Meulemans-Damen Karel, "6de National Champion KBDB long distance 2007. 6de National Champion KBDB Very long distance 2007."


Loft of the famous Karel Meulemans:
Meulemans-Damen from Arendonk

Who does not know Karel Meulemans? Karel Meulemans from the famous town Arendonk is a living legend in international pigeon racing. A strain of birds spread all over the world. Known over the world as Janssen with this difference that Karel has won many 1st prizes and championships by himself, beginning in the fifties and still winning races and big championships in 2007. Most pigeon fanciers think about the strain Meulemans as middle distance birds. This is not true anymore. Karel switched to fond races (700-850 km) in the beginning of the 90's. He won his first national race on Dax in 1995 and became Champion of Belgium KBDB in 2001 on these distance. He wanted more…he wanted the very long distance also. He managed to get on top of this races also. He became soon famous on this distance in province Antwerp and in the area that he lives. But he is famous in Belgium now in 2007. He is on the top of long distance (6th national KBDB champion) and very long distance (6th national KBDB champion). How did he do it? And with what strain of pigeons??

Strains and history
Karel Meulemans now 73 years old, retired in 1990; he used to work on his own farm. Just after World War 2 he started with pigeon racing. He found a partner and raced in partnership with Adriaan Wouters. They had a world famous breeding pair "Oude Van Den Bosch x Janssen" a few years later Karel had a partnership with Frans Marien. Marien & Meulemans became successful on middle distance. They had success on racing and breeding and many fanciers won 1st prizes with these middle distance pigeons.
In 1980 Frans Marien died and all pigeons were sold in a public sale. Karel bought most of his best racers himself, Kadet, Prins, Het Schoon, Donker, Bonte Duif were crossed with the best of the Hofkens pigeons. Karel immediately had success.

His daughter Linda became interested in pigeon racing and Karel formed a partnership with her from 1981-1990.
In 1986 many famous birds like Kadet were stolen, Karel was lucky to have many youngsters and started breeding with these birds. In 1990 the partnership Meulemans & Damen started. Damen is the name of the husband of Linda Meulemans. Linda and Walter live in a house next to Karel. They have a nice loft in their garden, use the same birds for racing and almost the same method.
The big success on long distance started in 1995. Meulemans & Damen won lst National Dax (2nd international) and 8th ace pigeon KBDB long distance.
The basic pigeons from the nineties were Montargis 245/88 (son of Het Schoon Donker), the middle distance super hen '467-95' (lst Bourges, 7th National Argenton and sister of main breeder 118-90), '401-95' (daughter of Montargis which won 8th national Argenton 14,105 pigeons), '069-93' (son Montargis), '347-91' (mother lst National Dax and sister '118-90'), '345-91' (blue hen with lst Melun 1,780p, 8th National Argenton 27,499p), the red '311-90' (father lst National Dax, cross breeding Kadet, Prins x Georges Bolle from Kortemark), 292-93 (39th National Brive, 133rd National Limoges).
The main breeder is '118-90', a cock, but also some of his brothers and sisters were good breeding stock. This cock "118-90" has an interesting story, when Meulemans & Damen became champion long distance KBDB in 1999, 3 sons of 118-90 were the best racers- These 3 brothers 'Pantani 868-96'(basic cock at the moment), '590-96' and '591-96' won many top prizes. On the National Champions day in Ostend the KBDB asked Karel to bring some birds to show the visitors. Karel showed his '118-90' but in the evening this cock was stolen. Karel had to go home without the father of the best racers of 1999, he was disappointed but he knew that '118-90' does not fertilise anymore and hasn't done so in the last two years. A few months later, '118-90' came back to the loft of Karel, the thieves probably tried to breed but had no luck so they released the cock. The father of '118-90' is '758-89' got as an egg from Van Gils brothers (Ravels) out of their lst National Marseille crossed with lst National Pau 87 at Schellekens (Riel, Netherlands). The mother of '118-90' was 233/89; old Meulemans strain Het Schoon Donker.
The 188-90 was matched with 233-93 and these are the parents of the 3 successful brothers of 1999, the hen 233-93 is cross bred of the old Meulemans strain and a hen from Broeckx x Van Hees (Oud -Turnhout), daughter of Olympia Hen.

