Peter Janssen (Kleve, DE) strikes hard in Chalons-en-Champagne

Peter Janssen has made it a habit to achieve impressive results. And he did it again in Chalons-en-Champagne, where he claimed the first six prizes in the provincial results in East Holland.

Peter Janssen does it again: taking the first six prizes of more than 16,000 pigeons

Peter Janssen is again outstanding

Peter Janssen continues to surprise us with stellar results season after season. He set the tone for the rest of the 2019 season with an impressive performance in Chalons-en-Champagne, where Peter's team claimed the first six prizes of 16,766 pigeons in province 9 East Holland. We take a look at three of his prize winners, including the winner of the race.

NL17-1032935 winner from Chalons

NL17-1032935 - the winner from Chalons-en-Champagne of 16,766 p.

It was the two year old hen NL17-1032935 that proved the strongest pigeon of the team. This hen had already won a first prize of 1042 and 1610 pigeons from Quiévrain and Nanteuil respectively. As is usually the case with pigeons of Peter Janssen, this hen originates mainly from national ace pigeons and Olympiad pigeons. The sire of the 17-935 is a grandchild of DV01274-10-272 (Wolfgang Roeper), 1st National Ace Pigeon middle distance 2012 and 1st National Ace Pigeon Cat. B Olympiad Nitra 2013. She is related to pigeons of Dirk Van den Bulck from her mother's side, including BE13-6139803 Kittel, 1st National Ace Pigeon Sprint young birds KBDB. Click here for the full pedigree of the 17-935.

First nominated: 2nd in Chalons

NL17-1032803, 2nd in Chalons-en-Champagne of 16,766 p.

The second place in the province went to NL17-1032803. This chequered hen was basketed as first nominated, and that was not a surprise, given the previous achievements of this 17-803. She has yet to miss a prize in 2019. She claimed three top ten places in CC8, and she is currently leading the ace pigeon championships middle distance in CC8. She has quite a palmares in prestigious competitions:

1st   Nanteuil              8138 p.
2nd   Chalons en Champagne 16766 p. (behind a loft mate) 
2nd   Peronne              10366 p.
2nd   Tienen                9001 p. (behind a loft mate)
12th  Quiévrain            13208 p.
13th  Dizy le Gros         20307 p.
23rd  Charlevilles Mezier  22503 p.
34th  Tienen                7823 p.
44th  Quiévrain             7484 p.
47th  Heusden-Zolder       24560 p.

Noble origins

DV00147-14-237, Olympiad pigeon and the sire of the 17-803

The NL17-1032803 originates from race winning bloodlines. Her sire (DV00147-14-237) was sent to the Poznan Olympiad to represent The Netherlands, as one of the best one day long distance pigeons ever, with an impressive four NPO wins to his name. The dam of the 803 is a daughter of Der Beste. This cock is a full brother of Dolce Vita, the brilliant hen that wrote history for Pieter Veenstra as an Olympiad Pigeon. Click here for the pedigree of the 17-803.

Preliminary ace pigeon sprint comes in fifth in Chalons

The last pigeon in the lead group in Chalons-en-Champagne that we discuss in this article is NL18-5162376. This is yet another pigeon of the Peter Janssen loft that managed to stand out. In fact, this one year old hen holds a preliminary first place in the ace pigeon championship sprint (sprint/middle distance) in CC8 province East Holland. Her pedigree, which includes Olympiad pigeons of W. Roeper & De Euro (the iconic Heremans-Ceusters bird) can be found here.

Not easy on them

Pigeons in good form can take a lot of beating, and Peter is not particularly easy on his birds. For instance, the 17-803 and 17-935 had to deliver again in the first NPO one day long distance race of the season from Fay-aux-Loges. They claimed a 239th and 296th respectively of 6478 pigeons. Meanwhile, the one year old 18-376 defended Peter Janssen's honour in a race from Quiévrain. And she did quite well, claiming a 37th place of more than 15,000 pigeons.