Van de Merwe Piet, "Olympic Pigeon Holland Allround Porto Portugal (2005)"

Piet van de Merwe from Dordrecht (NL)

1st Ace Pigeon WHZB 2004
1st National Chateauroux NPO 12.074p in 2004
1st Niergnies 30.635 youngsters 2004

My host of today lives in The Netherlands, some kilometers below Rotterdam. Piet van de Merwe is with no doubt the best fancier in The Netherlands on middle distance races 100-600 km with the youngsters and old birds. On the national race Chantilly last summer, he amazed the opposition. The other fanciers could be with the leftover. Against 13.953 youngsters: 1-2-6-8-21-24-26-37-40-49-56-58-80-81-96…43 prizes of 84 birds in race. This was not the only super result of Piet in 2003:

Results Piet van de Merwe 100-500 km in 2003
Hensies 7.045 p
5- 7-8-13-14-22-24-25-27-37-43-48-60-81-87 50-entered/38 prize
Peronne 3.778 p
2-22-34-35-37-41-52-65-83-89 58-entered/31 prize
Ablis 3.090 p
1-13-18-19-21-23-34-36-77-97 56entered/29 prize
Duffel 1.997' p 4-6-7-9-10-11-25-26-53-56-58-59-60-64-65-68- 70- 72- 74- 79-82-84-86-89-90-91-96 99-entered/50 prize
Peronne 6.394 p 3-5-7-12-16-19-20-22-28-34-36-37-38-56-60-61-62-63-83-84 94-entered/57 prize
Chantilly 5.156 p
10-13-28-33-34-35-47-51-58-59-68-76- 80-82-85 86-entered/50 prize
National Chantilly NPO Sector 5 13.953 p 1-2-6-8-21-24-26-37-39-40-49-56-58-80-81-96 84entered/43 prize

But than came 2004. Piet amazed the world again with other results:
National Bourges NPO 11.311p: 3-6-35-37-44-83-146-212-223-226-296…
National Chateauroux NPO 12.074p: 1-29-46-68-75-77-97…
Chantilly 21.892p: 10-11-17-18-21-38-41-74-80-100…
Argenton 270p: 1-2-9-12-16-21-34-37…
Peronne NPO 9339 youngsters: 10-12-23-25-67-69…
Ablis national NPO 7195 youngsters: 2-36-41-45-46-49-58-62-79-85-98…
Niergnies 30.635 youngsters: 1-10-31-34-98…

Piet van de Merwe is famous for his amazing results on the national NPO race for youngsters. He is the only fancier that could win this race 7 times in a row:
1998: 1ste national Orleans 11.525p
1999: 1st
national Orleans 12.957p
2000: 1st
NPO nat. race Pont St-Maxence 17.556p
2001: 1st
–2nd NPO race Ablis 21.009p national race cancelled
2002: 1st
nat. Troyes 8.764p
2003: 1st
–2nd nat. NPO race Chantilly 13.953p
2004: 1st
NPO race Chateauroux 12.074p

He is the King of Orleans race in The Netherlands with the youngsters:
1989: 10.059p: 3-5-13-14-15-17
1990: 10.182p: 1-3-4-13-33-40-45
1991: 11.244p: 16-22-44-52
1992: 19.050p: 2-23-29-52-58-61
1993: 10.029p: 27-68-79
1994: 8.635p: 2
1995: 17.202p: 2-10-20-26-27-28
1996: 15.670p: 7
1997: 14.093p: 4-12-15-17
1998: 18.379p: 1
1999: 12.851p: 1-6-14
This national Orleans race was not held after 1999, but other races took this place.

