeons in 2007
210th Prov Chateauroux 8.538 old pigeons in 2007

The "Rood Diamantje" (Red Diamond) 034/04 was born in the 'Royal Collection' from a cock from Desmet-Matthijs from Nokere x hen from Jan Theelen from Buggenum (NL). This powerful racing hen in the 'Grand Distance' has also earned a place in the breeding loft, after she raced the following sublime honours list:

Prize Race Number of pigeons Year
Provincial Perpignan
National Perpignan
International Perpignan
Provincial St.Vincent Hen
Provincial St.Vincent
National St.Vincent
Provincial Perpignan
InterNat.Perpignan Hen
National Perpignan
International Perpignan
Provincial Barcelona

The "Superke Ludo" 048/05, who is a daughter of the "Ludo 090/02" (a direct son of the now world-famous "Super Ludo-hen" from Frans Waerniers) x hen Desmet-Matthijs, Nokere. This top hen won amongst other things:

The 'SUPERKE LUDO' 4178048/05
Winner 'GOLDEN RING FOND' 2005 2nd Ace pigeon Mariman-Cerafin 2005
Prize Race Number of pigeons Year
43rd 45th
National Vichy Zone A
National Bourges Zone A
National Bourges Zone A
National St.Vincent Zone A
National Argenton Zone A

De "10° Nat. Irun" '06, comes out the "Vaernewijck-hen" 149/05 (comes self out the own nest brother of the 1° Nat Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB 1999), who is a full sister of the father of "Diddl" or the 3° Nat Ace pigeon 'Grand Distance' KBDB by Gaby Demeulemeester from Zulte.
According to Roger a 'new discovery' in which he has a lot of faith for the future. This youthful clapper showed his hand in 2007 and won:
Irun-St.Vincent reg 335 p. 1,
Both Fl. 924 p. 1,
Prov 1.118 p. 3,
Nat Zone A 3.180 p. 3,
National 8.967 p. 10.

We have limited ourselves to these 4 toppers from the previous season 2006-2007, who illustrate perfectly the 'pigeon treasure' in the lofts of Roger Debusschere, rightly called the 'Fortune of Lokeren'!
A great deal of various fellow sportsmen have achieved success through the introduction of pigeons from the 'Royal Collection' to their colony.
We have selected the most significant references from the last 2 seasons, they speak volumes:
1st Prov Argenton 4.624 p in 2007 by De Vriese-Steveninck
1st Nat Argenton Zone A 2007 by De Vriese-Steveninck
1st Prov Bourges 7.706 p in 2007 by Marc Van Haute
1st Ace pigeon Extreme Middle Distance Youngsters 2007 by Raoul & Xavier Verstraete
28th Nat Souillac 6.475 p in 2006 by Gerard Serraerens
30th Nat Barcelona 12.612 p in 2007 by Gerard Serraerens
Winner 'Bronzen Vleugel' Barcelona 2006: Louis Van Paesschen…


The 'Royal Collection'

We have let the words flow from our pen… let us now take a closer look at the building up of this 'Royal Collection', the 'showpiece' of Roger Debusschere. We can without doubt divide the building up into 2 parts, with 'Extreme Middle Distance' and 'Middle Distance' on the one side, mainly based on the 'unique collection' direct Ludo Claessens pigeons (even though Roger won many prizes, even up to Barcelona with half Claessens pigeons!)… and on the other side 'Grand Distance'. Let's inspect the current pigeons where out the 'Royal Collection' is built more closely:

Ludo Claessens, Putte (NL)
The most striking is without doubt the so-called priceless 'World class' of the Dutch 'Wonderboy' LUDO CLAESSENS, whereby the bank account of Roger Debusschere took a heavy beating… still, these Claessens pigeons straight away proved their enormous performance capabilities in Lokeren, and where out phenomenal 'Crack pigeons' were bred from the first breed in 2004. The number of direct Claessens pigeons has now grown to 15, without doubt the 'only such collection in Europe'! the

"Son Red Venus" 845/02:
This chap with the 'rich breeding eyes'… in Lokeren has grown to be a real super breeder. Amongst other things he is father of the "Rode Super Ludo 806/04" (see above). He comes out the "King 384/98" (who self won 5° Nat La Souterraine NPO 7.525 p., 17° Nat Tours NPO 11.850 p., 34° Nat Chateauroux 10.246 p., 56° Nat Montlucon 9.248 p… and was 3° Nat. Ace pigeon One day Long Distance) x wonder hen "Red Venus 759/97", once exclaimed the 'best all-round pigeon in the world" with top prizes such as 5° Etampes 6.492 p, 5° Creil 2.731 p, 5° Chateauroux 2.102 p, 5° Limoges 3.408 p, 8° La Souterraine 3.408 p, 8° Peronne 2.878 p, 8° Dax 1.295 p, 11° Chantilly 8.526 p, 11° Etampes 1.709 p, 12° Bourges 3.864 p, 15° Bordeaux 1.584 p…. 11 x per 100, 23 x per 10 and a total of 16.000 Km in prizes within 3 years (she is a daughter of a son of the stock pigeon 'Late Donkere': the "Red Arrow II 354/96" x "Double Gold pigeons 349/96")

