Koopman Gerard - Vandenheede Freddy, "Freddy & The 'De Rauw-Sablon strain', 2 x at the basis of Koopman’s glory! (2007)"

Only recently, we reported about the national NPO victory Gerard Koopman gained on Chantilly a few weeks ago. This victory still fresh in our minds, we again have to announce incredible results. For starters, the legend from the north has won a 1st National NPO Orléans, 640 KM, with a checkered 2-year-old cock, named Doran.

1st national NPO Orléans – 640 KM – won by Doran.
The father of the winner of the 1st national NPO Orléans is called Mr Expensive. He is the full brother of “De Dromer”, originally coming from “De Rauw-Sablon”. Mr Expensive, by the way, was sold earlier this year (2007) through Pipa to the lucky Nakajima from Japan. The father of Mr Expensive and of “De Dromer” is “De Freddy”, who now lives in the loft of Pros Roosen, Kermt, but originally comes from none other than the great man from Zingem, Freddy Vandenheede. “De Freddy” descends from the absolute main couple from the strain Freddy Vandenheede, being “Antigoon” x “Krijt”.

"Doran" 05 / 5533177 Pedigree Click here

More information about Doran’s descent
Doran’s paternal grandmother is Lieve, a daughter of the legendary Limoges of 1991. Limoges moved during the total sale of De Rauw-Sablon to Zingem (indeed, to Freddy Vandenheede) on the advice of Frans Sablon, after which the close cooperation between Freddy and Frans was successful, too. Both friends regularly exchange pigeons.
Only a minute ago, we had Frans Sablon on the telephone, and it is impressive what comes from the De Rauw-Sablon strain everywhere! To begin with, at Eric Limbourg’s, the 1st national ace pigeon has come from the same strains two years in a row (The 1st national ace pigeon in 2005 was bred by Frans himself. The same goes for another miracle that is still flying at Limbourg’s, the 095-03, also bred by Frans. This 095-03 also flew the 122th national Cahors last weekend) The same is seen in many other places.
To give a random example: Jules Mannaert, a good friend of Frans Sablon, this year raced the 3rd national on Montélimar against almost 8000 pigeons (which is striking as the first two pigeons are located all the way in the east of the country)! This particular pigeon also won the 1st national in the Montélimar area. Two years before, it won the 5th national on Montélimar against more than 10.000 pigeons, too, and the 1st national in the area. You don’t know what pigeon we’re talking about? Indeed, again about Dream – Couple of De Rauw-Sablon in the pedigree!!

"Geschelpte Witkop" Mannaert Jules Lebbeke Pedigree : Click here

Aladin at the basis, again!
On the maternal side, too, Doran has an impressive pedigree, as he has Marijke as a mother. Marijke is a direct daughter of Aladin, the super breeder and grandfather of the legendary Reza! Moreover, Aladin is the grandfather of the 1st ace pigeon at the Million Dollar Race 2006, too. Aladin, a son of “Kleine Dirk”, now lives in Germany, at the father-and-son combination Seelbach & Jung.
On the paternal side of the mother, we again find “Kleine Dirk” and Aladin at the basis!

1ste national Sint-Vincent – 1145 km – won by Miss Maniwan.
How on earth is it possible, people wonder, for a beginner in extreme long distance racing to be the fastest pigeon against 26.000 pigeons on such a distance. Koopman of course is no beginner in pigeon racing: you could say he has won everything in middle long distance and one day racing. No one in the world will do better! His pigeons are known from America to Japan.
Now, however, he’s got the idea into his head to prove himself in long distance racing. The loft, to race long distance races and especially Barcelona, is still under construction. In the meanwhile, he’s already raced Sint-Vincent, with splendid results! Miss Maniwan, a two-year-old hen named after Gerard’s domestic help, outclassed the Dutch long distance category with an unseen victory! On the mother’s side, the pigeon descends from the Hermans-Hoekstra loft, coming from the Jan Theelen and the Klamper strains. Strikingly enough, we again find “De Dromer” on the paternal side.
The legendary pigeons from Lebbeke indeed are again to be found at the basis, i.e. the main couple of Freddy Vandenheede, being Antigoon x Krijt. We would like to point out that on the paternal side not only “De Dromer”, but also “Miss Waalre” is found. “Miss Waalre” was bred from two pigeons originating directly from Hermans-Hoekstra. In this case, we see that both from mother and father, “Miss Waalre” has inherited extreme long distance racing blood, coming from pigeonbroker Jan Hermans and his partner Rob Hoekstra.

"Miss Maniwam" 05 / 1936560 - Pedigree Click here

Dr. Schwidde & Freddy Vandenheede

Frans Sablon

Frans Sablon & Thomas Gyselbrecht

Jules Mannaert met zijn echtgenote

Frans Sablon, a master breeder?!
You all know him by name: Frans Sablon, half of the former De Rauw-Sablon combination. In my opinion, that man is a natural talent. All that is bred in the loft in the Baardegemstraat in Lebbeke verges on the incredible: Albert & Paola (i.e. the Dream Couple), Limoges, De Dromer, Goudklompje, Narbonne, the pigeons of BAK 17 of Aelbrecht...
All these pigeons are at the basis of huge pigeon race achievements at the highest level in Belgium and the Netherlands in recent years. Eric Limbourg, two times 1st national ace pigeon in Belgium; about 85 % of Marcel Aelbrecht’s pigeons come from De Rauw-Sablon. In recent years, Marcel Aelbrecht achieved great results: he was several times Champion of Belgium,1st national ace pigeon of Belgium and so on.
And now there is Koopman, who surprised the country with the 1st national Sint-Vincent against 26.000 pigeons and the 1ste nat NPO Orléans. He won both races with pigeons coming from the De Dromer strain.
In short: three of the probably best lofts in the world at this moment, Koopman, Limbourg and Aelbrecht, have achieved great results with pigeons that were bred by Frans or descend from pigeons that were bred by him!

At this moment, Frans is not racing anymore, but he still has breeders. He is still breeding pigeons for friends as Jules Mannaert et al who are successfully racing with them.

Frans is intensively trying to even fortify the successful De Rauw-Sablon strain in his breeding loft through unique crossbreeding. He’s got several direct youngsters of Limoges back, as well as direct youngsters of Marseille of Aelbrecht and all the best that is yet to come from his own pigeons of earlier days and is crossbreeding with them. Without a doubt, this story will be continued!

In conclusion
In conclusion, I’d like to congratulate Gerard and his team (Kjelt and Andre) on what they have achieved and I wish them the very best during the rest of this season and the coming years. I’ve had the luck of getting to know all three members of the Koopman team and to regularly be in contact with them, and yes, they burn with desire to do even better! I personally think that Ermerveen’s success story will still last a long time!

Congratulations, guys, and continue the good work!