Piet van de Merwe
Piet van de Merwe is 56 years old now and has raced pigeons since he was 6. His father, Han, was a pigeon fancier. Han and Piet raced together for 18 years. He worked in the construction business and his wife Gerda helped him with the daily work of the birds. The roots of his success go back to the seventies. Piet bought youngsters from the famous Edmond Tournier in Lommel (Belgium). He bought the cock B5318917/76 in 1976 and the hen B5301917/79 in 1979. He matched this bird and it was the beginning of a career in pigeon racing. Some excellent racers were bred out of this pair. One direct child won a car in 1986; a grandchild won a car in 1990. Piet also bought birds from G.&C.Koopman (Nieuw-Amsterdam) in 1980, 1985 and 1990. Other important birds came from brothers de Wit (Kouwerkerk a.d.Rijn) in 1990. Piet bought NL89-1352630 and NL89-1352645. He bred the cock ‘NL90-5099104’ from this pair in 1990; he won 1st national Orleans 10.182p. The youngsters NL91-5079238 and NL50792239 were bred in 1991. The finished 1st and 4th in the famous National Dutch competition ‘Wie Heeft Ze Beter’ (WHZB). The youngster NL92-5205338, bred in 1992 from the same pair, became 8th best youngster of The Netherlands that year. (WHZB)

Piet wanted the best birds available in Holland. He bought from Cees de Waal (Dordrecht) the cock NL5205404/92, later the father of NL96-5664751: 2nd best Ace Pigeon old birds in The Netherlands. He bought a cock from Jan Goris (Hoogstraten B) and it became the father of NL98/5870444 (1st Orleans in 1998). He changes birds with his daughter Batenburg-van de Merwe (Klaaswaal) for several years now, with big success.

Top hen: NL1989376-00 Femke
1st national NPO Pont St. Maxence 17.556 pigeons in 2000.
The father is ‘NL96-2638117 Joop’, strain Janssen and excellent success on the races:
1st Peronne 1716p - 4th Creil 2340p - 5th Ablis 2160p - 6th Peronne 3040p - 7th Creil 2803p - 10th Creil 2224p - 13th Etampes 3595p - 14th Chantilly 2890p - 16th Peronne 2327p - 16th Etampes 3631p - 17th Creil 3699p
The father of this ‘Joop’ won 1st Creil 3978p, 2nd Peronne 3640p, 2nd Peronne 2196p, 3rd Etampes 5795p, 3rd Creil 2803p, 4th Ablis 2160p…A strain of birds that can win 1 prizes.
The mother of ‘Femke’ is ‘NL5739199/97 Charlotte’. She won: 6th Peronne 765p, 13th Orleans 1272p, 39th Creil 1203p, 42nd Strombeek 2738p, 47th Etampes 1899p, 52nd Peronne 1455p, 62nd Duffel 1473p, 67th Houdeng 2636p, 86th Creil 1009p…Another daughter of her is ’98-431’= 4th World champion Versele-Laga.
‘ Femke’ has become one of the best breeding hens in The Netherlands:
01-561 ‘Anita’ won 1st National NPO Ablis 21.009p in 2001
01-514 won 2nd nat. NPO Chateauroux 9.010p in 2001
02-457 won 2nd nat. NPO Bourges 9.399p in 2002
02-867 won 5th nat. NPO Chantilly 12.108p in 2002
The grandchild 03-544 won 6th nat. NPO Chantilly 13.953p in 2003

This breeder is the father of ‘Anita’ (1st nat. NPO Ablis 21.009p), 01-514 (2nd nat. Chateauroux 9010p), 02-867 (5th nat. Chantilly 12.108p), 03-672 (3rd Peronne 6394p).

The sire
of this cock is ‘NL5376438-93’, grandson of the cock that won a car.

The mother
is ‘Dinie NL2674753-93’, strain Janssen x Tournier x De Klak. (Won 8th Roye 2583p, 8th Orleans 2353p, 68th Moeskroen 6305p, and 133rd Oudenaarde 6040p).
Anita NL5150561-01

1st nat. NPO Ablis 21.009p
She is the mother of 3rd Niergnies 6459p and 26th nat. NPO Chantilly 13.953p. The father of ‘Anita’ is NL1195681-98 and the mother is ‘NL1989376-00 Femke’ (1st National NPO Pont St Maxense 17.556p).