the "Donkere Olympiade" (Dark Olympiad) 182/06: comes out "Brother Vos 03" 381/00 (a half-brother of the 1° Nat Orleans NPO: "Red Quinty") x "Grote Miskleur" 739/03, sister of the "Spierke"(who is the mother of "Kirsty": 1° Nat Orleans 2002), "Donkere 18"… (and so daughter of the 1° Nat Ace pigeon Middle distance 1998: the "Grote 389/95" x stock hen "Oud Blauw Slaets347/95"). "

"Daughter Blue Moon" 861/02:
turned out to be a breeding hen 'worth gold' in the "Royal Collection", and is also mother of the "Rode Super Ludo 806/04" (for performances, see above). She herself comes out "Blue Moon 293/99", self 1° Prov Creil 9.110 p, 2° Chateauroux 1.772 p, 2° Creil 4.867 p, 6° Orleans 3.754 p… (and son of the 1° Nat Ace pigeon Middle distance 1998: the "Grote 389/95") x the "Witstaartje" 506/01 (sister of the 1° Prov Ace pigeon Short Middle Distance 2001).

the "Schoon Licht Favoriet 65" (Beautiful light favourite) 029/06:
daughter of the super breeder "Favoriet 65" 465/01, self 1° Prov Chantilly RI 4.261 p, 1° Chimay 510 p, 6° prov Orleans RI 1.827 p, 9° Nat Chateauroux NPO 9.049 p… brother of the 1° Nat Orleans 1995 + 2002 (and son of stock pigeon "Late Donkere" 375/93" x "Spierke 729/00" who are also the parents of "Kirsty": 1° Nat Orleans 2002). Mother is the "Witje 459/01", self 1° Prov Ace pigeon Middle distance RI Youngsters (and daughter of the "Supercrack 69" 369/94 x "Golden White 802/97", self 3° Prov Ace pigeon Long Distance Youngsters '97 and mother of "Yeti")

the "Silver 07" 107/06:
full brother of the top racers "Rode 35" (1° Creil 1.130 p, 1° Pithiviers 346 p, 1° Morlincourt 321 p, 3° Prov Pithiviers 7.794 p, 3° Prov Creil 4.791 p…) and "Rode 87" (1° Ace pigeon Middle distance & Long Distance Youngsters RI '06) and so comes out the super crack "Vale 22" 722/00, self 2° Prov Orleans 4.358 p, and 15° Nat 17.992 p (2001), 2° Prov Orleans 3.078 p, and 23° Nat 15.078 p (2002)… (and son of the superior "BLIKSEM 408/95" with his 1st Orleans 2.667 p, 1st St.Ghislain 2.596 p, 1st Niergnies 2.334 p, 1st Etampes 1.709 p, 1st Etampes 1.377 p… x The 'VAAL 96' 496/99, self 1st reg Bourges 155 p and 12th Nat Bourges NPO 7.839 p) x "Schoon Laat" 886/02 (full sister of "Kirsty": 1° Nat Orleans NPO 2002, fastest from 11.931 p; and the "Favoriet 65" -> so out the super couple "Late Donkere 375/93" x "Spierke 729/00").

the "Daughter Kirsty" 174/06:
daughter of 2 NATIONAL WINNERS, namely the 'new wonder breeder' in the lofts of Ludo Claessens: "Mr Tours" 527/01 (winner 1° Nat Tours NPO 16.154 p) x "Kirsty 840/02" (1° Nat Orleans NPO 8.072 p and fastest from 11.931 p… and daughter of the "Late Donkere" x "Spierke"). "

" Sister Yeti" 904/03:
extra breeding hen, and sister of top pigeon "Yeti" (who won 1° Morlincourt 3.669 p, 2° Prov Orleans 3.574 p, 5° Prov Creil 7.332 p, 5° Prov Etampes 3.494 p, 6° Nat Chateauroux NPO 9.049 p) and so daughter of the "Supercrack 69" 369/94 x "Golden White" 802/97 (self 1st Orleans 187 p and 13th Prov 3.069 p., 2nd Chateauroux 156 p. en 4th Prov 2.031 p… and daughter of stock pigeon " Late Donkere 375/93 ")

The " Sproetkop Kleintje " 136/07 :
full brother of the 'mother' of the 2° + 3° Nat Orleans NPO 8.322 p in '06, and half-brother of the " Kleintje 10 " (1° Morlincourt 1.682 p and fastest from 26.8001 p). He is a son of the crack pigeon " Kleintje 22 " 822/02 (who self won 1° Prov Etampes 4.947 p, 1° Houdeng 3.383 p, 1° Prov Creil 7.031 p (equal first), 1° prov Creil 2.263 p) x " Nest sister Kirsty " 839/02 (Kirsty won 1° Nat Orleans NPO 2002).

