Peter Janssen (Kleve, DE), you won't believe it until you see it

This has been a brilliant season for Peter Janssen. He outperformed his opponents in several races, claiming provincial first prizes and even a national victory in Sector 3, which we discussed in an earlier report.

We start with a brief summary. After all, Peter had claimed his first top results well before his favourite NPO races had even started.

Peter Janssen on the lookout.

Off to a good start in the short distance

Peter was off to quite a successful start, with top results against thousands of pigeons in the first few weeks. This eventually led to a title of 3rd not nominated sprint champion in Province 9, and 4th nominated sprint. Keep in mind Peter started the season with quite an extensive team (56), and this championship is based on prizes per ten. So this is quite a difficult championship to win.

His best race was perhaps the flight from Quievrain on 21st of July. Peter had basketed 10 pigeons, and 9 of them won a prize, with 8 pigeons winning a prize 1:10. And let's not forget that he also claimed victory of 7,217 pigeons.

Tough to beat in the middle distance

The middle distance competition was quite a joy for the team from Kleve, Peter's home base close to the Dutch border. The following results were particularly impressive:

11th May 2019, Dizy le Gros, with a total of 20,307 pigeons in the race
2nd, 5th, 6th, 13th, 29th etc. (50/38)

18th May 2019, Chalons & Champagne, with a total of 16,785 pigeons in the race
1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 14th etc. (47/32)

13th July 2019, Dizy le Gros, with a total of 7,718 pigeons in the race
9th, 20th, 28th, 67th etc. (9/8)

This eventually resulted in a provincial championship not nominated and nominated, and the absolute star in the middle distance was NL17-1032803, now called First Lady. She was not only the best middle distance pigeon in Province 9, she was also 2nd National Ace Pigeon middle distance NPO, 2nd National Ace Pigeon Allround in the Allerbeste competition, 3rd National Ace Pigeon old birds WHZB, and lastly 3rd National Ace Pigeon Allround WHZB.

NL17-1032803, First Lady

We take a look at the best results of First Lady in 2019 in the middle distance:

2nd  of 16,785 pigeons from Chalons & Champagne 
13th of 20,307 pigeons from Dizy le Gros  
25th of  7,778 pigeons from Morlincourt 
28th of  7,718 pigeons from Dizy le Gros 
76th of 11,838 pigeons from Nanteuil

A very special bird, from a very special breeder

First Lady is clearly quite special. And when we look at the origins of this fantastic hen, we see that she stems from perhaps the best racing bird Peter has ever had: none other than Bonnie. This bird has an even more impressive pedigree than his promising daughter. Click here for First Lady's full pedigree.

The magnificent 'Bonnie', a very fine bird.

It is no coincidence that Bonnie's parents bred such a talented bird; another of their youngsters is NL15-1451934, which is now called Clyde. This hen was almost just as successful as her one year older brother. Clyde is depicted below. We think it will be just a matter of time before she breeds a talented youngster herself. 

NL15-1451934 'Clyde', another spectacular bird.

A victory NPO and a sectoral first prize in the one day long distance

And the story does not end with the middle distance. The team was also victorious in the third one day long distance race from Issoudun: their racing bird NL17-1032870 takes the win of 4,173 pigeons in the NPO competition. This bird had already done very well in the first long distance race of the season, with a 10th NPO of 6,704 pigeons. 

The sire of the 17-870 is this breeding cock. Click here for the pedigree of the NL17-1032870.

And lastly we have NL17-1032935, a racing hen that outperformed the aforementioned 17-870 by winning the sectoral race two weeks after Issoudun, beating 10,300 pigeons: she won a 1st NPO South in the closing one day long distance race from Vierzon, a phenomenal result. It would lead you to believe that she is mostly suited for the one day long distance pigeon. However, she also excelled in a race from Chalons & Champagne, claiming victory against a total of 16,785 pigeons. She was faster than First Lady and four other teammates that day.

Unprecedented. Click here for her pedigree.

Top quality breeds never disappoint

Peter has been racing pigeons in The Netherlands for the past eight years, in which he managed to win seven national championship titels and tens of teletext prizes. His impressive overall results underline the enormous potential of this top quality pigeon family. Peter has bred several champions over the years; he does not have to rely on just a handful of talented birds. We are confident this likable fancier will continue to deliver in 2020.