Gevaert-Lannoo (Meigem-Deinze, BE) win 1st Olympiad Pigeon Cat. H with Ivanka

This super lady has now been transferred to the Gevaert-Lannoo breeding loft, after becoming Belgium's best middle distance pigeon in 2017-2018, winning a title of 1st Olympiad Pigeon KBDB Cat. H in Poznan 2019 (middle distance), and claiming a provincial first prize.

Top class birds, the shortest way to success

Pigeon fanciers are always searching - they are on the outlook for the perfect race strategy or for magic potions. As such, they tend to forget the most important thing of all: any racing strategy will only be as successful as the pigeons that have to execute it. You are not likely to get any results if your pigeons lack talent, stamina, endurance, orientation skills or good health. You cannot turn a donkey into a race horse, and a success story does not come out of a bottle.

It does not take a large collection of birds to become a successful pigeon fancier, and to be competitive at national level. The Gevaert-Lannoo combination has excelled with a small team for many years now. And their approach is straightforward and brilliant at the same time: they race in total widowhood with a maximum of 12 pairs of racing birds (12 cocks and 12 hens), along with a round of about 40 young birds. They focus primarily on the middle distance, and mainly on the provincial and national races of the longer middle distance. That's it.

They have dominated the competition for many years with a limited group of pigeons. They were often outstanding at club level, and they were tough to beat in provincial and national races as well. Their provincial and national ace pigeon titles and championship titles KBDB speak for themselves: this team of just a handful of birds delivers fantastic results season after season. Paul and Carlos would describe their approach as follows: they do what they are good at and what is within their physical abilities, aiming for perfection.

Their many great results are founded on an invaluable breeding team of 15 to 16 pairs. This team is based around proven ace pigeons and race winners of Gevaert-Lannoo, along with pigeons that have been purchased along the way. Thier collection consists for 80% of noble Gaby Vandenabeele descendants, which were either obtained directly from the grandmaster from Dentergem, or from other teams that have excelled with the Vandenabeele breed. Think for instance of Rik Cools or Team BDS (they provided team Gevaert-Lannoo with the invaluable stock dam Chateauke). This very breed has given fantastic first prize winners and ace pigeons on a yearly basis.

Olympiad Ivanka: 1st Olympiad Pigeon KBDB Cat. H Poznan 2019

The most sensational bird across the two seasons 2017-2018 is without doubt the fantastic Ivanka. She was 1st Olympiad Pigeon KBDB Cat. H in Poznan and she wins a provincial first prize, and that is just the start. We take a closer look at this super class hen:

-Olympiad Ivanka BE16-4070112

 1st Olympiad Pigeon Middle Distance KBDB Cat. H – Poznan 2019
 1st Prov Orleans     612 p. ’17 –  fastest of 936 p.
 1st Clermont         221 p. ’18
 1st Blois            408 p. ’18 –  8th Prov 2,642 p.
 2nd Fontenay         682 p. ’18
 2nd Argenton         552 p. ’18 –  7th Prov 2,612 p.
22nd Nat Argenton  11,823 p. ’18
 2nd Chateauroux      552 p. ’18 -  7th Prov 2,612 p.
 3rd Bourges          786 p. ’18 – 15th Prov 3,385 p.
 3rd Chateauroux      616 p. ’18 – 27th Prov 3,305 p.

Sire: Master King BE12-4175097
Himself winner of two first prizes: a 33rd Nat. La Souterraine 7,176 p. '14 and a 39th Nat. La Souterraine 4,144 p. '13. He is a full brother of a 1st Prov. and 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance KBDB 2010 (a son of King Gaby, a grandson of Bliksem Vandenabeele x Chateaufideelke).
Dam: Sister Caraat BE14-4032116
A daughter of Bliksem Rik BE11-3123594 (a son of 1st Prov. Ace Pigeon Long Distance Marieke of Rik Cools, and a grandson of Bliksem-Vandenabeele) x Red Nationaal hen BE05-4126313 (a top class breeding hen from Marc Decock, bred from Red National x 16th Nat. Argenton).
Click here for Ivanka's full pedigree

A full brother of Ivanka, Brother 35 Ivanka BE17-4176035, showed his potential as a yearling in 2018, claiming the following prizes:

2nd  Orleans          320 p. – 12th Prov. 1,612 p.
3rd  Chateauroux IV    54 p. –  9th N.Zone. 286 p.
3rd  Blois            137 p. – 16th Prov.   757 p.
9th  Chateauroux II   551 p. – 85th Nat. 13,098 p.
16th  Prov Orleans  1,220 p.
151st Prov Orleans  6,375 p.
210th Prov Blois    5,334 p.
575th Nat Argenton 19,859 p.

He wins an impressive 12 prizes per 10 in 2018. This is clearly a very talented bird, who looks well on his way to following in Ivanka's footsteps one day. 

From her father's side, she originates from the number one bloodline of Gevaert-Lannoo today: the bloodline of golden stock breeder King Gaby. He has become a cornerstone of this pigeon family, and he is responsible for many fantastic results.