The " Bont Beauty " 832/07 :
Full sister of super hen " Bont Kirsty 314/04 " (winner 5 x 1° Prize), half-sister of the 1° + 2° + 3° Nat Orleans NPO, and coming from the absolute 'Top breeder Nr 1' at the moment : the " Young Supercrack " 941/03, self 1° Prov Orleans RI 2.672 p in '04, 1° prov Orleans RI 1.853 p in '03 (and father of the 1° + 3° Nat Orleans NPO 9.096 p in '07, 2° Nat Orleans NPO 8.322 p in '06… and self son of the " Supercrack 69 " and grandson of the " Late Donkere ") x " Kirsty " 840/02 (winner 1° Nat Orleans NPO 8.072 p in '02, and fastest from11.931 p… and daughter " Late Donkere " x " Spierke ").

the "Klein Blauw 33 " (small blue) 433/01 : a 'golden super breeding hen' in the lofts of Ludo Claessens, and seized by Roger Debusschere in the PiPa-auction ! The " Klein Blauw 33" is in Putte mother of the following superior crack pigeons :
1. The " Kleintje 22 " 822/02 : won self 1° Prov Etampes 4.947 p, 1° Holdeng 3.383 p, 1° Prov Creil 7.031 p (equal first), 1° prov Creil 2.263 p… and is father of the " Kleintje 10 " (1° Morlincourt 1.682 p and fastest from 26.8001 p)
2. The " Blauw 006 " 006/05 : 1 Prov Creil RI 4.791 p, 1° Prov Pithiviers RI 2.826 p, 1° Prov Sens RI 1.890 p, 1° Creil 405 p…
3. The " Blauw 007 " 007/05, nest-sister of the previous, she won self 1° Chantilly 175 p… and is mother of the " 161/06 " (1° St.Quentin 1.752 p and fastest from 8.000 p, 1° Pithiviers 248 p) and the " 162/06 " (1° Orleans 122 p)
4. " De 64 " 164/06: 1° St.Quentin 980 p (fastest from van 9.000 p), 1° St.Quentin 355 p… In short, a breeding hen out thousands… a clump of 'gold' in the hands of the 'Royal Collection' !

The " Kleine Bliksem " 184/07 : son of the super crack " Blauwwitpen Bliksem 519/01 " whose wins included 1° Prov Arlon RI 9.072 p, 1° Prov Chantilly RI 2.383 p, 1° Prov Etampes RI 3.297 p, 1° Prov Orleans RI 2.153 p, 1° Prov Pithiviers RI 2.826 p, 2° Prov Chateauroux 1.958 p (self out " Bliksem " x " Golden White ") x the " Blauw 006 " 006/05 (winner 1° Prov Creil RI 4.791 p, 1° Prov Pithiviers RI 2.826 p, 1° Prov Sens RI 1.890 p, 1° Creil 405 p…). Roger Debusschere was the second last bidder for the " Blauwwitpen Bliksem " in de PiPa-auction, who moved to China for the princely sum of 20.200€, but was able to obtain a son from this wonder pigeon ! A pigeon bred from probably the 'best cock' x the 'best hen' in the Claessens lofts anno 2007!

The " Lichte Favoriet " (Light favourite) 825/07 : direct son of the super breeder " Favoriet 65 " 465/01 (self 1° Prov Chantilly RI 4.261 p… and son of the top couple " Late Donkere " x " Spierke ") x " Het Supertje " 472/02 (winner 1° Prov Pithiviers 36.249 p, 4° Nat Blois NPO 8.703 p, 4° Nat Ruffec NPO 5.720 p, 10° Nat Argenton NPO 4.318 p, 17° Nat Montluçon NPO 5.084 p).

The " Late Lichte 45 " 845/07 : half-brother of the " Kleintje 22 ", the " Blauw 006 " etc… (see above for more information), because he is a son of their father : the " Blauwe 91 " 691/00 (self 1° Peronne 2.173 p, 1° Orleans 2.518 p, 2° Peronne 2.013 p…) x top breeding hen " Nest sister Kirsty " 839/02 (self grandmother of the 2° + 3° Nat Orleans NPO 8.322 p in 2006… and daughter of the 'Late Donkere' x 'Spierke').