In 1997 Karel wanted to race very long distance races, the first thing you have to do is find good breeding stock says Karel, "1 went to Roger Florizoone (Nieuwpoort) and bought some sons and daughters of his famous cock Witneus 165-90" (5 times Barcelona and father of lst National Barcelona 1998). I also bought some youngsters from a brother of Witneus, I paid a lot of money but I had confidence and a lot of patience! Karel did not breed with the birds in 1998 but let them get accustomed to the new loft and the new boss. He started breeding with these birds in 1999, cross breeding but also Florizoone x Florizoone.
The strain Florizoone crossed with strain Frans and Paul van Gils, some long distance blood from The Netherlands but mixed with old strain Karel Meulemans proved to be the best racing pigeons!

Karel, Linda and Walter have 65 widowers, including the yearlings. All widowers are matched on March 20th the old widowers on the loft of Karel can breed for 5-6 days, the yearling cocks 17-20 days, no youngsters. The old widowers of Linda and Walter, the same, the yearling cocks raise youngsters once after racing. After Perpignan all widowers can breed twice on eggs but no youngsters.
In 2001 Karel also raced 6 hens on the natural system. On their first nest the hens participated in short distance races. On the second nest 2 middle distance races and once to 550km. On the third nest on youngsters of 2-3 days, to Perpignan (965km). Karel won 40-43-161 National out of 5 hens. Next year there will be a system with only a few hens for Barcelona. The Florizoone birds are at their best on this race.

I am looking out for this. Youngsters were raced on the dark- ness method but Meulemans wil1 not do this next year. He cannot compete with the Belgium young birds specialists. Karel will focus on his yearlings and old birds. Good Advice Karel Meulemans advice to beginning pigeon fanciers is to start on speed and middle distance races. It takes too long to race very long distances. Most beginners will lose courage and stop racing. Karel second piece of advice, always read results of a race beginning at the end. See the number of birds a fancier has basketed and how many prizes he had. The top prizes are less important; some fanciers have many pigeons in one race and win one or two top prizes. This is not enough. Find a fancier with the highest prize average. Buy pigeons from the best but be patient.
What birds brought success in the championships 2007?
6th national KBDB long distance:
Orange national 6035d: 191-377
Cahors zone 1946: 101-140
Montelimar national 7873: 286-840
Total coefficient 36,098%
6th national KBDB very long distance:
Barcelona national 12.612d: 527-2170
Irun national 5846d: 86-263
Perpignan national 6765d: 207-628
Total coefficient 42,407%


2003 La Souterraine 219d-40 Limoges 225d-21
2004 Vierzon 394d-31 Brive 192d-21 Bourges 81d-11 Marseille national 5738d-190
2005 Bourges 327d-92 Montelimar 147d-10 Orange national 6751d-106
2006 Bourges 284d-16 Aurillac 113d-27 Albi 89d-6 Carcassonne national 3911d-114
2007 Marne 774d-214
Montelimar national 7873d-286 (Championship KBDB long distance)
Orange national 6.035d-191 (Championship KBDB long distance)
Irun national 5.846d-263 (Championship KBDB Very long distance)
1ste Ace Pigeon 2007 Retiese fondclub
5de Ace Pigeon 2007 Club du Fond de Wallonie This is a top cock on the loft. . But also the pedigree is top.
The father '3226084/96' is direct from late Roger Florizoone. A son of his famous 'Witneus 165/90' x hen from Paul Govaert (Schoonaarde).
The mother is '6044385/98', 100% sister of 'Pantani 868/96'. She is from basic cock '118/90' (stolen but came back later ) X '233/93'.

2006 Arlon 409d-134 Montluçon 129d-43 Limoges 199d-7
2007 Bourges 142d-33
Montelimar nat.7.846d-398
Orange nat. 6.035d-377 (Championship KBDB Long distance)
Irun nat. 5.846d-86 (Championship KBDB Very long distance)
6de Ace Pigeon Club de Fond du Wallonie 2007 Only two-years old but already top racing pigeon on long distance.
The father is '6080894/02' from '684/99'(son 350/89 sister Invincible Spirit) x '3185008/97'(direct Roger Florizoone from '120/94' son Montauban x 'blauw 789/87').
The mother is '6080957/02' from '606/99' x '302/98' (daughter '118/90').This '606/99' was top racing pigeon at the loft of Karel Meulemans .
He won p.e. 41ste national Cahors, 153ste nat. Perpignan, 35ste national Perpignan, 247ste national Dax… The father is a brother of basic '118-90' (Van Gils-Schellekens) X direct Florizoone-hen (from brother 'Witneus') as an egg.

2006 Arlon 409d-20 Limoges 199d-1 2007 Marne 774d-104
Cahors zone 1.946d-101 (Championship KBDB long distance)
Perpignan 5.547d-207 (Championship KBDB very long distance)
The father '502/99' won 49ste national Montauban in 2002. He is from '3226084/96'(direct Florizoone) x 'NL111/91' (Schellekens, Riel).
The mother '660/2001' is a daughter from 'Pantani 868/96' x '3085120/99' (direct Florizoone from 'Witneus 165/90' x '121/94').


