Roger & Nick Thys (Hallaar, BE) achieve great results with a small basket

Roger and Nick Thys from Hallaar, a locality in the town of Heist-op-den-Berg in the south of the Antwerp province, are booking some astonishing results since a few years in a row. This father, mother and son combination has made of the great middle distance national races it's playground and this with only a handful of pigeons in the race.

Nick, the son, has been christened like his grandfather and it is because of him that pigeons were housed for the first time in their family house. But this time, this combination is not only a father & son team because the mother/wife is also involved into the management of the pigeons. Nick found the way to the pigeon loft since his childhood and he liked to spent his free time into the loft of his grandfather. His father Roger and his mother Godelieve decided then to built him a small loft in their garden and this is how everything started. Almost twenty years ago, they received a full round from their neighboor Geert Lambrechts and this is when everything went on the right track. Now that the time has passed by, all the tasks related to the practice of their hobby are well distributed between all the members. Around his 18th anniversary, Nick started to get interested in various other things but it was too late as his parents were already hit by the pigeon bug. Everybody takes so much pleasure with the practice of the pigeon sport that it would be impossible to live without it now. After a few years, Nick found back his way to the lofts. But now the situation has changed and the daily cares are the business of his parents. Nick helps during the basketting and during the arrivals of the birds. He also spent time doing the pairings and helps when it is needed.

Next to the pigeons of Geert Lambrechts, the Thys family also added pigeons from Dirk Van Dyck (Zandhoven, BE), Willy Daniëls (Kessel, BE), Vermeerbergen-Wilms (Mol, BE) and Frans Maris (Itegem, BE). When it's time to get some reinforcement, it's always Nick who decide who should be approached...

"Our Witte 06 and our Orleans-duivin are currently the basic pigeons of our lofts", explained us Nick. "We are currently working with their fourth generations and they still deliver us some great performances."

The Witte 06 comes from the Portier and one of our best breeding hen, Salien. Both pigeons were part of the first generation of good pigeons who flew at Thys. That's why we find back the blood of Geert Lambrechts.

Click here to check the pedigree of the Witte 06.

The Orleans-duivin, BE10-6178954, won the provincial race of Orléans against 2402 pigeons. Her father is a direct Dirk Van Dyck while her mother, the 'Goe Zwart', was a super racing hen in the middle distance races.

Click here to check the pedigree of the Orleans-duivin.

Since 2014, the Thys family put the focus on the great middle distance national races. It's in this discipline that they booked their very best results and it leads them to win in 2015 the title of 1st National Champion Great Middle Distance Young Birds KBDB! What a fantastic memory it is... It was the first time that they were put under the spotlights but they kept on going further. In 2016 and in 2018, they booked a national zone victory on Argenton and Gueret and in 2017, they won the provincial victory on Argenton. The conto of their provincial and zonal victories currently shows us 7:

  • 1 Prov. Orléans ybs 2010                    
  • 1 Prov. Orléans 2402 p. old pigeons 2012
  • 1 Nat. zone B La Souteraine 1633 ybs 2015
  • 1 Prov. La Souteraine 1123 ybs 2015
  • 1 Nat. zone B Argenton 4651 ybs 2016
  • 1 Prov. Argenton 3669 ybs 2017   
  • 1 Nat zone B Guéret 1413 yearlings 2018

The small basket used by Roger and Nick has contained some heavy performers until now.

A view on the aviary of the breeders.

Let us introduce you some top performers

One of the new topper in Hallaar is certainly the BE17-6052868. Last year, this top performer won the 1. Nat. Zone Guéret 1413 p. It was not the first time that he showed his class:

57. Prov. Blois 2596 p. 
57. Prov. Argenton 3699 p. 
2. Noyon 766 p. 

Click here to check his pedigree.

Het 445

Over the last few years, a pigeon seemed to be put more and more under the spotlights, mostly as a breeder. This pigeon is 'Het 445'. Before she was put to the breeding loft, this hen was herself a successful racer. But a few years later, she become mother of the 2nd National Argenton of Roger and Nick Thys. Here are the results of 'Het 445':

4. Noyon 1383 p.
51. Nat. Châteauroux 25.710 p.
37. Nat. Argenton 2418 p.
322. Nat. Bourges 21.522 p.
361. Nat. Bourges 14.496 p.

Click here to check the pedigree of 'Het 445'.

Klein 06

We are going to conclude these small introductions with the Klein 06. This hen has the band BE17-6052806 and was in 2017 the Best young pigeons on 2 national races in the PIPA-Ranking. Here is a part of her best results:

20. Nat. Bourges 38.456 p.
6. Nat. Argenton 21.915 p. (1. Prov. 3669 p.)
77. Nat zone Guéret 1413 p.
97. Prov. Blois 2596 p.

The Klein 06 is not a stranger as her mother, the BE10-6178954, won herself the provincial race of Orléans against 2402 pigeons. Her father is the BE14-6274417, a son of the basic hen 'Salien' BE06-6111045.

Click here to check the pedigree of Klein 06.

Pleasure and results can be enjoyed together

In Hallaar, the pigeon sport is a family business and the Thys's are real fanciers who enjoy each day spent in their lofts to take care of their pigeons. Over the last few years, their performances were better and better but it changed nothing to their life, finally. Ambition is a necessity but they still have the same philosophy and they only race with a handful of pigeons. Pedigrees are not the most important things for them. Only a few pigeons were taken into pictures. But the biggest pleasure they always had, these are the results and it has been always a constancy. They want to stay small pigeon fanciers, racing with small amounts to keep control but you can be sure that when they stand on the table on a basketting day, it's always to try to book a victory.

Have a look at the best classifications won over the last 4 years by Roger and Nick Thys in the various championships:

1. Nat. Champion Great Middle Distance Ybs 2015
1. Prov. Champion Great Middle Distance Antwerpen 2015
1. General Champion Regio Mechelen 2016
6. Nat. Champion Great Middle Distance Yls 2017
4. Nat. Ace Pigeon Great Middle Distance Old pigeons 2017
6. Nat. Ace Pigeon Great Middle Distance Yearlings 2017
1. Nat. Ace Great Middle Distance Ybs 2 races 2017 PIPA-Ranking
1. General Champion Fondclub Antwerpen 2017
1. Champ. Old pigeons Fondclub Antwerpen 2017
2. Champ. Yearlings Fondclub Antwerpen 2017
2. Prov. Champ. Great Middle Distance Antwerpen  2017
1. General Champ. Houtvense Fondclub 2018
Superstar of the month july fond Gouden Duif 2017