The " Beautiful Silver " 839/07 : daughter of that other 'flying wonder' from Putte, namely the " Vale 22 " 722/00 (self 2° Prov Orleans RI 4.358 p in '01, 2° Prov Orleans RI 3.078 p in '02, 5° Prov Creil RI 3.984 p, 6° Prov Creil RI 4.939 p… and son of the 'Bliksem') x " Schoon Laat Late Donkere " 886/02, full sister of toppers so as the " Favoriet 65 ", " Kirsty " and " Nest sister Kirsty "…

The " Sister Orleans " 838/07 : full sister of the 1° + 3° Nat. Orleans NPO 9.096 p in 2007…. And so coming out the current 'NR 1' in the breeding loft of Ludo Claessens : the " Young Supercrack " 941/03, self 1° Prov Orleans RI 2.672 p in '04, 1° prov Orleans RI 1.853 p in '03 (and father of the 1° + 3° Nat Orleans NPO 9.096 p in '07, 2° Nat Orleans NPO 8.322 p in '06… and self son of the " Supercrack 69 " and grandson of the " Late Donkere ") x " Vedetje " 397/05, the new breeding wonder from Putte (NL) ! We can without fear say that… out everything that has 'name' and 'fame' in the world colony of Ludo Claessens… there is always something in the 'Royal Collection' of Roger Debusschere in Lokeren!

Harrie & Roger Wynands, Maastricht (NL)
No less than 16 direct Wynands pigeons out nearly all the toppers of the Wynands colony live in the breeding lofts of the 'Royal Collection'. We looked them up for you:

" 1 Daughter out stock father the "Blauwe Vanoppen" B88-5127833,
who is a brother of the 1° Internat Barcelona '87 by Chretien Vanoppen (B). He is father of the "Witneus" 667/01 (bought by Gerard Koopman, see further…), the "Ace pigeon Marseille" 632/98 (Ace pigeon Nat. ZLU races, see further), the "Golden Barcelona pigeon" 727/99 (crowned Golden Barcelona pigeon ZLU 2004 with 76° Nat Barcelona 7.857 p '04, 88° Nat Barcelona 7.567 p '01, 183° Nat Barcelona 8.713 p '02, 13° Nat Perpignan 7.083 p '02…), the "Gimondi" 077/96 (1° Prov Barcelona 2.002 p + 14° Nat Barcelona 6.290 p, 89° Nat Perpignan 5.479 d…) etc… In short, the "Blauwe Vanoppen" became a stock father out thousands, who sent the Wynands colony to many international podiums! "

1 Son + 2 Daughters out the stock pigeon the "Blauwe Brouwers" NL97-2005586,
bought from Jaak & Wil Brouwers from Grevenbricht. He developed into an unequalled breeder in the Wynands lofts and is father of :
- The "Blauwe Roger" 652/04 who won:
38° Nat Perpignan 4.719 p. in '06
69° Nat Barcelona 7.520 p. in '07
221° Intnat Barcelona 25.716 p. in '07
133° Nat Narbonne 2.992 p. in '05
270° Nat Perpignan 5.294 p. in '07
324° Nat Barcelona 6.777 p. in '06
- The "Champ" 265/98 who won:
6° Nat Bordeaux 7.112 p. in '99 (1° reg 511 p)
3° Prov Montlucon 4.845 p. in '00 (1° reg 958 p)
8° Nat Pau 2.758 p. in '00
The "Champ" is self father of "Bettini" 612/04 (14° Nat Bordeaux 4.220 p…) and the "Blauwe Champ" 792/04 (54° Nat Bordeaux 3.235 p, 101° Nat Perpignan 5.294 p)
- The "Pipo" 087/00, full brother of "Champ", but above all father of "Pozzato" or the winner 1° Nat Bordeaux 5.279 p. and 1° Intnat 9.001 p. in '04! - The "Super breeder" by Gebr Maas in Zundert, who is father of the "Barcelona" (9° Nat Barcelona) and the "Blauwe Bordeaux" (13° Nat Bordeaux '06, 46° Nat Bordeaux '05 and 86° Nat Narbonne '06)."

1 Son out the "Witneus" NL01-2347667,
son of stock breeder "Blauwe Vanoppen" x "Bontje Saya".
This wonder pigeon was bought in the auction of R & H.Wynands by the colony of Gerard Koopman… no wonder, if you take a look at his impressive honours list:
7° Nat. Marseille 3.679 p. in '05
7° Nat. Narbonne 2.563 p. in '06
7° Prov Limoges 1.527 p. in '04
8° Nat. Bordeaux 6.133 p. in '02 17° Nat. Mont Ventoux time race in '04
31° Nat. Mont Ventoux time race in '03
180° Nat. Barcelona 6.777 p. in '06
224° Nat. Perpignan 6.300 p. in '05
499° Nat. Barcelona 7.520 p. in '07 etc…
This "Witneus" is also father of the "1° Prov Pau" (and 32° Nat.) in '04 and the "Late Witneus", winner 21° Nat. Irun 5.791 p. in '07.