King Gaby: central figure of this breeding loft today

He is the number one stock breeder today. This is a direct Gaby Vandenabeele bird and a half brother of Gloria, the 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2013 and winner of a 1st Nat. Zone Limoges of 5,738 p. (and 4th Nat. 14,271 p.). Gloria and King Gaby have the same dam, Mona, and she is perhaps the best daughter - in terms of breeding value - of the iconic Bliksem.

In other words, King Gaby has some excellent origins, being a grandson of the illustrious Bliksem. And he quickly showed to be a very gifted bird. He has bred as many as nine different ace pigeons: four provincial and/or national ace pigeons KBDB for Gevaert-Lannoo, and five ace pigeons in other lofts across the globe (including China, Canada, The Philippines, etc.). We briefly run through the most important breeding references of this invaluable breeder:

- the sire of Crayonné Plastron

1st Prov. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance Young Birds KBDB 2010
2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance YBs KBDB 2010
Substitute Olympiad Pigeon Poland 2011
Winner of a 1st-1st-2nd-2nd-3rd-6th-7th prize, and himself the sire of four first prize winners

- the sire of Princess 95

1st Prov. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance olds & YLs olds KBDB 2016
1st Intprov. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance YLs Both Flanders 2016
Winner of three consecutive provincial first prizes
1st Prov. Bourges 1,963 p.
1st Orleans 228 p. – 2nd Prov. 2,083 p.
1st Orleans 180 p. – 2nd Prov. 1,582 p.
1st Chateauroux 388 p. – 3rd Nat. Zone 2,599 p. – 12th Nat 9,540 p.
1st Bourges 324 p. – 2nd Nat. Zone 1,890 p.
She moved to the Great Wall Loft of Dr. Guo Weicheng (China)

- the sire of Prince 26

3rd Best young bird of Belgium over 5 national races – PIPA ranking 2015
6th Nat. Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance young birds KBDB 2015
5th Prov. Ace Pigeon Long Distance young birds KBDB 2015

- the sire of Prince 05

7th Prov. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance young birds KBDB 2016

- the sire of Princess 15

1st Fontenay 75 p.

- the sire of several other top birds and race winners, such as:

1st Nevers 282 p. – 2nd Nat. Zone 2,203 p. (with King Noë)
1st Club / 51st Nat. Gueret 2,429 p. in 2014 (with King Noë)
1st Ablis 353 p. (with ‘318 Son King Gaby’)
1st Angerville 328 p. (with Wifi)
5th Nat. Zone – 39th Nat. La Souterraine 4,144 p. (with Master King, the sire of Ivanka)
1st Club/4th Prov. 1,282 p. – 33rd Nat. La Souterraine 7,176 p. (with Master King)

The descendants of King Gaby have done really well in other lofts across the globe as well:

1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance YBs 4/4 in the nat. races 2017 PIPA ranking (Vd Abeel-Van Paesschen,BE)
1st Prov. Blois 2,776 p. (Lannoo-Ballegeer, BE)
1st Ace Pigeon Empire Classic Triple OLR 2014 (Jansen-Van Rensburg, Canada)
2nd Ace Pigeon Teby Race Bejing 500-520-550 Km (David Huang, China)
3rd Best pigeon in the year 2017 in The Philippines (Mr. Rey So)
3 x 1st prize Clermont of 531 - 336 – 252 pigeons (Luc Standaert, BE)
2 x 1st Orleans of 198 – 167 p. and 2 x 1st Fontenay of 155 - 100 p. (Luc Standaert, BE)
1st Souppes 239 p., 2nd Bourges FCD 2,285 p. (De Bruycker-Breynaert, BE)
5th Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance young birds KBDB 2017 (Vd Abeel-Van Paesschen) 
52nd Ace Pigeon Pioneer races 500-500-560-560 Km (David Huang, China)

King Gaby is also the grandfather of Pioneer Time CN16-07415 of Mr. David Huang in China, a hen that is in turn the dam of Pioneer Future CN17-2008565, winner of:

36th Ace Pigeon Pioneer races 2017 China of 10,005 pigeons

Keep in mind we have only discussed some of the most prominent results of the descendants of the invaluable stock breeder King Gaby. He is one of a kind; this is the type of bird that can prove crucial in any pigeon family, as a basis for great results in the long run.

National stars with a small basket

Racing at the highest level with a small team? It can be done. The Gevaert-Lannoo combination is the perfect proof. And it does not take a lot, according to Paul and Carlos: a top quality collection of birds and a diligent selection process. But we would like to add something: the ability to incorporate the genetic attributes of these ace pigeons and race winners into future generations of pigeons, and into your entire pigeon family. After all, a successful pigeon racing career would not be possible without a team of first prize winners and ace pigeons. You need pigeons that have an edge over their opponents, and that is what the Gevaert-Lannoo pigeons stand for. Congratulations!