NL2469540-00 Daughter Porky
This breeding hen is direct from the loft Kees Bosua. She is the mother of:
01-563 6th best youngster WHZB 2001

Miss Troyes 1st nat. Troyes 12.067p
The father ‘Porky’ won at Bosua: 1st Strombeek 5330p, 1st Roye 9282p…
the mother ‘Miss Marbella’ won at Bosua 1st Sens 21.033p.
Son Lance NL5054778-00
7th Chantilly 913p - 9th Peronne 1467p - 13th St.Ghislain 838p - 15th Chantilly 720p - 15th Niergnies 1188p - 42nd Morlincourt 894p
He is the direct father of 6th Ace Pigeon youngsters 2001 and father ‘Miss Troyes’ =1st Nat. Troyes 12.067p. The father is ‘Lance NL5664750-96’ (strain De Wit x van de Merwe) won 1st Strombeek 2335p, 1st Pont St. Maxence 1418p, 5th Etampes 1902p, 5th Etampes 1899p, 6th Chantilly 1699p, 9th Ablis 2150p, 10th Duffel 2061p, 3rd Ablis 688p, 15th Niergnies 1040p, 15th Niergnies 891p, 30th Chantilly 989p, 33rd Peronne 1936p, 37th Ablis 1805p, 75th Creil 1022p. The mother ‘NL5739199-97’ won 6th Peronne 765p, 13th Orleans 1272p, 39th Creil 1203p, 42nd Strombeek 2738p, 47th Etampes 1899p, 52nd Peronne 1455, 62nd Duffel 1473p, 67th Houdeng 2636p, 86th Creil 1009p.

‘ Miss Troyes NL5236871-02’
1st Nat. NPO Troyes 12.067p
34th Niergnies 6799p - 52nd Chantilly 3078p - 121st nat. Chantilly 12.108p- 74th Hensies 1728p - 155th Pont St. Maxence 1279p
The father is ‘Son Lance NL778-00’ and the mother is ‘Daughter Porky NL540-00’.
‘ Tilly NL1147520-03’

1st Nat. NPO Chantilly sector 5 against 13.953p in 2003
This hen was a gift from Batenburg-van de Merwe (Klaaswaal). The father ‘NL1032225-99’ is from J.P. van Nederpelt (crossbreeding van de Merwe x JP van Nederpelt); a super cock because is the direct father of 1st Chantilly 3179p, 1st Chantilly 6542p, 3rd Nat. NPO Chantilly 14.711p, 1st Orleans 157p, 18th Orleans 2405p… The mother of ‘Tilly’ is NL2373659-99’, daughter of ‘Joop’X ‘Sister Ronaldo’.

2nd Nat. NPO Chantilly 13.953p - 21st Chantilly 1347p - 112th Peronne 1571p - 141st Duffel 1997p - 161st Peronne 893p - 376th Strombeek 1910p
She is a daughter of ‘Son Joop’ x ‘Sister Ronaldo’. The mother is a daughter of ‘Lance’ x daughter of ‘Joop’. Here we have the important strains of Piet van de Merwe.

Sofie NL5301703/03
1st Peronne 26.379p - 3rd Bourges 11.311p - 3rd Pont St Maxence 1.684p - 5th Peronne 6.394p - 6th Chantilly 24.370p - 7th Strombeek 5454p - 8th Chantilly 13.953p - 9th Peronne 14.919p - 10th Ablis 2.092p - 11th Peronne 3968p - 21st Chantilly 21.982p - 29th Chateauroux 12.074p

Olympic Pigeon Holland Allround Porto 2005
1ste Ace Pigeon WHZB 2004

The father of this flying Wonder is ‘NL798/99’, a son of ‘Lance 750/96’.
The mother is ‘NL677/98’, daughter of ‘Dream Couple’ (Romeo X Julia)

Julia NL5301648/2003
1st National NPO Chateauroux 12.074p 2004
49th Nat. NPO Chantilly 13.953p
The father of this hen is ‘NL 422/96’, a son of ‘500’ (strain Tournier). The mother is ‘NL674/01’, J vd Graaf.