" 2 sons + 1 brother + 1 sister of "Pozzato" NL03-1550140,
the winner of
National Bordeaux 2.279 p. in '04
Internat. Bordeaux 9.001 p. in '04 (fastest from 16.000 pigeons)
He is a son of the "Pipo" 087/00 x "Ornelia" 699/99

" 3 sons + 1 brother + 1 sister of the "Late Simpson" NL03-1550568,
who won 1° National Marseille 3.679 p. in '05
He is an inbreed product to stock father "Blauwe Vanoppen" out 'grandson x daughter Blauwe Vanoppen', namely the "Red Simpson 564/01" (self 12° Prov Limoges 1.527 p, 1° Nat Marseille 7.459 p, 47° Nat Bordeaux 6.133 d…) x "Iris 088/02" (full sister "Golden Barcelona")

" 1 brother of the "Gehamerde" NL97-2044681
whose top performances include:
4° Nat Barcelona 7.567 p. in '01
4° Nat Bordeaux 3.558 p. in '99
374° Nat Barcelona 7.568 p. in '00
587° Nat Barcelona 8.713 p. in '02
The "Gehamerde" is now father of the 25° Nat Narbonne 2.992 p., grandfather of the "Late Witneus" (21° Nat Irun 5.791 p. in '07), the 1° Nat St.Vincent 10.623 p. (by Conaert & Zoon, Dilsen), the 1° Nat Ace pigeon Long Distance 2007 Germany (by Freialdenhoven & zoon) etc…

" 1 son + 1 daughter out the "Ace pigeon Marseille" NL98-1716325,
full brother of the "Witneus" and so coming out stock father "Blauwe Vanoppen" x "Bontje Saya"!
The "Ace pigeon Marseille" won self:
1° Ace pigeon Marseille ZLU over 3 and 4 years! Best Marseille pigeon of all time!
15° Nat Marseille 5.739 p. in '00
15° Nat Marseille 6.699 p. in '01
24° Nat Marseille 7.459 p. in '02
308° Nat Marseille 8.730 p. in '03
177° Nat Marseille 5.884 p. in '04
In short, descendants out the best of the best… out the absolute 'crème de la crème' from the colony of Harrie & Roger Wynands are at the moment sitting in the breeding loft in the "Royal Collection" of Roger Debusschere!

P. + Dr. H.P.Brockamp, Boppard (D)
The 'superstar' from Germany, and at the moment one of the most applied for pigeon pedigrees in the world. The Brockamp colony gained international interest with their 1° + 2° Olympiad pigeon in Oostende, namely "Euro Diamond" and "Mistral"… above all, 2 half-brothers from the stock breeder "George". It won't surprise you to learn that Roger Debusschere was at the front of the queue to obtain something out the success line to introduce to his 'Royal Collection'. He managed to obtain 4 pigeons, namely:

" 2 children out stock father "George" B99-4528985,
a direct Georges Carteus and father of both the "Euro Diamond" and the "Mistral"!

" 2 children out the wonderboy of Boppard… the "Euro Diamond"
DV06720-02-537 whose wins include:
1° Olympiad pigeon in Oostende 2007 Cat. E
1° Nat. Carcassonne 2.717 p. in '06
2° Intnat. Carcassonne 10.448 p. in '06
3° Nat. Perpignan 1.452 p. in '06
5° Intnat. Perpignan 14.900 p. in '06
5° Intnat. Bergerac 3.180 p. in '05
5° Nat. Perpignan 2.019 p. in '05
12° Intnat. Perpignan 17.653 p. in '05
9° Nat Marseille 3.575 p. in '05 etc…

Marcel Aelbrecht, Lebbeke
The national pride of Belgium, who submerged pigeon-loving Belgium with a sea of national titles and overwhelming results in the Long Distance races such as:
1° General Champion of Belgium KBDB 2006!
1° National Champion 'Long Distance' KBDB 2006!
1° General Champion of Belgium KBDB 2005!
1° National Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2003 !
You will understand that these super pigeons, which are based for 90% on the world pedigree 'De Rauw-Sablon' are not missing from the 'Royal Collection'. At the moment there are 7 direct top-athletes in Lokeren out the very best of the Aelbrecht colony, including :
- 2 children out the now world-famous 'Bak 17'
Aelbrecht which is a coupling of the world famous lines " Dromer " x " Limoges " x " Smallen " x " Crack " ! - 2 children out the " Father 1° Nat Ace pigeon Long Distance 2003 " by Marcel Aelbrecht
- 2 children out the " Barcelona " Aelbrecht !
- 1 cock out the famous " Marseille-line " Aelbrecht