2003 Limoges 225d-51
2004 Montelimar nat. 8538d-1971 Bordeaux 450d-134 Perpignan nat. 6489d-951
2005 Cahors 203d-15 Bordeaux 109d-13 Perpignan nat. 7611d-553
2006 Pithiviers 965d-171 Perpignan nat. 6765d-177
2007 Vierzon 3523d-1595
Perpignan nat. 5.547d-628 (Championship KBDB very long distance)
He is crossbreeding with several strains.
The father is '6044342/98' and was bred from '223/92' (Meulemans x Van Gils) x '300071/95' (100% sister of famous 'Kleine Didi' of E Devos).
The mother is '6030688/99' a dughter of basic 'Pantani 868/96' x '269/92' crossbreeding with line Schellekens ). This 'Pantani 868/96' is grandfather of 8ste national Barcelona from Frans en Paul van Gils.

2004 Jarnac 6273d-948
2005 Narbonne 113d-17
2006 Limoges 86d-29 Cahors nat. 6654d-140 Dax 688d-230
2007 Vierzon 3523d-641
Cahors zone1946d-140 (Championship KBDB long distance)
Irun prov. 629d-160
Father '6030721/99' is a son of basic 'Pantani 868/96' x '618/95' (61ste nat. Narbonne) from old strain Meulemans x Van Gils.
Mother is '3185008/97' , direct Florizoone.

2006 Arlon 409d-69 Montluçon 129d-11 Limoges 199d-14 2007 Bourges 142d-6
Montelimar nat. 7873d-840 (Championship KBDB long distance)
The father is '6044236/98' won 51ste intern. Biarritz .
His father is 'Jonge Laureaat 777/96' direct from family Gyselbrecht from Knesselare. It's a son of their famous 'Laureaat Barcelona 350/92' (1ste intern. Barcelona).
Mother is '659/01' daughter from 'Pantani 868/96' x 120/99(direct daughter of 'Witneus' from Florizoone)


2005 Chateauroux 262d-57 Limoges 492d-89
2006 Pithiviers 965d-234 Bordeaux 2240d-88
2007 Vierzon 358d-27
Barcelona nat. 12.612d-2.170 (Championship KBDB very long distance)
The father '322/03' is from top-cock '606/99' paired up to '221/01' ( Van gils x Florizoone which won 40ste nat. Perpignan).
The mother is '6219932/98' Frans and Paul van Gils from a cock from J. Konings (NL) x '350/89 sister Invincible Spirit' Biemans (1ste intern. Barcelona 1992)

2005 Bourges 135d-26
2006 Arlon 330d-72 Brive 195d-52 Narbonne 170d-8
2007 Barcelona nat. 12.612d-527 (Championship Long distance KBDB)
Here we have another crossbreeding.
The father is '319/03' , direct from Gommaire Verbruggen (Kaggevinne) from his '469/00' (35-116-156 nat. Barcelona).
The mother is '769/02'. She is again from '606/99' paired with '734/92' (Van Gils x Meulemans).

Provincial results on long distance 2007
Brive 1259:11-58 (2/8)
Montelimar 735d: 14-20-60-65-70-111 (6/14)
Cahors 591d :12-32-33-48-81-82-103-160 (8/10)
Chateauroux 3857d: 61-216-350-367-704-850-893-964 (8/11)
Pau 54d :11 (1/2)
Orange 495d : 12-28-49-66-135 (5/6)
Barcelona 1470d : 81-124-170-288 (4/5)
Irun 629d : 26-38-160-172 (4/4)
Irun 557d : 7-26-72-138-161 (5/6)
Narbonne 520d : 34-41-45-90 (4/4)
Perpignan 666d : 7-48-53-197 (4/7)

Some championships 2007
6de National Champion KBDB long distance
6de National Champion KBDB very long distance
1st Champion (1+2) very long distance Retiese Fondclub
1st Champion (1+2) very long distance Zuiderkempen
'Keizer' (3 times champions in a row) and general champion very long distance Retiese Fondclub
'Keizer' and general champion very long distance Zuiderkempen
1st La Route du Rhône club de Wallonie
1st Champion (1ste signed) Fond Union Antwerp
1st Champion (1+2) Fond Union Antwerp
1st Marathon Flying Club Antwerpen
1st criteria Cureghem Centre Flying Club Antwerp