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The Verweij de Haan Combination (Mijdrecht, NL) and their Milos dynasty show their true class in the demanding 2019 marathon season

Descendants of the incredible breeder Milos have repeatedly demonstrated their potential in the marathon competition over the years. And Milos's youngsters and grandchildren have claimed several national and international top prizes again in 2019.

They were highly successful both in the morning and afternoon releases, which resulted in fast arrivals in the evening as well as in the early morning.

Peter de Haan (l) and Michel Verweij (r)

This has been another great season of racing for Michel and Peter. They basketed 15 pigeons for the opening race from Pau (morning release), and 9 of them (or 60%) claimed a top prize, including a 41st and 45th National of 3,785 pigeons. They did even better the following week, in the demanding race from Agen, where both the old birds and the yearlings were outstanding overall:

Nat. Agen 5,239 olds: 13-36-39-108-160-177-260-etc. (13/21)
Nat. Agen 3,976 YLs:  18-29-50-70-110-112-140-etc. (16/45)

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In addition to this excellent early season, the team was also very successful in the last two marathon races, which took off in Bergerac (afternoon release) and Perpignan (morning release):

Nat. Bergerac S2 880 km 4,856 p.: 10-72-107-405-etc.           (8/26, all yearlings)
Nat. Perpignan 1.077 km 4,283 p.: 5-20-46-101-132-216-343-etc. (11/22)

We have a report on Bergerac and Perpignan as well.

The phenomenal Milos: responsible for numerous successes

The incredible Milos is responsible for many of Michel and Peter's greatest successes in recent years, as well as for many top prizes in other lofts. This combination clearly has an invaluable breeder in their collection for the international classics. Only the greatest pigeon racing champions have gained an international reputation based solely on one particular breeder that really stands out, and Milos (NL02-2350928) clearly fits in this category (click here for his pedigree). Milos has provided his own team with three generations of international prize winners. For instance, the following three hens belong to three consecutive generations:

1 Miss Milos, daughter Milos     : 2nd European ace hen international races 2017
2 Red Rose, granddaughter Milos  : 3rd European ace hen international races 2016
3 Sky, great-granddaughter Milos : 2nd European ace hen international races 2019

This is quite a special and unique achievement, which Michel and Peter are particularly pleased with. They often wonder "what the future will hold" for this bloodline.

Today, the now 18 year old Milos is no longer fertile all the time. He lives in a spacious breeding box, and he is always accompanied by a hen. He is a kind breeding cock with a perfect build. He still looks good but you can tell he is growing older. How much longer will he be fertile, and how long will he be alive? Michel and Peter would like to rely on him for as long as possible of course. In this report we take a closer look at the descendants of Milos that have been very successful in 2019. We noticed that these descendants were successful both in morning and afternoon releases. In addition, they did particularly well in very demanding races, and they claimed top prizes both late in the evening and in the early morning. Or to put it differently: these are all-round modern-day long distance pigeons.

NL17-1129744 Sky, the revelation of last season

Racing bird Sky is one of the revelations of last season. She was basketed for three marathon races of more than 1,050km in six weeks' time, and here are the results:

Perpignan 1,077 km:   1st   Fondclub Noord-Holland   507 p.
                      2nd   S.N.Z.H                1,351 p. (North & South Holland)
                      5th   National ZLU           4,274 p.
Pau 1,063 km:         105th National ZLU           3,785 p.
                      16th  Fondclub Noord-Holland
St. Vincent 1,056 km: 188th National ZLU           2,692 p.
                      9th   Fondclub Noord-Holland

She won the following ace pigeon titles thanks to her palmares:

1st Ace Pigeon North & South Holland ZLU 2019
1st Ace Pigeon Fondunie 2000             2019
3rd Nat. Asduif ZLU                      2019
2nd Int. Ace Pigeon hens Europa          2019
3rd Nat. Ace Pigeon BOTB/WHZB            2019

As you could tell, Sky is a great-granddaughter of Milos, as well as of super class hen Red Rose (3rd European Ace Hen international races 2016). And his pedigree (which you can find here) also features super breeder Stet, whose descendants have already won 25 top 100 prizes in national races.

NL18-1750979 Milo

This promising hen was raced just once in the marathon competition, and she did not hesitate to claim a top result in Agen:

3rd Fondclub Noord-Holland   987 p.
9th Nat. Agen S2           3,282 p.

You can tell from his pedigree that Milo originates from those same leading bloodlines of Verwey - De Haan. The sire of Milo is for instance a daughter of the aforementioned Red Rose. The dam of Milo is a daughter of Milos: Miss Milos (2nd European Ace Hen international races 2017). Click here for Milo's full pedigree.

NL18-1750932 Kikki

Kikki was raced twice as a yearling in a marathon race, and she claimed two national top races both in Agen and Bergerac:

Agen :     15th Noord-Holland   873  p.
           29th National ZLU  3,940 YLs.
Bergerac : 17th Noord-Holland 1,192  p.
           24th National      2,104 YLs.
           70th National      4,545  p.