Jules Mannaert, Lebbeke
In his search for the widely-acclaimed world pedigree 'De Rauw-Sablon' Roger visited the 'branch', say the '2nd colony De Rauw-Sablon', namely that of Jules Mannaert. He bought children from all the top couples, but the most important purchase that Roger made in the 'total auction Jules Mannaert' was a half-sister of the world-famous "Goudklompje" De Rauw-Sablon!
The illustrious GOUDKLOMPJE, the BREEDING JEWEL of the colony De Rauw-Sablon! One of the best breeding hens ever in the 'international pigeon sport'! She first saw the light of day in the lofts of Jules Mannaert (origin 100% De Rauw Sablon), who lay at the basis of the expansion of the 'world pedigree' De Rauw-Sablon!
The GOUDKLOMPJE is mother of:
5th Nat Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2002
3rd Nat La Souterraine 14.957 p
8th Nat Beziers 5.886 p (2002)
31st Intprov Chateauroux 5.349 p
73rd Nat Beziers 6.522 p (2001)
263rd Nat Bourges 40.471 p (2002) etc…
Her HALFBROTHER won the 2nd National Cahors 1999 by Jules Mannaert! A SISTER GOUDKLOMPJE 463/94 is grandmother of the MONTELIMAR: 2x 1st Nat Montélimar Zone B by Jules Mannaert in 2005 and 2007!
Her full SISTER (388/93) is mother of the 1st Provincial, 3rd Nat Zone B and 5th National Beziers 2001!
No wonder that Roger Debusschere didn't hesitate for a second in deciding whether to buy something from this success line, and to put it to breed in his Royal Collection!

Chris Hebberecht, Evergem
One of the most authoritative colonies in Belgium with the:
1° Nat Ace pigeon 'Grand Distance' 2005,
2° + 5° Nat Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2004,
2° Nat Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB '05 etc…
That Roger Debusschere also visited here will come as no surprise. At the moment 5 direct Chris Hebberecht pigeons are sitting by the 'Royal Collection, namely:
" 1 son + 1 daughter of the 1° Nat Ace pigeon 'Grand Distance' KBDB 2005: "AXL"
" 1 brother + 1 half-brother of the same "AXL"
" 1 son of the top breeder "Dikken"

Vrosch-Meijers, Heerlen (NL)
A 'figurehead' in Holland in the 'Grand Distance'! The man who in 2007 clocked his 1° + 2° nominated from Barcelona within 3 minutes, with the "Wondere 30" (118° National) and the "Etterbak" (105° National)! At the moment there are 36 direct pigeons from Vrosch-Meijers in the 'Royal Collection', wherefrom the majority stay in the racing loft. The breeding loft houses, amongst other things, descendants from both 'Barcelona cracks':

The "Wondere 30" 630/01,
a real 'super' in the 'Grand Distance' having already earned the following honours list:
25th Nat Perpignan 14.812 p
118th Nat Barcelona 7.525 p in 2007
196th Nat Bordeaux 10.209 p
506th Intnat Perpignan 17.653 p
769th Intnat Barcelona 22.887 p 1187th Intnat Barcelona 24.913 p...
Son of the 1st Intnat Barcelona 24.914 p!!
" no less than 3 children from the wonder pigeon the "Etterbak" 323/02,
the 'Best Barcelona racer' from the Netherlands in the period 2005-2007 with the following honours list:
'05 Barcelona Nat. 7.491 p. 22 Intnat 25.815 p. 50
'06 Barcelona Nat. 6.777 p. 20 Intnat 22.887 p. 33
'07 Barcelona Nat. 7.525 p. 105 Intnat 25.716 pd.
305 Bordeaux Nat 8.952 p. 81
'05 Perpignan Nat 6.300 p. 153 Intnat 17.653 p. 440
Winner 'GOLDEN PIGEON' Barcelona 2005-2006-2007!

The late Roger Florizoone, Nieuwpoort
In the PiPa-auction of the breeding collection of sport friend André Colbrandt from Bottelare, the 'branch or 2nd loft Roger Florizoone', Roger Debusschere bought the de super breeding hen "Blauwe Lucienne" 090/00… the mother of the 1° Nat. St.Vincent 10.022 Yearlings by André Colbrandt. She is a direct Roger Florizoone out nothing less than the world-famous "Witneus 165/90" (self 'Primus Inter Pares' 1997 or the best Barcelona racer over 5 years!), who is also father of the 1° Nat Barcelona 13.966 p. in '99 by R. Florizoone! Once again a great strengthening for the 'Royal Collection'!

Gaby Demeulemeester, Zulte + Andre Vaernewijck, Waregem
A line that Roger has already been very successful with is that from the "Diddl" who was 3° Nat. Ace pigeon 'Grand Distance' KBDB 2004 in the lofts of Gaby Demeulemeester in Zulte. Roger also bought pigeons from Andre Vaernewijck, who was the deliverer of the father of this "Diddl".
Roger went to fetch a few brothers and sisters of this "Father Diddl", who self stems from the line of the 1° Nat Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB '99 by Andre Vaernewijck!
In 2006 Roger Debusschere bred his best youngsters out the 'Diddl-line'… with great success, because the descendants achieved the following:
1° Irun Both Fl. 924 yearlings,
3° Nat 3.180 d Zone A, and 10° Nat Irun 8.967 Yearlings in 2007
3° Prov Vierzon 1.888 youngsters in 2006 (comes out "Brother Diddl 106/05")
5° Nat. Argenton 6.458 Youngsters Zone A in 2007 (comes out "Sister Diddl 105/05) No wonder that Roger is very excited about this 'Diddl-line' in his lofts!