Piet sold all his birds to China by the end of 1999. He has bred himself one round of youngsters and became Champion of The Netherlands in 2000 and won 1st national Ablis. Who can do this? Only one fancier…Piet van de Merwe.

The breeders are matched half December. The racing birds are matched half January: 29 widowers, 16th hens for widowhoods. All could raise youngsters one and breed on eggs for some days. Than the widowhood can begin. The youngsters move to another compartment with a big aviary. The youngsters leave the compartment in the aviary. The youngsters are darkened from the beginning of March till 21st June, from 18.30 h PM –8.00 AM. The tossing of the youngsters is late. It starts three weeks before the races: 5 x from 5-30 km. The youngsters are tossed every Tuesday or Wednesday during racing. The young cocks and young hens are separated after 4 races in the club. Now Piet races them on the door system and puts straw on the compartments. Piet van de Merwe is ‘Mister Magic’ with youngsters!

Results from the strain Piet van de Merwe on other lofts in 2003
1e Nat. Mont de Marsan 7.245 d. Ad Fortuin 50%
2e Nat. Mont de Marsan 7.245 d. Batenburg-v.d. Merwe 50%
2e Nat. NPO Bourges 9.399 d. Batenburg-v.d. Merwe 50%
7e Nat. NPO Chantilly 17.818 d. Ad Fortuin 100%
9th Nat. Troyes 9.981 d. P. Muller 100%
10e Nat. NPO St.Quentin A.M.van Duivenvoorden 100%
12e Nat. NPO Chantilly 13.953 d. W. Spierings 50%
13e Nat. NPO Chantilly 13.953 d. W. Spierings 50%
1e Strombeek 7.580 d. Ooijen-Groenewegen 500%
1e Chantilly 1.928 d. J. De Graaf en Zn. 50%

National Top 10 prizes 1998-2004
2000 National Champion Youngsters in The Netherlands


1e Nat. Orleans 11.525 d.

1e Nat. Orleans 12.957 d. - 6e Nat. Orleans 12.957 d.


le Nat. NPO Pont St. Maxence 17.556 d.


le Nat. NPO Ablis 21.009 d. - 2e Nat. NPO Ablis 21.009 d.


le Nat. Troyes 12.067 d. - 2e Nat. NPO Chateauroux 9.010 d.! - 2e Nat. NPO Chantilly 12.108 d. - 4e Nat. NPO Chantil1y 12.108 d. - 5e Nat. NPO Chantilly 12.108 d.


1st Nat. NPO Chantilly 13.953 d. - 2e Nat. NPO Chantilly 13.953 d. - 6e Nat. NPO Chantil1y 13.953 d. - 8e Nat. NPO Chantilly 13.953 d.


1st Nat. NPO Chateauroux 12.074p - 2nd Nat. Ablis NPO 7195p - 3rd Nat. Bourges NPO 11.311p - 6th Nat. Bourges NPO 11.311p
National Championship WHZB (Wie Heeft Ze Beter)


1st Best Young Pigeon - 9th Best Young Pigeon


6e Young Ace Pigeon - 7 e Best Young Pigeon - 8e Best Young Pigeon


2e Best Old Pigeon


1 e Young Ace Pigeon - 4e Young Ace Pigeon


8e Best Young Pigeon -


11 e Young Ace Pigeon


2e Old Ace Pigeon


3e Best Young Pigeon - 12e Young Ace Pigeon


2e Best Young Pigeon


5 e Best Young Pigeon - 12e Best Young Pigeon - 7 e Young Ace Pigeon - 13 e Young Ace Pigeon - 18e Young Ace Pigeon


8e 01d Ace Pigeon - 6e Best Young Pigeon - 2002 and 2003 No Ace Pigeons


1st Ace Pigeon Old birds