The sire of Kikki is Silver Milos, and he is a son of the two top breeders Milos x Red Rose. The dam of Kikkie stems from Gijs (7th National Barcelona etc.) x Ranomi (14th National Barcelona etc.). Click here for Kikki's marvellous pedigree.

Is Silver Milos (sire Kikki) about to follow in the footsteps of Milos?

Silver Milos looks all but ready to follow in the footsteps of his sire Milos. The parents of Silver Milos are the fantastic dream pair Milos x Red Rose. In other words, he has a terrific pedigree, as you can see here.

Silver Milos, son of Milos x Red Rose

And he does have a solid reputation as a breeder as well. He bred the following prize winners at a young age:

19th Nat. Agen     3,940 YLs 2019
50th Nat. Agen     4,776 YLs 2018
24th Nat. Bergerac 2,104 YLs 2019
70th Nat. Bergerac 4,545  p.

NL18-1750807 Barbara

And there is one more top class racing bird from the Milos dynasty that had a great 2019 season: Barbara. She was also raced twice as a yearling, claiming a top prize in each of them:

Agen :      18th National ZLU       3,940 YLs
            30th International ZLU 10,616 YLs
Narbonne :  10th Noord-Holland        400  p.
           142nd National Narbonne   3,829 p.

It was thanks to these results that she became a 1st Ace Pigeon in the international races YLs in North and South Holland. The sire of Barbara is Red Ross, and he is in turn a son of Red Rose. The dam is a daughter of Snelle Jelle, winner of a 2nd National Perpignan (5,608 p.) and 6th NU Orange (4,023 p.). Click here for Barbara's pedigree.

Looking at the origins of these talented racing birds, we noticed that, besides the phenomenal Milos, his daughter Miss Milos and his granddaughter Red Rose have been of key importance as well. These two pigeons had a great racing career, before developing into outstanding breeding hens.

NL15-1552827 Miss Milos

Miss Milos is a daughter of Milos x Chanel Messi, as you can see here. Miss Milos was herself a great racing bird in the marathon competition, and she is proving an invaluable breeder as well. And she is now the dam of the aforementioned Milo (9th National Agen). We take a look at her own achievements:

 7th Int. St. Vincent     2,286 hens 2017
 9th Int. Perpignan       3,487 hens 2017
 9th Nat. Perpignan       4,789 p. 2017
16th Int. Perpignan      14,930 p. 2017
15th Nat. St. Vincent ZLU 3,037 p. 2017
94th Nat. Pau             3,551 p. 2018
 2nd European Ace Hen international races 2017
 3rd National Ace Pigeon ZLU TBOTB/WHZB   2017

NL12-1465677 Red Rose

Another very important pigeon in the lofts of Michel and Peter is Red Rose. She is a granddaughter of Milos and Olympic Heintje. Red Rose's pedigree can be found here. She wins a 12th National Pau (3,788 p.) and a 19th National Perpignan (4,027 p.), and she claimed the following titles:

1st Ace Pigeon Perpignan ZLU 2014-2016
2nd Int. Ace Pigeon Pau 2015-2016
3rd European Ace Hen Int. races 2016

Meanwhile, Red Rose developed into a top class breeding hen, with 9 of her youngsters/grandchildren claiming a national top 100 prize. Among these 9 descendants, some of which we have already mentioned, is her son Red Bull (click here for his pedigree). This racing cock claimed an 83rd National Agen (5,935 p.) as a yearling in 2017, making him the only yearling in North-Holland to arrive home on the day of the release.

Milos, Miss Milos and Red Rose are very important breeders in the lofts of Michel and Peter. We have already discussed the many great results of their descendants in 2019 alone. They provide a solid foundation for this team, along with the other top breeders - some are related, others are not. And this foundation will continue to lead to great results in the marathon competition in future seasons. Let's not forget that the bloodlines of Michel and Peter have led to many great results for other fanciers as well, who obtained pigeons from Mijdrecht. You can tell from the following list of references:

References 2019
Comb Baas-Berg, De Kwakel : 1st Int. Pau (the dam stems straight from grandchild Milos)
Jan Schreurs, Nieuw-Vennep: 1st Western European Super Marathon 2019
Comb Baas-Berg, De Kwakel : 14th Nat. Pau 3,785 p. (from sister Messi)
Frank Hage, Woerden       : 21st Nat. Pau 3,785 p. (bred from daughter brother Messi x Ixia)
Tim Hage, Woerden         : 25th Nat. Pau 3,785 p. (bred from son Blauwe Dax)
Comb. Hommes, Akersloot   : 31st Nat. Pau 3,785 p. (from daughter Mila (daughter Barry) and grandchild Milos)
Chris Pauwe               : 73rd Nat. St. Vincent 12,070 p. (with grandchild Jones)
Comb Kester/Verhoef       : 1st Peronne Prov. 5 11,279 p. (from grandchild Balotelli)
Piet Heikamp & v Doorn    : 22nd Nat. Agen (grandchild brother Robben)
Click here for the references from 2017 and 2018.