Huub Arets (NL)
Maybe not be very well-known, but certainly not the least where the breeding results are concerned! Huub Arets is a brilliant fancier in the 'Grand Distance' in the Netherlands. Roger bought 3 pigeons, 1 full brother and 2 full sisters of the top pigeon, the 'GOLDEN BOY' 149/95, who won self :
6th Nat. Dax 17.121 p in 1998
25e Nat Dax 20.349 p in 1997
30th Bergerac 1.010 p in 1997
33rd Nat St.Vincent 21.210 p in 1999
74th Prov St.Vincent 6.640 p in 1998… and is already 'Grandfather' of the 1st NATIONAL ST.VINCENT 17.889 p in 2002 and fastest from 35.756 p by Gebr Tummers !!
Let us clarify the breeding results of the Arets-pigeons in the 'Royal Collection':
The "Arets-hen" 691/99 caused fireworks in Lokeren, she is mother of: the "St.Vincent":
1st National ST.VINCENT 3.711 yearlings Zone A (4° Nat 10.624 yearlings)!
the '027/04':
42nd Bourges 1.365 p. the '153/04':
245e Nat Argenton 8.031 p. Zone A
the '154/04':
113th Nat Brive 9.466 p in 2006
41st St.Vincent in 2005
136th Nat Argenton 8.031 p. Zone A in 2004
211th Nat La Souterraine 5.663 p. Zone A in 2004!!

'Sister Golden Boy 122/96' who is mother of the "De 444/02" or the 'BRONZEN VLEUGEL 2006' by Louis Van Paesschen from Humbeek, won by the 'Bruges Barcelona club' in the race from Barcelona!!

Wilfried Stiel, Arcen (NL)
Roger also managed to obtain a strong reinforcement in the total auction of the 'Dutch Superstar' in the 'Grand Distance', namely Wilfried Stiel… in the form of the promising breeder "Paulano" 429/06, who was bred from 2 top pigeons from the Stiel colony, being the "Paule" x "Lana" or the 'racing wonder from Arcen', who was the "Best Barcelona pigeon in the Netherlands at International level over 5 years Barcelona 2002-2007"!
Let us show you a few highlights from the very long honours list of both father and mother of this "Paulano":
Father: NL99-2366882 The PAULE
'00 Montauban NLU 1.889 p 1
'00 Montauban Nat NPO 7.224 p 13
'02 Montauban Maask W 635 p 1
'02 Montauban Nat NPO 9.061 p 7
'04 Dax Maask W 348 p 2
'04 Dax National 13.456 p 52
'05 Mont Marsan Nat. 11.935 p 86
'03 Perpignan Nat. 5.890 p 43
'03 Perpignan Intnat 16.800 p 92… etc
Mother: NL00-2296216 LANA Best Barcelona pigeon in the Netherlands at International level over 5 years Barcelona 2002-2007
30° Int Barcelona 6.862 hens '02
87° Int Barcelona 26.928 p '02
43° Nat Barcelona 7.525 p '07
17° Nat Barcelona 2.298 hens '07
75° Nat Perpignan 7.645 p '04
46° Int Perpignan 4.676 hens '04
461° Nat Barcelona 7.491 p '05
107° Int Barcelona 5.977 hens '06
306° Int Barcelona 22.887 p '06... etc.
Simply impressive...

Gebr Hagens, Achthuizen (NL)
Pigeons from this Dutch top colony in the 'Grand Distance' couldn't be left out of the 'Royal Collection'. At the moment 3 direct Hagens pigeons are sitting in the breeding loft:

- " Son Angelo" NL06-1026077, a beautiful athlete out the star racer "Angelo" NL00-1764077 whose wins include:
17th Semi-Nat Barcelona 3.915 p (2003)
48th Intnat Barcelona 20.204 p (2003)
92nd Nat St.Vincent 7.377 p (2002)
124th Nat Barcelona 7.491 p (2005)
236th Intnat Barcelona 25.815 p (2005)
175th Nat Mont de Marsan 6.220 p (2002)
A 100% Gebr Brugemann-pigeon and is a brother of the 'Kleine Orhan' (star racer by the Gebr Brugemann including 30th Nat Perpignan 1999 etc…).
Mother is the top hen Shafira NL02-1584714 with the following sublime victories :
35e Nat Barcelona 7.491 p (2005)
71st Intnat Barcelona 25.815 p (2005)
30th Intnat Barcelona Hens 7.023 p (2005)
114th Nat Bordeaux 9.277 p (2005)
167th Nat Perpignan 4.719 p (2006)

- "Son Shafira" NL06-1026223,
a beauty of a breeding pigeon, coming self out the NL2004101/04. Inbreed "Carcasonne" (who comes out 'Grandson Carcasonne 666/02 x Daughter 'Carcasonne'' 757/02 -> the Carcasonne was 2nd Ace pigeon ZLU and is father of the super hen Sarina ) x Shafira NL02-1584714 (see her victories by the previous pigeon).

