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Rino Verheye (Aalbeke, BE): sprint and middle distance specialist from West Flanders

The name of Rino Verheye is traditionally one of the laureates in the different ace pigeon competitions. His pigeon breed feels particularly at home in the middle distance.

Miranda & Rino Verheye

Top level racing again in 2019

Rino is renowned for his impressive overall results both in the sprint and the middle distance. And he has had some great results in the longer middle distance and some popular national races as well. He was very strong again in 2019, adding for instance another provincial victory to his list of achievements: a first prize from Fontenay of 9,355 pigeons on 12th of May. We take a brief look at his best results across the 2019 season:

​Arras       : 1-2-3-4-5-6-11-15-17-18-...   /   494 p.  (23 / 43)
Arras       : 1-2-3-8-11-12-14-...          /   274 p.  (15 / 24)
Clermont    : 1-3-6-12-15-16-17-18-20-21-.../   689 p.  (36 / 43)
Clermont    : 1-4-9-13-15-16-19-20-...      /   371 p.  (21 / 24)
Fontenay    : 1-2-3-9-13-14-16-...          /   882 p.  (25 / 32)
Fontenay    : 1-10-13-72-93-95-107-...      / 9,355 p.  (22 / 32)
Chateaudun  : 2-3-6-7-9-10-15-21-...        /   522 p.  (23 / 28)
Chateauroux : 1-5-6-12-15-22-...            /   241 p.  (8 / 8)
Chateaudun  : 1-2-4-8-9-13-15-...           /   360 p.  (10 / 10)
Argenton    : 3-71-111-121-221-267-316-...  / 4,084 p.  (8 / 14)

And with so many great results to his name, Rino Verheye was quite successful in the championships of the different ace pigeon competitions as well:

1st provincial ace pigeon KBDB All-Round olds + yearlings
2nd provincial ace pigeon KBDB shorter middle distance olds + yearlings
6th provincial ace pigeon KBDB shorter middle distance olds + yearlings
7th provincial ace pigeon KBDB longer middle distance olds
8th national champion KBDB shorter middle distance olds + yearlings

A particularly strong breeding loft

From his first day as a pigeon fancier, Rino Verheye started looking for the best possible bloodlines to shape his own pigeon family. He was determined only to invest in top quality pigeons, turning to fanciers whose pigeon breeds had already demonstrated their potential. He kept his eyes open, and Rino quickly understood what he had to look for in order to develop a successful career. For instance, he obtained a group of super class birds from fresh national champion Anthony Maes from Waregem, and these would soon prove their worth in the lofts in Aalbeke. His pigeon breed is also built around the bloodlines of the likes of Gaby Vandenabeele, Rik Cools, Luc DElaere and Rino's colleagues Luc Senaeve and Philippe Grymonprez.

And it appears he did make the right choices. One of the exponents of these investments is Bon Jovi (BE08-3004772), which performed really well both in the shorter middle distance and the sprint, while also claiming an ace pigeon title in the renowned LAR Union. Every fancier from this province knows that this is a rather prestigious title that is traditionally won by a peculiarly gifted racing bird. And it turns out Bon Jovi's descendants have in turn inherited many of his qualities; it was in part thanks to these descendants that Team Vereye are now a force to be reckoned with. 

Bon Jovi: played an important role in his rise to the top

And Hercules (BE14-3003479) is another renowned racing bird in Rino's team. Hercules claimed a 1st provincial Chateaudun of 1,267 pigeons, a title of 4th provincial ace pigeon KBDB as well as a 1st national ace pigeon LCB. Rino Verheye is currently selling a small selection of racing birdon PIPA, and one of them is a grandchild of this Hercules. This grandchild is a nest brother of Jesse (BE16-3005683), which is a 2nd ace pigeon sprint LCB, a 3rd ace pigeon Ace of Aces LCB, a 5th ace pigeon middle distance LCB and an 8th provincial ace pigeon KBDB all-round. And Hercules is also the sire of a 4th provincial ace pigeon KBDB shorter middle distance. In other words, his pedigree is packed with different ace pigeons.

Hercules: sire and grandfather of several great racing birds

Jesse: collector of ace pigeon titles

Another good example of a typical Rino Verheye bird is Hells Angel (BE14-3003419). This pigeon wonderfully combines an excellent racing career with breeding powerful descendants. He is the sire of a double 1st provincial ace pigeon all-round, and Hells Angel claimed an impressive five victories himself, as one of the best longer middle distance pigeons in the province. It goes to show that this is a highly talented cock, who originates from nothing but race winners. In fact, both his sire and dam have a number of first prizes to their name. And this is the type of bird that Rino aims for: strong pigeons originating from nothing but good quality bloodlines. (For the pedigree of Hells Angels, click here).

Hells Angel: an excellent racing bird in the lofts in Aalbeke

Jommeke (BE16-3005665) is the next pigeon that we discuss in our brief overview. This is a natural born winner, his palmares includes a 1st provincial Chateauroux of more than 3,000 opponents, a couple of first prizes in Tours and prizes per 100 on a regular basis. And those are just a few of his many achievements in Rino's loft. Jommeke was 1st provincial ace pigeon KBDB All-Round YBs in 2016, as well as 1st provincial ace pigeon KBDB All-Round olds + YLs in 2017! We reckon any fancier would like to have such a strong racing bird in his collection. Well, thanks to Rino's ingenious breeding strategy and his many top quality bloodlines, it happens more than occasionally that the team from Aalbeke welcomes a new star. For Jommeke's pedigree, click here. This excellent racing bird is also the sire of a provincial winner from Brionne for team Verheye. Good blood never lies!

Jommeke : 1st provincial ace pigeon KBDB All-Round both in 2016 and 2017

A bright future

Rino started his pigeon racing career not that long ago (2007), but his determined approach quickly enabled him to become a top player in the sprint competition. He continued to improve season after season, winning several great results and championship titles, catching the attention of the great. He made similar progression in the middle distance as well, which convinced none other than grandmaster Gaby Vandenabeele from Dentergem to invest in pigeons from Aalbeke. Rino was now impossible to hold back, as he went on to add a provincial victory from Fontenay, Blois, Brionne, Tours and Chateauroux (twice) to his palmares. Over the past four seasons, he claimed an impressive 80 victories and three titles of 1st provincial ace pigeon KBDB All-Round! Thanks to his impressive palmares, he also had an incredible 26 pigeons in the provincial KBDB ace pigeon championships, and he scored in the national champions KBDB four years in a row. It goes without saying that Rino knows what he's doing. He picks nothing but top class birds, he knows where to find good bloodlines and he is still eager to become one of the best players out there. And that is why his rise to the top has only just started.