The Homma Brothers (Steggerda, NL) are always in contention for victory

The brothers from Steggerda gained prominence again this season, with racing bird Nadien finishing in second place in the WHZB-TBOTB sprint competition.

Elco Homma (l) and Ydo Homma (r).

A national champion instead of a victory NPO

Their opponents were almost terrified with the impressive early 2019 season of the two brothers. Their pigeons took a flying start every single week, resulting in an impressive number of early arrivals. They got close to claiming a provincial victory quite a few times as well but they just fell short. And that puts an end to a long series of illustrious NPO victories: they were victorious in the NPO three years in a row, but this year they settled for something else.

Her name is Nadien - racing bird NL16-1052016, bred from Iceman x Michelle. This breeding pair comes straight from their collection of top class birds. Iceman is in fact an inbred grandson to Ippon, and he is related to the famous Heremans bloodlines through H. & E.J. Eijerkamp from his mother's side. For Nadien's full pedigree, click here.

Iceman & Michelle, the parents of Nadien, 2nd national ace pigeon sprint WHZB-TBOTB 2019  

Two new stars: Ippon Jr. and Maldini Jr.

The pigeon family of the Homma Brothers is mainly based around their two stock breeders Maldini and Ippon. These two cocks provided the two brothers with top class descendants that are capable of becoming the team's future stock breeders. And one of them is Ippon Jr., born in 2015. He quickly came to the fore as the sire of a 1st NPO Troyes of 5,939 pigeons. And there is more. He is also the sire of a 1st prize winner from Laon of 1,774 pigeons and a 1st from Gennep of 646 pigeons. And his youngsters delivered in many other NPO races as well; they claimed a 15th NPO Morlincourt of 7,348 pigeons and a 17th NPO Gien of 4,830 pigeons. You had already guessed that Ippon Jr. is a son of Ippon. And Ippon is the sire/grandfather of as many as 12 (!) race winners in important competitions. Click here for Ippon Jr's pedigree.

NL15-1211495, Ippon Junior. The sire of a 1st NPO Troyes of 5,939 pigeons.

Maldini became infertile in late 2019, so it was time for a promising son of Maldini to take over. And the best son of Maldini is none other than Maldini Junior. He has ring number NL15-1211498, and he is already the sire of a race winner NPO, just like Ippon Junior. That race winner is Sophie; she claimed victory in the NPO race from Niergnies in 2017, beating 11,595 opponents. For the pedigree of Maldini Jr., click here.

Sophie, daughter of Maldini Junior and winner of a 1st NPO of 11,595 pigeons!

Of course, we know Maldini mainly from his excellent breeding results. However, this cock that originates from Arie Dijkstra was born already in 2011, and the brothers are hoping that Maldini Junior will be just as reliable.

Maldini Jr, sire of a 1st NPO Niergnies of 11,595 pigeons.

Always motivated, always looking for possible improvements

Ydo and Elco have been winning races for quite a number of years now: they claimed numerous first prizes in the entente/rayon, as well as in the NPO competition. And they added a 2nd National Ace Pigeon to their collection this season as well: Nadien. They have been working hard to prepare for another successful season of racing. Ydo has also returned home from a trip to New Zeeland, which means the combination is back to full strength. The twenty year olds will be a force to be reckoned once the new season gets underway.

The lofts for 2020. Upgraded with two additional aviaries.