- "Hagens Pride" NL03-1087543,
a dream of a breeding cock, coming out NL99-2303150 "Brother 'Sarina", the super hen SARINA won:
1st Internat Barcelona 6.419 p in '99
3rd Nat. Barcelona 8.140 p in '99
3rd Internat Barcelona 28.095 p in '99
39th Nat Barcelona 7.047 p in '97
58th Nat Barcelona 6.290 p in '98
219th Nat Perpignan 5.479 p in '98
511th Nat Perpignan 3.985 p in '97
The mother is a "Sister Bauer" NL99-2303133, who is a full sister of "BAUER 014": winner 1st Internat Tarbes 5.034 p in '98 Full sister of "Maxima": winner 1st Nat St.Vincent 31.586 p in 2001

What a wealth
Roger Debusschere has taken the fact that he has had to spend a 'small fortune' in order to add such an 'affluence' of WORLDCLASS to his 'Royal Collection' in his stride. What's more he's lying in wait, ready to 'pounce again', in order to develop his 'Royal Collection' into one of the most prominent breeding sources in Europe, or even the world ! A breeding source that doesn't only form the basis to top successes in the pigeon sport, but has also given him so many good friendships and international contacts… so much so that it has become his favourite hobby and his first priority for the future ! Something that we will keep you informed about… because… where the pigeons are concerned in the Roger Debusschere household, there's always something happening !

The PROVINCIAL & NATIONAL 'Top-15' out the period 1999-2007

1st National La Souterraine zone A from 6.378 youngsters in 2000
1st National St.Vincent zone A from 3.711 yearlings in 2004
1st National Bourges zone A 2.408 yearlings in 2000
1st Provincial St.Vincent 2.072 yearlings in 2004
1st Interprovincial Montluçon 3.469 old pigeons in 1999
1st Provincial Montluçon 1.319 old pigeons in 1999
1st Provincial La Souterraine 4.083 youngsters in 2000
1st Both Flanders Irun 924 yearlings in 2007
1st Both Flanders St.Vincent 1.112 yearlings in 2004
2nd Provincial Blois 4.113 youngsters in 2004
2nd Provincial Chateauroux 3.407 yearlings in 2001
2nd Provincial Vierzon 1.888 youngsters in 2006
3rd National Irun zone A 3.180 yearlings in 2007
3rd Provincial Chateauroux 3.799 old pigeons in 2001
3rd Provincial La Souterraine 2.925 yearlings in 2001
3rd Interprovincial La Souterraine 5.520 yearlings in 2001
3rd Provincial Vierzon 1.888 youngsters in 2006
3rd Provincial Perpignan 758 yearlings in 2005
4th National St.Vincent 10.624 yearlings in 2004
4th Provincial Chateauroux 3.799 old pigeons in 2001
5e National Argenton zone A 6.458 youngsters in 2007
6th National La Souterraine 632 old pigeons Zone A in 2005
7th National Bourges (zone A) 13.605 youngsters 1999
7th Provincial Blois 3.041 youngsters in 2002
7th National Argenton 777 old pigeons Zone A in 2006
8th Provincial Blois 3.041 youngsters in 2002
8th Provincial Argenton 589 old pigeons in 2007
9th National La Souterraine zone A from 6.378 youngsters in 2000
9th National Argenton zone A from 8.031 youngsters in 2004
9th National La Souterraine zone A from 5.663 youngsters in 2004
9th Provincial La Souterraine 3.271 old pigeons in 2001
9th Interprovincial La Souterraine 5.466 old pigeons in 2001
9th Provincial La Souterraine 4.083 youngsters in 2000
10th National Irun 8.967 yearlings in 2007
10th Provincial La Souterraine 4.119 youngsters in 1999
10th Provincial Blois 1.121 old pigeons in 2002
11th National Argenton zone A 1.164 old pigeons in 2007
11th National Perpignan 3.796 yearlings in 2005
11th National Argenton (zone A) 7.444 youngsters in 1999
11th Provincial Vierzon 1.888 youngsters in 2006
11th Provincial La Souterraine 541 old pigeons in 2007
12th Provincial Bourges 10.018 youngsters in 1999
12th Provincial Argenton 4.467 youngsters in 2000
12th Provincial Chateauroux 2.936 yearlings in 2002
13th Provincial Chateauroux 3.407 yearlings in 2001
13th Both Flanders Argenton from 2.346 youngsters in 2004
14th Provincial La Souterraine 4.083 youngsters in 2000
14th National Bourges (zone A) 13.605 youngsters 1999
14th Provincial Blois from 4.113 youngsters in 2004
15e Provincial Vierzon 5.545 old pigeons in 2001
15e Provincial La Souterraine 2.957 yearlings in 2001
15e National La Souterraine zone A from 6.378 youngsters